3.5 hours chatting to customer service and the iPhone works

We totaled it all up and 3.5 hours spent on the phone to both t-mobile and AT&T and the iPhone works. Strangely enough she actually seems to think it’s worth it. Whatever. I’m sticking with my Blackberry for now. Who needs an interface that’s good enough to lick and those sweet animation effects and that beautiful touch screen and super-bright display anyway.

An iPhone? Thanks but I’d rather get punched in the face.

I gave a loved one an Apple iPhone as a gift this afternoon. The happiness lasted until she started trying to transfer her cellphone number from T-Mobile (who we love) to AT&T (the only network with iPhones).

After spending 40 minutes on the phone with an AT&T customer service rep she had to call T-Mobile and when she called AT&T back they had lost all her data – which meant another 40 minutes. It also meant they had to do another credit check which dings her credit a second time.

She asked the AT&T rep if she could speak to a manager, got a deep sigh and the rep hung up on her. Of course she didn’t get a name.

…she’s sitting across the way from me right now singing “…every rose has it’s thorn” And amazingly she’s about to try a third time to activate her phone.

She’s not alone. Googling for AT&T iPhone Nightmare yields thousands of miserable customer stories.

People are quick to blame AT&T but in my humble opinion Apple are complete bastards for partnering with the crappiest network in the USA – and for turning my gift into a curse.

I’m a fan

Saw this image on cnn.com this morning. It captures the essence of democracy. While I wonder if Barack knows what’s good for American business, I can’t help but like the guy.