FEEDJIT New version released

I’ve released a new version of FEEDJIT with the following improvements:

  • A real-time traffic feed updated every second on the home page
  • We’ve upgraded to a 64 bit platform that is handling a lot of traffic. Watch the real-time feed to see some of the traffic we process. However, we are currently only at 2% capacity, so if you have a high traffic blog, BRING IT!! We can handle well over 1000 hits per second.
  • We now show landing pages in your real-time traffic feed so you can see where your users arrive on your site in real-time.

3 thoughts on “FEEDJIT New version released

  1. i notice that when i go to the feedjit
    site from my blog to search for intersting blogs that use the service my blog
    soesnt appear on both your lists?

    why is it?

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