The Basic Ketogenic Diet

Note: Please note that if you are interested in a Ketogenic Diet used to treat Epilepsy or Pediatric Epilepsy, please start at Johns Hopkins who are the pioneers in this field. The wikipedia page for the Ketogenic Diet diet also has information on the diet as it relates to treating epilepsy. The diet below is simply for rapid and effective weight loss and uses a 1 to 1 fat to protein ratio rather than the 4 to 1 fat to combined protein and carbs ratio of the Ketogenic Diet pioneered by Johns Hopkins used to treat epilepsy.


Disclaimer: I am neither a doctor nor self proclaimed nutrition expert so please consult your doctor before starting any diet or taking any action that affects your health and wellbeing.

After finishing Gary Taubes latest book, which seems to have rapidly become the cornerstone of a new approach to nutrition, I’ve become very interested in the Ketogenic diet. The speed of weight loss I’ve seen is incredible and my energy level has remained high. The science behind a ketogenic diet is solidly backed up by Taubes research published in “Good Calories, Bad Calories” and “Why we get fat“.  According to Taubes’ research, it may also be the only way for people who have become severely insulin resistant, to effectively lose weight.

The Ketogenic diet has always lived on the fringes of diet lore and has been seen as extreme. But the reality is that the low glycemic index diet (Low GI Diet) is effective because it is close to, but not quite, a ketogenic diet. Other diets like the South Beach Diet are also only effective because of the reduction in carbs and consequently insulin levels.

The science behind this diet looks solid and it is part of the massive shift in nutrition research we’ve seen in the last few years. Prominent sport physiology experts like Tim Noakes have come around to this way of thinking and Tim in particular has said that everything he wrote about “Carboloading” in Lore of Running is wrong. (Lore of Running is considered the running physiology bible by many and contains much more than nutrition advice)

I’ve decided to put together a “Basic Ketogenic Diet” for my own reference and because the Ketogenic diets out there are either targeted at extreme bodybuilders (and usually cycle in carbs) or are peppered with pseudoscience and superstition. If you find anything technically wrong in this article please correct me as loudly as you’d like in the comments and please cite your source.

First a summary of the science behind the Ketogenic Diet.

Keep in mind I’m summarizing hundreds of pages of explanation and supporting data into a few paragraphs:


When you eat carbs your blood glucose level is raised and your pancreas secretes insulin. This insulin puts your muscle and fat cells into “storage mode”. Your fat cells store away the glucose as triglycerides. Insulin also prevents your fat cells from breaking down those triglycerides back into fatty acids and releasing them into your blood stream for use as energy. This is important: Insulin both causes fat absorption and prevents fat from being used as energy.

If you were to eat sugary snacks throughout the day you are keeping your insulin level high which constantly keeps your fat cells in a state of absorption and prevents the release of fat and its use as energy.

Eating fat and protein does very little to raise your insulin level.

So the bottom line here is, if you want your body to burn fat – meaning if you want your fat cells to break down triglycerides into fatty acids, release them into your blood stream and actually use them as energy – you need to keep your insulin level as low and absolutely avoid spikes in insulin.

A note on calories: Counting calories or increasing exercise output, according to the research of Taubes and many others, is a bad way to try to lose weight because what usually happens is instead of your body burning fat to make up for the deficit in calories, it simply decreases the amount of energy it expends. So you end up lethargic and still fat.

There is a lot more to this, but the science above is the rationale behind all Low GI, Low Carb and Ketogenic diets. It is why you lose weight on these diets while consuming the same number of calories.

Low Carb and Low GI diets work because they cut out carbs that cause spikes in insulin, which you now know will cause fat absorption and prevent fat burn.

The Ketogenic diet takes this one step further. It keeps your insulin level low which puts your body into fat-release-fat-burn mode, but also significantly increases the fat content in your diet and teaches your body to use fat as energy. Your body (your liver in particular) will enter a state of Ketosis and will break down fat into fatty acids and ketone bodies which will be used as energy.

During the diet you can measure how much fat your body is burning by monitoring your output of acetoacetate using Ketostix. When you enter a Ketogenic state, you will see a Ketone output of 5 to 20 mg/dL (According to “Why we get fat” by Taubes and my experience). The Ketostix I have also measure blood glucose which is useful to test for Ketoacidosis which you are not at risk for unless you are diabetic.

Note that Ketostix are used by diabetics to test whether they are entering a state known as Diabetic Ketoacidosis which is very dangerous. In this case they will see very high ketone levels accompanied by blood sugar levels of greater than 240 mg/dL. You should be seeing blood sugar levels of zero (according to your Ketostix) during your diet.

Please note that the diet outlined below is not the “Cyclical Ketogenic Diet” used by bodybuilders. It is a basic Ketogenic diet which I’ve found to be the most effective fat burning diet available. I’ve modified this diet from the classic Ketogenic diet used to treat epilepsy which recommends a 4 to 1 ratio of protein to fat. I’ve found that I can reach a state of Ketosis with a 1 to 1 ratio of fat to protein provided I keep the carbs very low.

Without further ado, the basic Ketogenic diet:

What you’ll need

The Diet

Note, you can eat as much of the foods below as you like, but I’ve found that I quickly feel full eating this diet. Don’t overeat and more importantly, don’t under-eat and make sure you’re getting the calories you need to function. This is NOT about cutting calories, it’s about releasing fat reserves and teaching your body to burn them.


Drink lots of water during the diet (but don’t go crazy). I find this helps increase my metal clarity and energy.

Taubes and others recommend not starting an exercise program at the beginning of this diet because during the acclimatization period you will not have enough energy and it usually results in people quitting the diet.

During the diet, measure your rate of fat burn by measuring your acetoacetate output with your Ketostix. Do this every time you visit the loo. You should see 5 to 20 mg/dL, and I’ve noticed it’s particularly high after a very fatty meal. Blood glucose (if your ketostix show this on a separate color tab) should be zero at all times. If it is not zero and above 200 mg/dL you may want to consult your doctor.

One of the most effective tricks during a diet is routine. Eat the same meals over and over or plan your meals ahead for the whole week. I’ve found it effective to pre-make dishes on Sunday and have them ready for the week. That makes it incredibly easy to stick to the diet because I avoid thinking which means I avoid creativity and creativity requires decision making which leads to hard choices. Just avoid the hard choices and have it all planned and some of it ready to grab and go.

The Leafy Green Salad recipe:

This is a recipe for a basic very low carb salad with lots of flavor. It’s great to add to any high-protein, high-fat meal.

  • Spinach, lettuce and/or mustard greens.
  • Red peppers
  • Tomatoes.
  • Optional raw onions.
  • Optional green beans raw.
  • Balsamic vinegar and olive oil dressing with salt and pepper. Use lemon and lime very sparingly if you add it. The vinegar actually reduces the glycemic index of this salad (and other foods).

Below I have outlined three days with a total of 9 meals that you can mix and match as you like. At the end I include a list of Ketogenic-safe ingredients you can add or subtract as you like. Remember the key is to have a high fat, high-protein and no-carb or very low carb diet. That means absolutely no sugar.

  • Day 1
    • Breakfast: 2 eggs done any way with yolks. Sausage containing no carbs or sugar. Bacon.
    • Lunch: Chicken with as much skin and oily gooey bits as possible. Steamed spinach or broccoli.
    • Supper: Steak with cheese. Fried mushrooms. Leafy green salad.
    • Before bed 1 glass of wine with a slice of cheese.
  • Day 2
    • Breakfast: 2 egg omlette with friend mushrooms, cheese and chopped parsley.
    • Lunch: A whole duck breast if you can get it or chicken again with as much fatty skin as possible. Leafy green salad.
    • Supper: Hamburger made with high fat mince without the bun. The mince can contain the usual paprika, chopped onions and garlic if you like, but absolutely no syrup or sugar. Add Cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and any other leafy low-carb greens you like.
    • Before bed 1 glass of wine with a slice of cheese.
  • Day 3
    • 2 eggs done any way with bacon and usual no-carb sausage.
    • Steak with cheese. Leafy green salad.
    • Salmon (or other fish) fried and served with Bok Choy and your leafy green salad.

