The Denver Fly Fishing Expo

I spent the day in Denver at the AFFTA fly fishing trade expo. It was awesome. I spent most of my time stalking Lefty Kreh (fly casting god in case you don’t know). He’s about to turn 85 and the guy still casts like a champ. He gave a talk on general fly fishing tips including how to stop snapping your 7x leader on big fish and how to cast with a knot in your fly line. He also did a casting demo where at one point just to prove how effective it is to use your whole body, he split a rod in half and used the top 4 ft to cast a line 70 ft.

I bought myself a little birthday present – a set of Cloudveil waders and Simms wading boots – so I’m all set for winter steelhead.

2 thoughts on “The Denver Fly Fishing Expo

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