A legend just died

About a year ago I received two old servers from Snapvine my former neighbors (now acquired by Whitepages). Snapvine got them from another startup in Seattle, I don’t recall which. I named them Rex1 and Rex2 and put them to work immediately. The graph below shows the disk activity during the last year on Rex1:


The pink stuff in the graph is the amount of time the CPU spends waiting for the disk – showing disk activity. The application on Rex1 is one of the processes that produces the Feedjit Geoblogosphere (what people are reading in your city).

Well because Rex1 has such a long history with Seattle Startups and has give us such a kick-ass run, I feel it’s only appropriate that I give Rex1’s first disk fail a fitting eulogy. We’ll miss you buddy!

[Yeah that’s right, I’m killing time on this blog entry waiting for Rex1 to come back up so I can copy the data over to Rex2]

One thought on “A legend just died

  1. Has something untoward happened at Feedjit?
    I get an “unable to connect to sever” error response on all of their links including the mm “watch my live traffic here” link here on your blog.

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