Why are people in London rioting? (video interview from the BBC)

This is the other point of view. An interview the BBC probably won’t air again.

I don’t condone violent demonstrations and I think the the looting of small businesses is sad and immoral. But you should understand that sometimes when people hit the streets en masse and make some noise, it has a purpose. It can’t be explained away by labeling them “rioters”.

It happened during apartheid in South African where I grew up and it brought about a peaceful transition of power in the South African government.

Back then we used to call Nelson Mandela a terrorist. Today he is Madiba, one of the most loved humans on Earth.

If you’ve heard the music of Linton Kwesi Johnson (LKJ), you’ll recognize Darcus Howe’s sentiments. Powerful stuff.

Update: Here is LKJ reciting Sonny’s Lettah, live.