You can mix and match the meals above and get a good Ketogenic burn going where you will notice rapid weight loss.

Eat as much as you want ingredient ideas:

  • Beef,
  • Steak,
  • Hamburger,
  • Prime Rib,
  • Filet Mignon,
  • Roast Beef,
  • Chicken,
  • Duck (awesome if you can get it because it is very high fat),
  • Any Fish, Tuna, Salmon, Trout, Halibut,
  • Lamb,
  • Pork,
  • Bacon,
  • Ham,
  • Eggs,
  • Shrimp,
  • Crab,
  • Lobster,
  • Butter,
  • Oils (Olive Oil, Flaxseed oil, etc.),
  • Salt, Pepper, Soy Sauce,
  • Spinach,
  • Lettuce,
  • Mustard Greens,
  • Celery,
  • Cheeses,
  • Oysters,
  • Abalone.

Add for variety but in moderation:

Read the ingredients (if applicable) and make darn sure they contain no sugar:

  • Avocadoes
  • Mustard (with no sugar or carbs),
  • Tea no sugar with milk
  • Coffee black no sugar
  • Heavy Cream
  • Broccoli,
  • Cabbage,
  • Bok Choy,
  • Kale,
  • Asparagus,
  • Mushrooms,
  • Cucumbers,
  • Olives,
  • Celery,
  • Green Beans,
  • Brussel Sprouts,
  • Peppers (Red, Green, Jalapeno, Habanero),
  • Onions,
  • Nuts preferably almonds,

You absolutely must avoid all sugar on this diet because it is the highest GI carbohydrate that will very quickly spike your insulin and destroy any Ketogenic effect. Other foods to avoid roughly in order of damage they will do to the diet:

  • All sugar.
  • All Bread.
  • Did I mention avoid sugar?
  • All traditional carbs like rice, pasta, wheat, potatoes, even the low GI ones like beans and lentils.
  • Beware of sauces that contain sugar or things like corn starch.

Effects of the diet:

  • You will see rapid weight loss of up to 6 pounds for a 200 pound person in the first 48 hours. This is your kidneys releasing water as they expel their sodium due to the absence of insulin. It’s what you’ve usually heard described as “water weight”.
  • Then you should see continued weight loss of anything from 0.25 to 2 pounds per day (an eighth to half kilo lost per day). But this varies greatly between individuals and is affected by a wide range of factors including your current weight and insulin sensitivity.
  • For the first week you may experience slightly decreased mental clarity. This clears up after a week as your brain gets used to burning ketones for energy instead of glucose.
  • According to data in “Why we get fat” your Vitamin C needs actually decrease on a low carb diet, so don’t feel the need to massively supplement.
  • Research has shown (also from Taubes) that LDL (bad) cholesterol will elevate slightly but clump size will be increased which is a net positive because larger LDL is less likely to stick to artery walls. HDL (good) cholesterol is significantly elevated with a very low carb diet like this which is a very strong net positive. This also has other great health benefits e.g. Lower insulin reduces the risk of hardening of artery walls.

What about alcohol?

I’ve found a glass of wine on it’s own or with a small slice of cheese before bed seems, anecdotally, to increase my fat burn rate. Anything more than a single reasonably sized glass has the opposite effect.

Beer is the devils poison. It contains carbs in the form of maltase which raise your insulin level just like sugar does. The alcohol is turned into citrate in your liver which produces fat and that fat is efficiently stored thanks to your now raised insulin levels.

So absolutely no drinks with sugar. That means no sweet cocktails either. I also don’t buy the idea of low-carb beers.

I would imagine that one shot of spirits  wouldn’t be a problem provided it doesn’t contain any sugar and is something like Vodka, Whiskey or Tequila. I’ve heard they add caramel to tequila “gold” (the cheap crap) so avoid that.

I’ve found that drinking heavily, meaning several glasses of wine followed by cocktails or shots, has a deleterious effect on my ability to burn fat and my energy level. The effect seems to last 72 hours or more.


Once again I’d like to reiterate that I’m neither a doctor nor self proclaimed nutrition guru. But it does seem that both doctors and “nutritionists” including government sources have been pulling the wool over our eyes since 1960 about what we should be eating. The ideas that “fat makes you fat” and “lower calories to lose weight” are so entrenched in our consciousness that many people find the latest research difficult if not impossible to swallow.

If you would like to learn how this came to be, check out Planet Money’s excellent segment on “Who Killed Lard?” and the rise of Crisco and hydrogenated vegetable oil. It will give you an idea of the political forces that influence dietary advice.

As Gary Taubes commented: If we are going see a change in the advice that governments and health authorities are handing out, it is going to take 20 years which is a lifetime. So rather than wait for those slow moving wheels to turn, take matters into your own hands.

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  1. Hi I was just wondering about some of the recipes I have seen in previous posts that contain almond meal or flour. Is there an alternative to these ingredients because I am allergic to almonds. Thanks

  2. Statement you made above: “The diet below is simply for rapid and effective weight loss and uses a 1 to 1 fat to protein ratio rather than the 4 to 1 fat to combined protein and carbs ratio of the Ketogenic Diet”

    I am trying to figure out ratio for Pro; Carb; Fat. I do want to eat a big bowl of salad, but my website calculator says it is too much carbs.

  3. Hi Mark,
    I have a 4-year old epileptic child and was advised to have a ketogenic diet. What can you suggest on foods that I could give?

  4. I have just started to read about this diet and my partner and I have been trying it since about one week. I usually only eat once a day (Dinner) since years, as I am usually simply not hungry in between. I only drink water, unsweetened herbal tea (peppermint or similar) and black coffee during the day, maybe also 2-3 cans of diet coke during the week, but not regularly.

    I would like to ask if its important to spread the intake of fat during the whole day or will it be sufficient if I make sure to have enough fat and protein for my dinner meals? Does this make any difference to the effects?

    Also, will it be enough fat if I buy e.g. pork with the fat on it and fry it in a pan with a bit of additional oil? Or does fat from meat have a different effect than say butter or oils?

    thanks for any advice

  5. The Ketostix I have also measure blood glucose which is useful to test for Ketoacidosis which you are not at risk for unless you are diabetic.

    Should say Type 1 Diabetic instead.

  6. Ketogenic diets are now the rage, but as you read in Taubes’ books, the ideas stem from the late 1890’s.

    I like the approach of Mike Sheridan: LIVE IT, NOT DIET.

    His idea of getting you into ketosis with a three week regimen of “follow this without exceptions”, eliminates all the questions you are getting. Following his advice to the letter I found to be a good idea.

    Like you, I was never hungry during any of the three weeks. He has another good point: before you start your three weeks throw out your bathroom scale. Weight tracking is irrelevant .Start exercising (mild weight training) after a few weeks and build muscles. Muscles burn fat.
    You will KNOW that your body has changed for the better. Just look in the mirror.

    If you have the time, read Grain Brain (by David Perlmutter). It is a Taubes-like book, but for the first time it looks at nutrition and how many things everyone out there eats, are really bad for brain functions.
    Good luck with your work – most of it is right on.

  7. I stumbled upon this amazing site when I was researching on ketogenic diet to reduce my body weight. I have tried all kinds of diet and FAILED miserably but ketogenic diet looks promising. I am currently on Day 4 of my ketogenic diet and I have already lost 3 kilos. Previously it took me 3 months of intensive cardio workout and countless servings of salads to lose that amount of body weight. Ketogenic diet certainly ROCKS!!!

