WordPress Security: Have you been hacked?

Big News [April 24th, 2012]: I’ve launched Wordfence to permanently fix your WordPress site’s security issues. Click here to learn more.

I’m reposting this again because many of the emails I’m getting say “if you’re still interested”. Please contact me at mmaunder at gmail.com if your wordpress installation has been hacked. I need you to send me any files the hacker left on your system. To return the favor I will include you in a free beta program we’ll be launching within weeks that will solve your WP security problems for the forseeable future.

Email any compromised WordPress files, malware, WordPress backdoors or trojans to mmaunder at gmail.com. Thanks.

One thought on “WordPress Security: Have you been hacked?

  1. Sigh, I discovered my site was hacked for the THIRD time last night. Spent 3 hours removing base64 code from EVERY index and footer file on my host. As far as I can tell, there are no more vulnerable timthumb files, no old wordpress installs, and no old plugin files.

    I checked my host log file on the day that all those index and footer files were changed, and the only thing i can figure is that wp-cron was run a few seconds before all the files started getting code injected. Not sure what to make of that.

    Anyway, I saved all the hacked files before cleaning them. I’ll send a few over to you. I assume your request is still good, even though it’s over a week old now?


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