In case you’re having a rough Monday….

This will improve your day. Metric – Gold Guns Girls. Have an awesome week!!


4 thoughts on “In case you’re having a rough Monday….

  1. Might 08 7:01 AM +00:00

    1 min: And we’re off. Brazil kick off, but Luke Gibbs cannot see due to “American logic” which dictates that although all of the earlier stay video games
    have been enjoying on ESPN and ESPN2 (or on Univision, the Spanish station), the final is to be shown on ABC, a regular broadcast channel,
    quite than the ESPN channels. However world cup football south africa in Springfield,
    Missouri, there is not sufficient of an interest within the World Cup
    for the native affiliate to be bothered with carrying the match stay and you can’t even get Univision in Missouri.
    I do not perceive both. Why cannot he get ABC? And isn’t Springfield where the
    Simpsons reside?

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