    My question is since my main motive is to lose weight and I also do a combination of cardio and pilates about 4 to 5 times a week, should I go for the Cyclical Ketogenic Diet and do a refeed every week or should I just stay on the ketogenic diet till I reached my desired weight? Will there be any side effects if I chose to stay on the ketogenic diet for long stretch of time? I read elsewhere that there will be a depletion of multivitamins and the possibility of kidney stones. What is your input on this?

  8. Hi,

    I want to start the diet, but, I read in your article:

    “LDL (bad) cholesterol will elevate slightly but clump size will be increased which is a net positive because larger LDL is less likely to stick to artery walls.”

    Ok, but… what about the risk of stroke? We know that a clot will cause that. Is it a risk of stroke in that period?


  9. Hi, I’m a 20 year old student. I’m currently 5″4 and about 138 pounds. I was never able to lose weight even when I was active. I also don’t gain fast either when I’m not active. I don’t eat a lot of fatty meat or sugary things at all. I just love my carbs. So I think this diet will help me turn in the right direction because it’s almost the complete opposite of what I’m on right now. My goal is to get down to about 120lbs or less by the end of July. Is this a reasonable goal? And is this diet meant to be done while working out or working out isn’t necessary?

  10. Hi, I think I have found the way to get my Type 2 Diabetes under control and also loose some weight so I’m very happy. but I can’t find a list of all the vegetables I need to avoid……..I understand potatoes and such, but what about parsnips? I love parsnips and they make great chips…….I’ve looked online but just can’t find the info I need.
    Thanks for the info that has set me on the right path. I am going to see my doctor next week to make sure I’m not causing myself any further problems and I’m thinking I will ask to go off my meds as soon as possible, because without carbs my blood sugars are totally within the allowed range.

    • Forbidden Foods are:
      Regular Chewing Gum
      Cough Syrup with sugar
      Alcohol (Beer esp.)

      Restricted Veggies:
      Brussel Sprouts
      Carrots and Peas
      Green Peas
      Snow Peas

      No fruit

  11. Hey there, I stumble across this website and i am very glad i did. I’m very new to this and i feel i’ve read so much my eyes are crossing. Anywho, I’m currently deployed and don’t have acess to alot of the “good” fats i have read. I have thought about using supplements but which one’s, i couldn’t tell you (help) And if anyone can tell me if i am on the right track to success i’d appreciate it, alot. Morning is usually 3 hard eggs with 2 pieces of cheese and some nuts, snack if any is a questbar or a protein cake i make with just an egg, protein and 2 creamers. Lunch is usually 2 chickens with provolone cheese and a vegetable i can tollerate with hot sauce and avacado when it’s avaliable. Supper is chicken, tuna w/mayo and maybe a veggie or a salad. Things are limited here but I’d say they have good selection. Any advice on if im headed down the right road. Thanks so much!

    • Hi Katie – Sounds like you’re doing great! If you’re looking to get more healthy fats into your diet, try to locate/order some coconut oil (it’s very ketogenic) and some butter from grass fed cows (kerrygold is great). Sometimes I make coffee or tea and blend it to a froth with a few tablespoons of coconut oil. I also take a krill oil supplement I buy from Costco. I’m sure it’s available online. If you’re looking for more reading, Gary Taubes books are excellent, as are all of the Atkins books, the Dr. Eades books, and The Art & Science of Low Carb Living (Jeff Volek and Stephen Phinney). Good luck!

      • Thank you Julie! I’m pretty excited about this and can’t wait for time to go by. Just worried that stress can take you out of ketosis. I’ll look into the coconut oil, thank you.

  12. I’m 6’2″, 240 lbs. and I’ve been doing the low carb, high fat diet since January 1, 2014. I’ve only lost 10 lbs. and I would consider myself pretty hardcore on the diet. Have eaten no sugar, no bread, no pasta, no fruit. Was only drinking my coffee black until I heard it’s best to put whole cream in it. I usually only eat salad for lunch and eggs and bacon for breakfast when I eat breakfast. Can’t seem to lose to any more than 10 lbs. What’s the problem? Maybe eating too much protein…becoming discouraged. Any thoughts?

    • Hi Mike. Where’s your fat? What do you have for dinner? How many calories are you eating? Are you eating enough?

      • Susan,

        I feel like I’m eating plenty. Dinner is typically steak, hamburger, pork chop, ham steak, sausage and veggies. Fat is typically fat in the protein. Sometimes I’ll eat butter by itself in order to get more fat in my diet. Usually only cook in butter or bacon fat. Confused as to why everyone else seems to lose so much more.

        • Mike, a typical Keto diet should be around 70% fat. Maybe 25% protein. The rest, carbs. Too much protein turns to glucose. You dont want that. Maybe make sure you have an added oil or butter with every meal. Also enter your food into a tracker like so you know your calories and macros. Hope this helps.

          • Here are my personal macros:
            2262 kcal Daily Calorie Intake
            15 g Carbohydrates (3%, 60 kcal)
            125 g Protein (22%, 500 kcal)
            189 g Fat (75%, 1702 kcal)

            Any idea what a day of eating these figures would like in terms of real food?

        • Also, things like Ham steaks usually have additives like sugars, smoke flavourings, etc Sausages can have carb-y filler, sugar etc so maybe check the ingredients… things like corn starches, maltodextrins can sneak in and throw you out of ketosis. Veggie wise – if you are choosing carrots, peppers, corn and such they have a lot more sugar than say, cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, asparagus or brussel sprouts, so maybe there are some hidden things knocking you out… and also, sugar alcohols (in gum, “sugar free, etc” count for carbs – erythitol, sorbitol, any artificial sweeteners that end in “ol” are sugar alcohols and need to be counted towards your crabs, even the few in a piece of gum , because you have so little allowed for carbs in general. I would also eat more fats from non meat (cream cheese, sour cream, heavy cream, etc) bc you want the ratio of fat to protein to be 4:1 if you can get it there.

    • Hello it sounds like your pretty serious about the eating program and thats a good thing. A couple things I have found that make all the difference. Your calories do count. If you take your weight times 9 on a low carb diet you will lose weight. Also I lost a massive amount of weight when I stopped eating after 6 p.m.. You can easily eat over 1000 calories with bacon alone in one meal. When you start losing weight don’t forget to recalculate your calorie intake as you lose weight. These two things will make a big difference.

    • You may not be eating enough. Your body will store fat if it’s not getting enough food. Also, I found not eating for 3 hrs before bed works great too.

  13. What else can I drink on this diet besides water-wine-tea-coffee please??

  14. Hi I see you can have black coffee, tea with no sugar and wine and water,what else can I drink?? Bit boring if that’s all you can ever drink- thanks

    • Whole milk – 11.4 grams of carbohydrate per 8oz
      2 % milk – 11.7
      1 % milk – 11.6
      Fat-free (skim) milk – 11.9
      Buttermilk – 11.7
      Goat’s milk – 10.9
      Half and Half – 10.4
      Light Cream – 7.1
      Heavy Cream – 6.6

      Carrots…. not recommended
      peanuts…. no more than a quarter cup a day.

      • I have seen that Pecans and macadamia are the best choice nuts wise, peanuts are one of the “choose less often” nuts in most keto grocery list recommendations I have seen…

  15. Hello everyone. I have really enjoyed reading this blog. I am starting this diet. I am 43 years old, 5’5, and weigh 174. The most I have weighed in my life. That’s what two babies and hip replacement surgery will do, I guess, lol. Also, I have a condition, in laymen’s term, called sleep eating. I will wake up in my recliner eating, or wake up with crumbs in my bed. That has REALLY added the majority of the weight gain. I barely eat during the day, for the fact that I am going to munch at night. Like I said, I have two kids, so, taking all of the “no foods” for me is not an option. I am wondering if there is anyone out there that has the same thing going on. I know that you are not doctors(which I have been to many, and they think I am crazy), BUT, when the body is in ketosis, the carb cravings will eventually go away, right? I think that I had read that people sleep better also? I am really excited to start this new lifestyle, and hope that it will improve everything including sleep quality!
    I appreciate any response in advance!

