Why are people in London rioting? (video interview from the BBC)

This is the other point of view. An interview the BBC probably won’t air again.

I don’t condone violent demonstrations and I think the the looting of small businesses is sad and immoral. But you should understand that sometimes when people hit the streets en masse and make some noise, it has a purpose. It can’t be explained away by labeling them “rioters”.

It happened during apartheid in South African where I grew up and it brought about a peaceful transition of power in the South African government.

Back then we used to call Nelson Mandela a terrorist. Today he is Madiba, one of the most loved humans on Earth.

If you’ve heard the music of Linton Kwesi Johnson (LKJ), you’ll recognize Darcus Howe’s sentiments. Powerful stuff.

Update: Here is LKJ reciting Sonny’s Lettah, live.

2 thoughts on “Why are people in London rioting? (video interview from the BBC)

  1. Thanks for putting this up online. This IS the most eloquent comment on the UK events of 2011. Bravo, Mr. Darcus Howe, bravo LKJ. Please see my interview with LKJ online in Z Magazine.
    Please keep bringing us such revelatory postings, MM.
    New Mexico

  2. This is the first intelligent answer I’ve heard to this question and I wanted to thank you for it. What scares me even more than these events are how people do not seem to recognize the cause of them or even care what that cause could be. I think in our quickness to pursue iron fist style justice we may not realize that the very same tight grip could be the cause. I have never heard of Linton Kwesi Johnson, but what Darcus Howe said made sense to me.

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