Smashed iPhone

Update: According to my live traffic feed, busted iphones are hip. My bro posted this to reddit.

Update2: @chrisrodde Just reminded me that this will be my third iPhone – I drowned the last one on a fishing trip with him.

Update3: Just visited AT&T. The conversation went like this:

AT&T guy: Um yeah, so lets see if we can do anything for you here today.

Me: Great! So maybe I can get a discount on a 16G iPhone? [Thinking I can pay less than the $199 replacement cost]

AT&T guy: Um no I don’t think so. You’ve only had the phone for 7 months.

AT&T guy: So that’ll be $299 for the new phone.

Me: Um. WHAT? The phone only costs $199 to buy! On Apple’s site they’re advertising it for $199.

AT&T guy: Well you can go to Apple and try.

Me: What does that mean?

AT&T: Well Apple might sell you an iPhone that’s $199 but if they know it’s a replacement with no upgrade then they’ll probably charge you $299.

Realizing that this guy was just part of the corporate meat grinder and really didn’t know WTF he was talking about I called Apple and they’re going to sell me a replacement handset for $199. Looks like AT&T need to realize that they’re just providing the pipe and don’t have a monopoly on handsets on their network anymore.

Original smashed iPhone post:

In one last selfless act of recursion my smashed iphone has taken a picture of itself taking a picture of itself taking a picture of itself…  for your enjoyment:

I’m off to the Apple store to buy a new one this morning. So:

  • Get a cover for your iphone because if you drop it so it pancakes screen down on the ground, it’ll smash
  • The screen is real glass and smashes like real glass
  • It also cuts and splinters into your finger like real glass. I’ve pulled two splinters from my index finger already checking my email.

Why those Microsoft ads make Steve so happy

This is an internal video of Steve Jobs at NeXT in 1991. Skip to about 4:30 in the video:

Those MS ads you’ve been seeing recently that keep mentioning Apple are exactly what Steve Jobs wanted with NeXT – that every customer of the market leader also considered his product. And Microsoft just made that happen for Apple.

Congratulations Steve! Now that your competition has leveled the marketing playing field for you, all you need to do is keep building a better product.

Thanks to VentureHacks for this tweet that pointed me to this video.