    • Hey Kim great post. Your sleep eating is a problem that alot of people have that are carb dependant. Try eating an avocado before you go to bed. The ratio of fat/protein/fiber/and carbs is almost perfect. The fat in it will keep you satiated and avocados contain a huge amount of potassium which you will need on a keto diet. Make sure you get plenty of real salt because your kidneys will stop retaining water in ketosis. This is why people lose alot of water weight the first week. Be patient and make sure you get plenty of macro nutrients.

      • Thanks for the response to my post. I do GREAT on the diet during the day, but, unfortunately, at night, after I go to sleep, I eat EVERYTHING. I tried the avocado like you suggested, and it just did not work. I am going to a doctor who specializes in this disorder. On the bright side, even with the cheating at night, I have lost five pounds! I can only imagine the results when I get the sleep eating under control.
        Y’all keep up the good work

  16. Is there anywhere that has recipes/dishes that already have the % of fat,protein and carbs worked out? I tried a Keto last year, but failed because, I can only assume, I didn’t have my ratio correct.
    I used a keto calculator and got what % of each I should be eating, but couldn’t work out the % per meal etc.

    • not sure I understand the 0%. Try Elana recipes. Google Elana recipes I think she may give the ratios.

      • You might try the fat-fast cook book. It’s a higher ratio of fat to protein than discussed her, but that’s easily altered adding a little more protein. It’s by Dana Carpender, and I really have enjoyed it. Also I think it was pretty cheap as an ebook. Hope you find it useful.

        • Mark, Hello and no grapefruit is not acceptable on the keto diet. Think of it this way. Any type of sugar or carbs will be converted into glucose. when glucose is present in the body the body makes insuline to grab that glucose and get it out of the blood stream. Fruit has fructose. This is converted to glucose very very quickly by the body. In the keto diet we are basically giving the pancreas a vacation. The pancreas is what is responsible for insuline.

          • stay away from all fruit?….one more thing while i got you here, i had my cholesterol checked and everything was normal but LDL went to 192…was that the coconut oil? ty

            • Hello, Yes your will want to stay away from fruit on a Keto eating program. Give the diet a few months and check your cholesterol. You have to give it time. The numbers will go down.

    • Caveman keto gives ratios and nutrition info. You can also configure my fitness pal specially for keto. Caveman gives instructions for how to do it. You definitely have to watch your calories in addition to ratios for keto to succeed.

    • I started keeping track by writing everything down but, it was not very accurate. Then I spoke to my nutritionist and she suggested I try and that helps track my carb intake and sugar and it tracks everything you eat. All you have to do is type it in. Try it you just might like it better than writing everything down . I also use the keto calculator and it gives me my macros.

    • I had the same problem before, but discovered It’s great and free! All you have to do is to keep a food diary and they calculate the % and grams of carbs, protein and fat consumed per day. Good luck!

      • Thank you for the info on fatsecret. That’s very helpful. I’m just starting on the ketogenic plan because I developed insulin resistance and although I’ve been thin most of my adult life I suddenly started losing my waistline and turning into an apple dumpling in spite of being pretty active, eating low cal etc. It was the carbs that were killing me which I figured out after trying the “eat to live” diet which, contrary to the title, nearly killed me instead!
        I’m trying to figure out the best way to get sufficient fat without running up the calories. I have started taking MCT oil to boost the fat. This is a helpful site and I appreciate everyone’s willingness to share information.

        • I find the Fat Fast Cookbook by Dana Carpendar helpful for getting high fat, low calorie meal ideas. It’s available in hard copy or Kindle edition on Amazon if you’re interested. Good luck!

  17. I have tried stevia and have found I am actually allergic to it, so what would you guys recommend? (I seem to do ok on the ‘evil’ aspartame)lol

    • Go to a health shop and make enquiries as there are a few others and being in South Africa I don’t know what your country has to offer. The health shop will be your next bet.

  18. I read that coconut oil raises total cholesterol, I thought it lowered it, haven’t had my blood work done yet,,has anybody had their cholesterol checked after coconut oil

    • The truth is, eating coconut oil will improve your cholesterol values and reduce your risk of heart disease. Many people, however, have expressed concern after having their blood cholesterol checked and finding that their total cholesterol has increased since they began using coconut oil. If coconut oil reduces risk of heart disease, why did their cholesterol levels rise?

      I have found that people’s response varies when they start using coconut oil. In some people total cholesterol decreases, while in others it increases. But in either case, their HDL (good) cholesterol always increases. The rise in total cholesterol that some people experience is due mostly to an increase in good cholesterol. Their cholesterol ratio (total cholesterol/HDL cholesterol) improves, thus reducing their risk of heart disease.
      When I have mine checked I shall let you know what my results are as before embarking on this lifestyle mine was very high.

      • ok so i had my blood work done..after being on this diet for about 6 months and coconut oil about 3 months: total cholest. when from 255 to 269…trigs. went from 255 to 132..LDL went from 136 to 196…HDL went from 37 to 47…LDL/HDL ratio went from 6.1 to 5.7…..what do you think? coconut oil ? anybody…

  19. I ‘m not sure, but since I been doing keto diet or maybe when I starting using coconut oil nose has been runny..some days more then others, has this happened to others?

  20. I just started this diet–at the one week mark today! I noticed that it was really cutting into my appetite considerably. It’s very hard to eat and I have to keep reminding myself to do so. Also, I noticed that I still have a craving for carbohydrates but it’s mainly right after I get up in the morning. Paradoxically, this is also the hardest time to eat because of a lack of appetite. Any tips to handle this?

    • The carb craving will go just give yourself time. Each day it will get less and less so hang in there. As for the lack of appetite I never worried about mine as now after all these months I realised how much food I consumed unnecessary so when I lost mine I was just so grateful. Make sure your carbs are down to 20g. Good luck and enjoy your new found life style

  21. Excellent piece! I do have one small nit to pick: You mention (correctly) that an occasional small glass of wine is not a problem, and may even accelerate your weight loss, but more than that will slow it down. You are also correct that beer is “the devil’s poison” (carb city). But you then say that a shot of distilled spirits “should not be a problem”. Unfortunately, it is. While it is true that distilled liquor contains no carbs, per se, it has a “carbohydrate-like effect” when it metabolizes. So I would add distilled spirits to your list of forbidden intake; just one drink can stop your ketosis in its tracks. Other than that, your advice is spot on. Cheers!

  22. Hi there, my wife and I have restarted the Keto diet and I am doing fine having lost 4lb in ten days and staying in ketosis but she has only lost 1lb and is not getting into ketosis. We eat the same food (she has smaller portions). She has hypothyroidism and is post menopause on HRT. could any of these factors prevent ketosis?

    • Hmmm, your wife sounds a lot like me as I have difficulty staying in ketosis as well. Have you tried an online keto calculator? It will factor in gender, height, and activity level to determine the correct percentages of protein, fat, and carbs for HER. She probably needs way more fat and way less protein than she is currently consuming. Also, look into Bulletproof coffee. The fat punch in the AM sets up a full day of less hunger so that you can manage those percentages better. Good luck and keep on going and researching and you will figure it out.

  23. Wish to share this simple recipe with all.
    1 can full fat coconut milk or cream. (Leave in fridge for a night) and buy good quality one.
    1/4 cup cocoa powder or cacao powder
    1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract.
    Stevia to taste. I once used honey but felt I was adopting old habits.
    Open can after its been in the fridge for a day and use only the thick milk or cream. Dont use the water. Mix all ingredients and put in fridge for a few hours. Its yummy.

  24. with the keto stick do I want to be pink or more purple? and is there any best time to check…ty

    • Hi Frank. While many would say that the stixs dont matter I have used them as a motivating factor. If you drink lots of water the stixs will show pink and obviously when you dont it will read purple. Try to be pink as it means you are flushing your kidneys which is always a good thing.

