Startup Hacks: Marketing with no money – RescueTime Interview

This is a followup post to “Think you work hard? Think again.” which generated over 5,000 pageviews in a short time and almost took down my blog server this morning. It’s an audio interview with Tony Wright, the founder and CEO of

The interview runs for just over 17 Mins. Click here to listen or right-click this link and click save-as to download.

We chat about how startups on a tight budget can market their product and business for free. Topics include getting covered by TechCrunch, linkbait and getting covered by sites like Digg or Reddit, writing great headlines for articles, getting a product to market with no money raised and ugly vs pretty websites and whether that affects your marketing success.

Full disclosure: Tony and I are friends, we both run our own tech startups (I am CEO of and love brainstorming new ideas over a beer. We will be doing exactly that at the Stumbling Monk Pub tomorrow evening after the Seattle Tech Startup meeting at the Capitol Hill public library.