Possible leads in the shooting of officer Brenton

The memorial procession is happening right now for Officer Tim Brenton. Details on the West Seattle Blog. More importantly, please read this entry on the same blog. It contains a detailed description from SPD on how you can help catch the shooter(s). The comment thread has some great data.

“TK” has increased the size of SPD’s photos of the suspected vehicle which is a 1980-83 Datsun 210 according to SPD.

A few commenters have suggested it may be a Toyota Celica. I’m not sure I agree.

Someone found this B210 with Washington plates online.

From SPD: “It is important that if anyone has recently sold a vehicle of this type or had one stolen that they call Seattle Police at 206 233-5000.”

The full SPD blog entry is here. Please read and distribute widely among your fellow Seattleites.