        • Oh you will trust me. Just keep the fats up when eating one meal a day and drink plenty of water. Fasting is so easy when you are on a ketone life style of eating.

  25. If I having keto meal & test urine with the keto-stick is show colour in pink… is that mean my body is burning fat?

    • Yes it means you are burning ketone. Its very exciting to know when one is burning ketone. It means you are doing it right.

      • NO! It DOESN’T mean you are burning fat! It means you have ketones in your urine … which MAY come from burning fat … may come from your food,

        If your are losing weight as well, then that increases the probability.

        • Dumping ketones means you are burning fat for fuel. You only dump ketones when the glucose is burned off and replaced by fat. When the emptied cells are replaced with fat stores, your body has no other choice but to use the fat for fuel and dump any excess.

        • hi my daughter started keto about 3 weeks ago she’s 39 yo and didn’t lose any weight any answers…………..

        • i just had a baby 3 months ago . i wanted to know is it safe to do this diet while breastfeeding , i will be taking multi vitamins and eating lots of greens

    • Yes, but most of the questions lately have been around pregnancy and a ketogenic diet. I personally have no knowledge about that so I haven’t responded.
      James Hardiman was the defacto leader of the thread when I started reading it but haven’t seen anything from him in quite a while. HELLO, James, are you out there?

    • I’m new here….I’ve done the Atkins before with great results…kept it off for 2 years. Then…stress + pre-menopuase = weight on plus 30lbs!! Also just been told that I’m pre-diabetic! I’ve been at this diet for 2 days now and I’m gonna stick with it. Any suggestions for the sweet tooth or fruit cravings??

      • Karen with the ketone diet and the fat in take your sweet tooth will go. Trust me I use to have a very sweet tooth and after a month of being on ketone I lost it. I cannot even have stevia. In honesty I do eat 20g of berries once in awhile but I do it for a health reason. The more carbs you eat the sweeter the tooth you will have so cut out most carbs. Good luck.

        • Thank you Vanessa! I’m keeping it below 30 carbs a day and maybe closer to 20! I want o succeed on this diet! Where can I find the sticks?? Have a great weekend!

        • I thought stevia was ok to use? It has no sugar and can kill the desire to have the wrong kind of sugary high glycemic food. Are you saying stevia should not be used at all, or only for you it helped not to use it?

          • Mary Phillips,
            REAL Stevia, should be fine on a ketogenic diet. Using the purified, patented white variety of it, like Truvia, for instance, may NOT be–or it may be OK, too–too soon to tell.
            It is NOT the same as “artificial sweeteners” artificial sweeteners fool the tastebuds, not the body’s chemistry, which then keeps sending craving signals to urge the person to keep eating–Often those craves are due to needing the trace minerals which naturally occur in basic raw sugar & basic raw salt.
            Using dried green leaves of stevia plant that have been powdered, or then made into a liquid, still retain all the plant nutrients & co-factors that help the body use it to best advantage–& avoids craves.
            It has been seen to offer some helps in handling carbs for some folks, too, in that form.
            Industry standardizing it & purifying it to make a white powder, is unknown yet…certainly, their processes strip off nutrients & co-factors that help the body use carbs & that plant to best advantage.
            What else it does in that purified form, is a crap-shoot. I stick with he green plant powder or liquid forms.

            • I do use the white powdered stevia. I had tried the green powdered stevia leaf but didn’t like the taste. Being a type 2 diabetic I find the white stevia powder a perfect sugar replacement as it does not increase the blood sugar level nor sugary food cravings

              • Regular sweets are a no-no for Ketogenic diet, and artificial sweeteners need to be avoided by just about everyone for many reasons.
                But Stevia is great for helping with blood sugar issues.
                Whole leaf stevia, has been observed to have some amount of benefit helping actual body chemistry handle carbs better; whether the white purified version can help that, remains to be seen.
                Many versions of the white purified version, also contain added inulin, a “fructo-oligosaccharide”, which helps culture beneficial probiotics in the gut, as well as heal the gut [though in larger amounts]. UNfortunately, that also means fructose happens, which is tough because it’s handled by the liver, and can kinda clog that system, and fructose gets stored as fat at much greater rates than glucose.
                As I understand it at present, green stevia leaves do not have those issues–they are just 0 calories, and safe for pretty much everyone.
                There are a number of varieties of those plants, though, and each has a bit different flavor: some can have an after-taste similar to Aspartame, even. Others taste far better.
                This plants is related to the mint family of plants, and can be grown [temperature protected] by just about anyone who wants to.

      • Hi Karen hope ur still going for it, I was a massive sweet tooth and found that brushing my teeth straight after meals was a big help for me 🙂

  26. I been on keto diet for about 5-6 months lost about 18 lbs. was looking to lose about 10 lbs. more but i’m at a stand still…do I eat the same way and exercise more or do I have a fast?

    • Hi frank may I direct you to Bulletproof coffee and intermitten fasting. I have lost so much weight (23kgs) since the 8th March and I feel like a million Dollars. I began the coffee and fasting a month ago and that is when I lost another 2 kgs in a month. Google it and research it before embarking. I am still a ketone lady and will never change my eating habits back to what I use to do. I must still lose another 6 kgs and then I will be back to where I was when I met my hubby. The sacrifices have been so worth it and my entire family now live a ketone life. I have also introduced 3 friends as they have seen the results in my life. Good luck and keep pressing on.

      • That’s great! I use BP coffee and love it. Are you also restricting calories? I notice that I eat much more (calories wise) on a keto diet..

        • I do restrict my calories yes. Its not often that I exceed 20 grams a day. I do eat a few berries but because of my past fat body I so hate to cheat and its not part of my walk. 🙂 Take care

          • Nice. Do you restrict calories in general though (ie, total calories) or just carbs (ie, calories from carbs)?

        • I’ve just begun to drink bp coffee, love love it! I use 2Tb MCT and 2Tb butter (450cal.) it’s delicious makes me nervous, but it works! I was already on Atkins so this was addition. I highly recommend it. Who would have thought that eating a high fat diet would cause you to lose weight?

      • so I been drinking my coffee , coconut oil and heavy cream…so I should do c.oil and butter

    • I would change your ratios a little. Add 1tbln coconut oil in your coffee or tea. Lower your protien or carb a little more and up your fat until you have lost the 10 lbs.

  27. For those concerned about pregnancy and the ketogenic diet, please allow me to give you the answer that I gave another,

    The real question is are you really willing to take that kind of chance with your baby? We know that a diet full of carbs, fats, proteins, vitamins, and minerals, as in everything . . . the proverbial see-food diet is proven to be perfectly healthy and even preferable for a developing child within the womb.

    Why would you chance that on a diet that you don’t know how it could effect your pregnancy?

    Think of it like this, a single-celled child needs to have the materials to build up from a single cell to their whole body’s. There is no such thing as a diet when one must do that. It’s called the see-food diet because such people need anything and everything that fits into he human body.

    Also, think of it like this, skinny babies, they don’t healthily exist. All babies that are healthy are fat little tubs of adorableness. How do they get that fat, from everything, the protein, the carbs, the sugars, everything.

    One rule of thumb about nature that is always a given in just about any species of animal is that women are supposed to get fat when they’re pregnant. All females gain weight during pregnancy, even fish. It’s just the nature of making a more hospitable environment for the child growing inside.

    If I were you, I would hold off on any kind of diet while pregnant, and simply eat everything I feel like eating with a special emphasis on large quantities of healthy things like vitamins, minerals, fats, omega 3 fats, plenty of fats, carbs, proteins, lots of vegetables, lots of fruits, plenty of bread, rice, grains, milk, cheese, and peanut butter on steak, and whatever other odd weird things you crave while pregnant.

    Then after you’ve given birth, and are comfortable that it won’t effect nursing, then do your ketogenic diet.

