I’m Apple’d

I spent some time with Marc Andreessen and Naval Ravikant yesterday which was a lot of fun. They’re both Apple converts and Marc is a recent convert. So today I decided to take the jump. I’ve had a macbook lying around for a while that I use as a dev server but my dev server is now sitting in a cosy hosting facility so I grabbed the macbook, bought Office:mac which was surprisingly cheap at about $150 and – what the hell – bought an iPhone while I was at it.

So I’m all Appled up. Of course I’m waiting for my iPhone to activate – I got a lot further than Kerry did before she got stuck, but based on her experience I’m expecting the worst so maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Update: I was pleasantly surprised. The trick is to enter a ZIP code that is in the same area code as the cellphone number you’re trying to transfer. That’s what caught Kerry and I didn’t make the same mistake and my number transferred without a call to AT&T. SWEET!!