Sergio and Muse

My good friend Sergio who is an extremely accomplished musician and who morphed himself from a spectacular bassist to spectacular drummer and can put most lead guiarists to shame once told me that Muse is the best rock band that has ever existed.

Personally I don’t have the balls or the knowledge to make far reaching statements like that. And reading this I know you’re enumerating the thousands (millions?) of rock bands that have existed since African American slave communities sang their first question/answer folk songs and created the foundation for blues and then rock.

But Serge is a smart guy and his opinion is not to be taken lightly. Go buy Muse – “Hysteria” and “Supermassive Black Hole” on iTunes and let me know what you think.

3 thoughts on “Sergio and Muse

  1. It’s such a coincidence that you mentioned Muse as one of the best, because I was just tripping out on Muse tunes on Sunday.

    Heard “Knights of Cydonia” on 106.3 G-Rock ( in the car on my way down to Atlantic City. It’s addicting! (the song, not the gambling…thankfully!)


  2. Blush! Muse surprise me everytime I listen to them, and I listen to them alot. I guess that’s what makes them such an amazing band for me – the ability to find something new in a song I’ve heard a thousand times over.

  3. and you know what’s the coolest thing? He gets to share the stage with Muse on Monday the 24th March as part of the myCokeFest concert.

    That doesn’t suck! Except for me, who retired from the band before they got the gig. Idiot!

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