  28. Sorry, that reply had no more room—it’ll have to be copy/pasted onto a document, in order to read that long vertical line as it was written.

    Since we have little data to show that using a ketogenic diet during pregnancy is a good thing, it would likely be wise o wait until after done with pregnancy and nursing a baby. OR be very good with taking supplements, such as mentioned above.

  29. I first started on this journey when I was looking for solutions to chronic insomnia. I found Dr. Jack Kruse and have read quite a few of his blogs. I asked him about my issues and he sent me to my doc with a list of tests to have done. The doc did those and said to go on a ketogenic diet. So here I am. How does this differ from the Leptin Reset RX (diet) that Jack Kruse prescribes?

    Also,based on my blood test results, I have 2 genetic mutations that can cause all sorts of trouble (The MTHFR test), and in hind sight my whole family had these issues, probably because they too had the mutations. The doc said that because of these, I need to stay on this diet the rest of my life. What do you think? Is that feasible?

  30. Is this ketogenic diet safe during pregnancy? What about breastfeeding? I REALLY appreciate all the responses/resources I can get with this! Thanks!

      • Thanks for your reply. I did to no avail; meaning, she didn’t really have a recommendation to go through with it or not. She said that if I can come up with info re: it’s safety in pregnancy, she’d be for it. Hence, my inquiry.

        • Those concerned about using ketogenic diet during pregnancy and nursing a baby:
          Mainstream Docs are still largely uninformed regarding diets and nutrition, much less other options.

          IMHO, based on knowledge, training, and personal experience with ketogenic:
          1. pregnant and nursing mothers need more nutritional content than ketogenic offers.
          2. it can be augmented:
          use more dark green leafy veggies, sea veggies, + vitamin C. That should still keep you fairly close to ketogenic, if basically sticking to the program.
          If you cannot eat organ meats, then using some CoQ10 daily might be useful, too.

          • Thank you for your reply! I am wondering if carb intake should be increased as well (via rice, potatoes, beans, lentils, etc)?

            • Might want a fiber supplement daily.
              But Magnesium and potassium about 3 times a week [not more] can often fix up slow bowels too.

            • Carbs increases, using root veggies, & will prevent your being in ketosis. Increasing dark green leafy veggies, will increase carbs, but in a form your body might allow you to edge on ketosis still.

              • Great! I am wondering if the circulating ketones will harm the growing fetus? I cannot find studies that go into this further. Are you aware of anything on this?

                • I hope you are under proper care/guidance for your pregnancy and delivery?

                  If you are, they should be taking urine samples periodically.
                  One of the things they check is ketones in urine.
                  They check this because they want to know if you show signs and symptoms of diabetes–in pregnancy, that can be a problem for some.
                  When a diabetic pees, there are usually measurable ketones in the pee; how much there are, is an indicator how bad sugar problems are getting.

                  In diabetes, ketones in urine may signal problems.
                  On a ketogenic diet, they are a usually a good thing.

                  You must advise your practitioners that you are trying to follow the ketogenic diet, therefore will have a certain amount of ketones in your urine deliberately.

                  You might want to add more above-ground veggies to your diet, and lurk on the edge of ketogenic, instead of being full-on it.
                  It is possible your practitioners may heavily encourage you to go OFF the ketogenic diet while pregnant and nursing, more because it screws with their current paradigms of how things work and get measured and monitored…
                  ….kinda like telling folks using certain meds, that eating grapefruit will kill them….when it’s a matter of obstructing lab tests, or blocking their drug from absorption, making it harder for them to measure, etc. details they fail to mention.

    • Personally I think ketones won’t harm the fetus. But if you have concerns, why not compromise with a simple low-carb diet while pregnant and not worry about staying in ketosis? IOW avoid sugars and grains (or at least wheat) but not worry about legumes etc. so much.

    • The real question is are you really willing to take that kind of chance with your baby? We know that a diet full of carbs, fats, proteins, vitamins, and minerals, as in everything . . . the proverbial see-food diet is proven to be perfectly healthy and even preferable for a developing child within the womb.

      Why would you chance that on a diet that you don’t know how it could effect your pregnancy?

      Think of it like this, a single-celled child needs to have the materials to build up from a single cell to their whole body’s. There is no such thing as a diet when one must do that. It’s called the see-food diet because such people need anything and everything that fits into he human body.

      Also, think of it like this, skinny babies, they don’t healthily exist. All babies that are healthy are fat little tubs of adorableness. How do they get that fat, from everything, the protein, the carbs, the sugars, everything.

      One rule of thumb about nature that is always a given in just about any species of animal is that women are supposed to get fat when they’re pregnant. All females gain weight during pregnancy, even fish. It’s just the nature of making a more hospitable environment for the child growing inside.

      If I were you, I would hold off on any kind of diet while pregnant, and simply eat everything I feel like eating with a special emphasis on large quantities of healthy things like vitamins, minerals, fats, omega 3 fats, plenty of fats, carbs, proteins, lots of vegetables, lots of fruits, plenty of bread, rice, grains, milk, cheese, and peanut butter and steak, and whatever other odd weird things you crave while pregnant.

      Then after you’ve given birth, and are comfortable that it won’t effect nursing, then do your ketogenic diet.

    • No no, ketosis while you’re pregnant. Baby needs good nutrition. Eat anything your body is asking for.

      • Is a ketogenic diet not considered nutritious enough in general? I was thinking of adopting this diet long term for health reasons..

  31. I am so very excited that I stumbled across your ketogenic information! I have been a low carber for over 10 years but when I hit year long plateaus, I would give up. So for the last year and a half, I have gained back all but 10 of the forty five pounds I originally lost. My frame is swollen with fat; I weight 210 now and only 5′ tall. Menopause and hypothyroidism doesn’t help the cause much but I am on meds for the thyroid.
    As an aside, I am presently under the care of a bariatrician who not only likes low carb/ketogenic lifestyles but prescribes it. Currently, I am on a high protein/low carb diet but getting no results. The keto way of eating is what I am prescribing for myself. I go back to her in a month and will show her my food log and kick butt on the scales!!!
    Thank you!

    • You are well on your way! Google the keto calculator and answer the questions it asks to calculate your protein, carb, and fat needs. You will probably see that you need WAY less protein than you are currently eating and WAY more good fats and you will be much more successful taking off the fat. Good luck!

      • Thank you, Sherry! I am having a hard time eating 70 or more grams of protein AND counting calories. I will use the Keto calculator and start from there.
        Is splenda okay? and pickles? LOL

        • Based on your height, 70g protein might be a little high. You will see when you fill out the calculator. Splenda is not ok, it is chemicals. You can use stevia (liquid Sweet Leaf is my brand as it doesn’t have a bad aftertaste to me). I guess pickles are ok if you get ones without sugar or artificial sweetener. Just don’t go overboard as cucumbers have carbs. You have to fit them into the daily carb count. You will have to add coconut oil, avocados, pastured eggs, butter, olive oil, bacon, sour cream to get the fat count up.

      • Some help please!!!
        Hi there. I’ve been following this diet and reading up on as much as i can re Ketosis etc. One thing… i’ve just done the Keto calculator which says i may have only 102g of protein per day. Now a normal chicken breast for example weighs about 180-200g. Therefore in this diet when Mark refers to a steak and cheese and a whole duck breast etc whats the deal? I’m a bit confused as to portion control???? Also eggs weigh roughly 60g each! therefore two eggs for breakfast is already 120g a day? Am i reading this calculator incorrectly??? A quarter of a chicken breast seems a tad meager to me but hoping someone can shed some light please!

        • The weight of the chicken breast is not the weight of protein. For instance, a chicken breast weighing 140 grams contains 41 grams of protein. You have to look it up on a website like

            • Here is an easy way to monitor your protein requirements. From one of the Atkins books, I found the “Rule of Sevens”. Each ounce of cooked chicken, meat, tofu, other protein foods, nuts, or hard cheese, cup of dairy, or large egg is equivalent to about 7 grams of protein. Consume the number of these equivalents that you have pre-determined from doing the keto calculator.

