Baidu hearts Obama

Chinese search engine has Obama on their home page today. Kerry (my wife, in case you’re new here) attended the second democratic caucuses as one of Obama’s delegates a few days ago in Issaquah. There were 36 Obama delegates to Clinton’s 12 – going on to the state caucuses. So WA is definitely Obamaland.

The NYTimes had an article this morning on how kids are being influential among their parents, some of whom are superdelegates.

A former Seattle CEO and friend thinks Obama would win among delegates but Clinton would win the popular vote. The last time I was in Houston and I spent time with around 70 members of my extended Texan family at a reunion, we had a few chats about Politics. What I found was that we had a lot of common ground. And I found that it’s not the democrats that Texas republicans hate, it’s the Clintons. There’s just something about Bill, and by association, Hillary, that gets republicans very riled up.

Can Hilary win the popular vote? No way. The fact that Obama recruits new voters to the caucuses speaks volumes.

But moving away from the negative…

The reason I’m an Obama supporter is because he brings people together behind a common cause.

Hillary’s message is: “I’m an experienced Washington insider who knows how to work the system to your advantage”

Obama’s message is: “Lets all come together around the common cause of making this country great again.”

As my wife says, when I walk away from an Obama speech I’m energized and I want to get out and do something to make things better.

One thought on “Baidu hearts Obama

  1. Hi Mark,
    Great blog, and maybe you can answer this for me as you seem to be an articulate Obama fan.
    I’m undecided, I think Obama excites people while I think McCain is the type of real-world hero that America needs in office again.
    I like Obama for his ability to get the younger generation involved, but like McCain for his ability to cross party lines, even if he’s acting more conservative to reach the party base latley.
    BUT, the one argument I DO NOT buy, and no Obama supporters can answer for me, is how Obama is going to bring us together, when he’s one of the more left leaning (certainly not a bad thing) voters in the Senate, and maybe 1/4 of Hillary supporters I’ve met CANT STAND HIM. Another 1/4 dislike him but will probably vote for him, and the other 1/2 prefer Hillary but are fine with him. Meanwhile, every Conservative I know thinks he’s a joke.

    In McCain’s defense, I don’t know any liberals who hate him. They may not love him, but they respect him (though less and less lately). That’s very different than the strong dislike I see for Obama.

    So, for someone whose vote doesn’t matter (Washington) but who still finds voting important, can you answer that question for me? I’ll buy change (though less with biden) I’ll buy increased focus on middle class, and I’ll buy excitement in the younger generation.

    But until someone can explain differently I WILL NOT buy that he’ll unify our country, I feel like we’ll be just as divided as we are with Bush, only this time the other half will be pissed off. To me it seems that a McCain country may be less divided.

    Would be interested to hear your thoughts.

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