For Sale: 2001 Ford 7.3 Diesel F350 LWB, Crew Cab, 4X4, 6 Spd Manual, DVD, Satellite, Rhino, Tow Pkg

I’m selling my excellent condition 2001 Ford 7.3 Liter Diesel F350. It has 164,520 miles. It is a long bed, crew cab (the biggest), 6 speed manual transmission with extra low gear, 4X4. It includes a DVD player, Sirius Satellite Radio, pioneer sound system including amplifier and sub woofer. The bed is recently Rhino lined in excellent condition and includes a luggage bar and tonneau cover.


Colorado enquiries only please. No dealers. $18,950 OBO. This truck is very rare and is priced to sell. Cash or Cashiers check will be accepted at your banks branch where I can verify it. Serious enquiries only please.


Contact Mark Maunder at or call me on 1-206-697-8723 between 9am and 10pm mountain time. Again, no dealers please. This is a private party sale.


  • Previous owner was a 50+ couple that had a camper shell on the back and used the truck for road tripping around the states.
  • I have had the truck for a year planning to buy a fifth wheel but it never happened. It’s been used mainly for drives down to the local Starbucks. It has done two road trips with us. One to California and back and one to Seattle and back.
  • Never been off-roaded.
  • Never used as a work truck.
  • No performance enhancements. Never been chipped.


  • Year: 2001
  • Engine: The legendary 7.3 Liter Diesel. 100% stock. Never been chipped.
  • Transmission: 4×4 Manual 6 speed with extra low gear. These transmissions last forever and are hard to find.
  • 164,520 miles at the time of writing (Dec 18th, 2011)
  • Crew Cab (the largest cab you can get in a truck pre 2006). This cab seats 5 people comfortably with an optional 6th on the middle seat in front. The cab is extremely large and comfortable and the rear seats comfortably fit a 6ft person with leg room to spare.
  • 8 ft long bed. The longest made. Recently Rhino Lined. Includes a tri-fold tonneau cover and luggage bar. The bolts for a fifth wheel hitch are easily accessible.
  • Upholstery: Lariat package. Good condition. No rips or tears. Front seat is two lariat seats for driver and passenger and a extra-wide center console that can be flipped up to create a bench seat with it’s own seatbelt.
  • Power seats, central locking, power windows, wood interior finish.
  • Air conditioning works great. Cruise control.
  • Radio is a Pioneer AVH-P4200DVD In-Dash DVD player. Click here for Amazon listing.
  • 12 inch sub-woofer with custom box installed behind rear seats.
  • Pioneer 760W GM-5400T amplifier installed under left rear passenger seat. Click here for Amazon listing.
  • Sirius Satellite Radio CD-SB10 + SCC1 unit. Fully integrated with the DVD player. Click here for amazon listing.
  • The Pioneer AVH-P4200DVD has a wide range of optional extras you can purchase including a rear-facing camera, rear screen, external headphones, bluetooth, and more.
  •  In-dash auxiliary audio input.
  • In-dash USB input for iPod, iPad, Android phones, USB stick and most other storage devices. This interfaces with the AVH-P4200DVD and shows a list of songs and folders.
  •  Tires in excellent condition with plenty of tread.
  • 4×4 is electronically switched.
  • 550 ft/pounds of torque.
  • Includes an A/C mains power engine block heater. I’ve never had to use this, even in very cold temps.
  • 19 to 20 mpg on the highway at 65mph. [Less than the Xterra I previously owned which got 16.5 mpg highway]
  • Tonneau cover is tri-fold and has a watertight seal.

Winter modifications

  • This truck has had a heavy winter solenoid installed for better current throughput to the glow plugs. This provides easier starting in -20F or lower temps.
  • Glow plug activity indicator in-dash. This lets you know when the glow plugs are still operating even after the wait-to-start light has gone off. Many winter drivers add this option for easy winter starting.
  • Air intake heater indicator. Lets you know when the engine computer activates the intake heater in very cold temps.
  • Other than these winter mods, the truck is 100% stock. Never been chipped. Never been off-roaded, raced or used as a work truck. Highway miles only.

That's a little Ford Explorer in the background.

This is a crew cab, the largest cab type.

The center console flips up to make an optional 6th seat.

Tow package and tri-fold tonneau cover included.

DVD player, electronic 4x4 switching, manual transmission with extra low gear, dual airbags

Unmodified 7.3 diesel engine.

Large rear seats with armrest that flips down.

Recently Rhino lined bed in excellent condition.

Manual transmission.

Here you can see the heavy winter glow-plug solenoid. The red and yellow wires are dash-sensors for glow-plug activity and air-intake heater activity.

The tonneau cover flipped into tri-fold mode and the luggage bar installed.

Current tire tread.

10 thoughts on “For Sale: 2001 Ford 7.3 Diesel F350 LWB, Crew Cab, 4X4, 6 Spd Manual, DVD, Satellite, Rhino, Tow Pkg

  1. Mark–

    do you still have the truck? I know you said CO inquiries only, but am certainly willing to head out there to see it if it is. I am serious about this truck. I have a 2000 F-250 with 409K miles which just had the rear end go, and am thinking I may just have to bite the bullet to get another now. I am on the road a lot with a lawn business and hauling the wood I burn (and take to others), and know what you have. Do you have any idea of the ride difference/mpg between F-250 and F-350? Also, you said this got 18 – 20, but then said it got less than the Xterra which was 16 or so–was that just a mistake or am I misreading you?

    Thanks a lot.

    PS Anything else I need to know about the truck? Sounds great to me.

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