  32. Hi there, my wife and I have been on the ketogenic diet for a few days this time and we have both dropped out of ketosis today. We have not had anything with sugar or carbs and can’t understand what we’ve done wrong, any clues please?

    • This has happened to me a few times and I really don’t have an explanation, however I never gave up and within a few days I was back on track. Also if you drink a lot water sometimes your ketone sticks shows up negative but you are still in ketonesIts.

      • Have you ever experienced an odd weight gain during the first few weeks..? I’ve been on the diet for two weeks and lost 3.5kgs which I was thrilled about but for the passed two days I’ve put on 200g per day… Rather devastating. I gym every day, I try go twice a day when time permits it and I’ve stuck to the diet… Any clues or what I should do to get back on track or should i just relax and give it time???

  33. I’ve been on the keto diet for 3months and have had amazing results. I’m still about 25 pounds overweight though. My question is that, is it okay to have a cheat day? Or a cheat meal? Most of the stuff I’ve read online about carb ups are geared more towards body builders and are very precise about the amount of carbs one should be ingesting and the timing of the carb up. I do go to the gym at least 3 times a week and one of the guys there mentioned that I have to replenish muscle glycogen stores in my muscles or something like that. So if I go to the gym say Mon Tue Th Fri.. can I have a cheat day on Sat or Sun? Is it okay to eat a piece of cake or pasta during a cheat meal?

    Your reply will be much appreciated. Thanks.

    • No cheats are allowed as it will kick you out of ketones. In addition this way off eating is not a diet its a lifestyle. Many people cheat but its defeats the object. My hubby has cheated and he often regrets it as it takes him so much longer to get back into ketones. So if you wish to cheat why bother doing the ketone life style.

      • Hm, okay.. I should have used the term ‘carb up day’ rather than ‘cheat day’…. It’s not that I ‘wish’ to cheat, but rather I was concerned that the SKD might cause muscle loss for someone who is also weight lifting.

        I have just read Lyle Mcdonald’s book and he mentioned that when you’re weight training, the SKD is not advisable. So yeah I think I’m just going to go ahead and read some more and check out sites/forums about CKD or TKD.

        Thanks anyway.

  34. What is your take on Ketone supplements (like Raspberry Ketones)? Have your used them before?

    If you could provide sources/detailed findings, that would be great.


    • No I have not used them as I think its a money racket business. You will achieve the same results just by cutting out much of the carbs and all sugars and increase your fat.

  35. hi there,
    i would like to know if in the diet , the bakery powder is allowed?
    and what about the unsweetened cocoa powder?

    • No bakery powder and yes you may use cocoa powder. Use it to make coconut sweets using stevia as the base of the sweetener. Cocoa is bitter so use just a little bit.

  36. I am a vegan and I do not eat soy. What are the best foods for me to eat to do this diet?

    • Seriously, I think you need to forget about a ketogenic diet . I don’t see any way for you to get adequate protein without also getting way too many carbs. Beans are probably the best source of protein for a vegan, but they are quite high in carbs. You could cover the fat requirements with things like coconut oil and avocados, but they contain very little, if any, protein.

      An ovo-lacto vegetarian might pull it off, but not a vegan.

      • Agreed, this isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ approach. again, please read up on a ketogenic diet prior to asking questions. You can clearly see if the plan will work for your lifestyle. Have you considered that a high carb vegan lifestyle may have contributed to your weight situation? The problem with beans is that they are 2/3 carb and 1/3 protein. You are getting way too many carbs to get a little protein. It just won’t work.

  37. hello all: I’ve lost 10 lb. on low carb, but then plateaued for months, causing me to give up. But since I like eating this way (except for some boredom), I thought I’d try again. Obviously my proportions of fat/protein to carb are not right. I also worry that medication impedes my ability to lose. Is there a straight forward Fat/protein/ carb ratio?

    • If you lost 10 lbs in a month you must have done something right. Try sticking with it as its a life style not a diet. In addition try and increase your fat. Yes medication can interfere but depends on what. You really need to google.

    • Google a keto calculator and it will ask you questions to help you determine what is the right proportion of carbs, protein, and fat for YOU

  38. I have been on this diet but I have only lost 3 kgs for the last 3 weeks and now the weight just stays constant. What am I doing wrong?

    • I just started this type of diet. Very interested in your posts, lots of good information.
      Is it ok to have diet sodas?

      • Absolutely not. It is not ok for anyone to drink diet soda. Not only are the sugar substitutes they use toxic, they actually cause more weight gain than sugar sodas.

    • Caron dont dispair. If you are a lady who still has her monthly ladies problems then its harder to lose. Also if you find you cannot shift the fat try cutting back on carbs to almost zero for a week.

  39. I went on ketosis for a week. The keto-sticks was nice and pink, but NO weight loss. Why? Why? Why? I weigh 82kg and I am 1.62m tall. About 20kg’s overweight.

  40. I know I repeat myself a lot , but I just want to make sure i’m doing the right thing on this diet, about supplements…has anybody taken or still taken spirulina supplements….I been taking them for about 3 yrs don’t know if it effects ketosis

    • I dont see why it would affect it. Why not test your ketone against a ketone stick after you have taken the supplement.

    • Yes, it is fine to eat sausage in the morning…I like to throw in a egg. Eventually it will be best for your health to east pork that is humanely raised or from a farm so the quality of meat is better.

        • Whatever brand has the lowest carbs/sugar. If you find it and it is in your budget go for the kind that is anti biotic + growth hormone + nitrate free.

    • There are many reasons not to eat commercial sausage, but the fat, protein, carb content is not among them.

      Take any food or meal, count the grams of carbs, protein and fat. Double the carb count, halve the protein count, Add them together and compare that number with the fat count. The fat count should be at least equal to and preferably higher than the protein divided by two and the carb multiplied by two. This will insure that your diet is in the ballpark and that you are eating enough fat.

  41. Hi 🙂

    I have followed a keto type diet for a few weeks, lost quite a bit of weight, then I started getting constant head aches and got a serious flu. I think perhaps I was not eating enough protein or fat?

    • Your body is shifting from using glucose as a fuel to using ketones. It happens to some people. According to what I have read, hang in there, you will wake up feeling super one morning.

  42. My Keto Eggs Benedict
    3 egg yolks
    2 tablespoons white vinegar
    125g butter
    Melt butter in microwave.
    Add yolk and vinegar to melted butter.
    Beat well with balloon whisk.
    Return to microwave for 3 minutes on low.
    Stir well.
    Heat for another 3 minutes.
    Stir. Mixture will thicken.

    • I don’t have time to cook bacon in the morning can I eat frozen sausage…how and where do I start a topic, i’m always writing in someones reply

      • Go waaay down to the very bottom of the comments and you will see a box that is very much like the one you get when you hit reply on someone else’s post.

  43. I am seriously thinking to go on this diet, majority of the comments are saying positive things about it. I love salty, fatty foods and I am borderline diabetic. Would you recommend this for me?

    • I am diabetic and have been on this diet for three years. I control my blood sugar totally with the diet. I eat no grains, no root vegetables, almost no prepared foods, drink mostly water.

      I have plenty of time to prepare my meals, but I don’t want to take the time to prepare something from scratch every meal, so I make things ahead of time, divide them into serving pieces and freeze them.

      Bacon can be fried up and frozen. When you want to use it, just take it out and throw it in the pan. In less than a minute, it is ready to eat.

      I make an omelet, eat 1/4 of it and put it in the refrigerator, eating the rest for breakfast in the next few days.

  44. Mark thanx to your due diligence i started on the 1st of August at 100kgs now I’m 92.8kgs that really surprised me i was always stuck around the 95 mark and was not able to get lower until now, you and this program arechanging my life,now im encouraging my family to try it as well.

