How much traffic do the biggest typo domains get?

There’s an article on searchengineland today about domaining and how Google and Yahoo “make money off a twitter typo domain”. I’m not sure I’m as excited about exposing this travesty of justice as SEL is, but I was curious how much traffic typo domains get:

Alexa domain typo traffic

In my brief research I found was by far the biggest winner with running a distant second. But their traffic dropped off to a trickle middle of this year. I wonder if facebook themselves or a popular app mistyped a URL somewhere and then fixed it.

Other variations of facebook, twitter, google and myspace didn’t yield much. I entered a high traffic site who’s exact numbers I have access to for comparison and by my estimates was getting just under half a million uniques per month. Nothing compared to the real FB, but slapping remnant advertising on there would yield $1000 to $5000 per month. gets around a quarter million uniques per month netting around $500 to $2500 on remnant ads.

7 thoughts on “How much traffic do the biggest typo domains get?

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  2. That remind me where someone did a nasty trick on one big banking site in my country – He used a mistype domain and the exact same design and made it look like the login page , then when you entered the user name and password it directed you to the real site so you wouldn’t suspect anything . of course he kept your user and password … that was a real mess …

  3. Companies in general are ignoring this type of brand abuse. If they once and for all recovered the top 10 .com typo (wwwbrand, mybrand, barnd,etc) then they would stop any serious abuse and would furthermore get the lost traffic, which could be thousands of monthly visits

    Christopher Hofman
    European Domain Centre

  4. The “value” of such typo websites is more affected by their function than their traffic. For example, if such typo websites are used for phishing, their “value” for the owner is by far greater than if they are used for mere Adsense or banner advertisements… and the range of possible “functions” is pretty big

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