  45. Hi..My hubby and I started this diet two days ago..We are way over 200 lbs each. and in our later 50’ of this morning, day 3, Ive only lost 2 pounds. We have been super strict abut eating all the right foods, high fat, creams, meat, salad with home made blue cheese dressing, eggs and bacon in the morning to our delight:-) Salad and greens to accompany our high fat meat meals. I am also eating nuts, almonds, cashews, a few p-nuts. My biggest concern is we cannot find ANY bacon OR sausage that doesnt contain sugar. Do you all have any thoughts on this> We ate the sausage yesterday morning(its last ingredient was sugar:-( …we have checked every bacon and sausage at our store , none are without sugar. Please advise, and may thanks for your help. (My biggest thought is that I am eating way too many calories)

    • Reduce the nut intake, bacon has a very small amount of sugar in it. Make your own sausage patties, very easy to do just leave out the sugar.

    • I would be careful with the nuts…they can increase your carbs quickly if you eat too many. Or stick with almonds, walnuts, pecans, and macadamia nuts…sparingly. For the bacon, try checking out a whole foods store.

    • I gave up on finding bacon that did not contain sugar, nitrites and who knows what else. I went to a butcher shop and found that they had sliced pork belly, which is just bacon that hasn’t been cured.

      I pour a small amount of liquid smoke into a small shallow bowl, add some sea salt and stevia, then I take the “bacon” strips, cut them in half and pull them through the mixture. I then lay them on a cookie sheet and freeze them. After they are frozen, I put them in a freezer bag and take out what I want when I want to cook them. They can also be cooked before you freeze them and then you have “instant” bacon.

      I get my pork bellies at a butcher shop that is affiliated with a slaughter house. The pigs are local and are not raised in commercial farms.

      This is rural West Virginia, so I have no idea if pork bellies are readily available in most parts of the country.

  46. Hi! It’s been 3 months since I’ve started on keto diet. I’m 5″1 and 147 pounds. I have lost a total of 7 pounds. I’m not really sure why I am losing fat this slow. I exercise 3-4 times a week that includes weight training and cardio for at least 1-2 hours. I’ve been following some of the meals mentioned above. Plus, I’ve been adding coconut oil to my decaf coffee. I stop eating once I feel full. But I feel hungry 2-3 hours after eating. Should I decrease my protein or fat intake? Should I decrease exercising? I’m a bit confused because I’ve read a few articles that mentioned that HIIT can trigger gluconeogenesis which could disrupt ketosis; and another article that encourages HIIT.

    • You should increase your fat and make sure your carbs are under 20grams if you are doing this to lose weight. 7 pounds is not much over a 3 month period BUT its at least a loss.

  47. Hey, today i started this diet and I bought following food: prosciutto, bacon, feta cheese, brie, kajmak cheese, mayonnaise dressing for salad, minced meat (60% pork, 40% beef), butter, lettuce, herb butter.
    What do you think?

    • Try not eat Feta. Watch out for cheese as it counts as a carb. It falls under dairy. The rest is fine.

      • Thanks, Vanessa! I looked information for feta and there are only 0,45g carbs/100g feta. So if I put it in one meal cca 50g feta which contains 0,225g carbs- is that ok? Or should I completley put it away?

        • Dea the figures you gave seem right but why no eat fattier cheese than Feta. I know its great in a salad but I would look for a nice fatty cheese.

    • U r right yes. Though I have an apple a week or a handful of berries. I never regret it.

  48. Hi I recently decided to do the keto diet. Problem with that is I’m not too sure on what it is exactly supposed to eat. For almost 2 months I was doing meta-fast And I lost about 26 pounds doing that. I decided I wanted to do the keto diet and give the manifest to break for a little while. I wanted to see if this will yield better results. Doing the keto diet is there a certain amount of calories you’re supposed to have every day? I know it was mentioned to To eat low-carb high lean protein and fat is that correct? When you say low-carb many carbs should I be eating and from what sources. Does The keto diet have to be tailored to your current height and weight.example if I’m 5 foot two to 150 pounds do I have to eat at x amount of protein X amount of carbs in X amount of fat ?Basically I’m just wondering what ratio. Are you allowed to have seasonings on the keto diet ?or are there any restrictions as far seasonings go? How much water should we be drinking every day? Another thing that I was curious about was How soon will it take for your body to start losing weight efficiently? And once we get to our goal weight how do we go about getting into a maintenance? If you accidentally go off plan…. Will your results be derailed.? Sorry I have so many questions I just want to make sure that I’m doing this right. Another really important thing I want to ask About is exercise. I’m trying to get build myself up to be a runner and I want to Try to do insanity(High intensity cardio Work out on DVD) Will I be able to do these types of exercises on this diet?. I know when I was doing metdifast I wasn’t able to exercise i as hard as I wish I could….. And I felt like I was getting a little soft. It is my goal somewhere down the line to increase muscle mass slightly….. Will doing keto hinder those results? Another thing I was wondering was in other articles that I research online ,I noticed that some keto diets people do carboloading days. Are we supposed to do this once a week? Or at all?
    Thank you for taking the time to read my comment I really appreciate everything Any advice would be greatly appreciated

  49. Hi, I am eating a lot of real butter. Also a lot of chickpeas especially in the form of hummus. Is that all right?

      • I been taking spirulina supplements for awhile now they are hi in protein, should I stop taking them?

        • Hi Frank. If your protein intake is adequate why take more. Your wee will just be an expensive one….smiles.

        • Since this is a diet that is moderate in protein, you will probably get enough from your meals. Too much protein can kick you out of ketosis and stall weight loss.

    • The butter is okay – no carbs. But no to the legumes! Do you have a list of acceptable foods? You can always download one from a number of sites on the net – they are helpful. Cheers!

    • Cottage cheese is good – but buy the full fate one, not the low-fat which is lower in fat but higher in carbs.

  50. I ran out of time reading all the posts, so maybe this is somewhere on here, but do you recommend white or red wine? and when you say “slice” of cheese, is it about an ounce? of yellow or white cheese?

    • white wine – but don’t go silly about it! and 1 ounce or 30g of cheese (cheddar, Laughing Cow, brie, camembert, Swiss, etc) Ricotta and cottage cheese are okay too – but buy the full fat ones, not low fat which are higher in carbs

  51. Can we eat McDonalds food on this diet? I can’t live without fries and Big Macs. Please tell me yes.

      • What if I eat only 1 meal, instead of 2, and have medium fries instead of large, a diet Coke instead of a milkshake? Obviously I would still get a side portion of McNuggets, but that’s common sense.

  52. I myself am overweight and am preparing to start this diet with my husband. My question however is in reference to my much beloved cousin. She’s mid 30’s, 5′ and almost 500 lbs. She’s been hospitalized for cellulitis but was diagnosed with kidney failure and diabetes. It is taking tough love to get her up just to walk to the bathroom. I plan on moving her in with me when she is discharged to give her emotional support. My question is, would this be safe to do with her now or is there a better starting place for her.

  53. Hi! So I’ve been on the keto diet for 1 month now. I ate when I’m hungry, stopped when I felt full… I even went to the gym 2 to 3 times a week. I started at 147 pounds and weighed in today at 143 pounds.. -___- Is this normal? I’ve read a lot of people lose more in a week, so I’m a little frustrated. On the upside, my pants and shirts feel looser when I wear them.

    • The way your clothes fit is much more important than the scale. Who knows, you may be putting on muscle at the same time you are dropping fat.

    • Hang in there. At least you are losing and you have chosen a good way of eating.

      • Hi! It’s been 3 months since I’ve started on keto diet. I’m 5″1 and 147 pounds. I have lost a total of 7 pounds. I’m not really sure why I am losing fat this slow. I exercise 3-4 times a week that includes weight training and cardio for at least 1-2 hours. I’ve been following some of the meals mentioned above. Plus, I’ve been adding coconut oil to my decaf coffee. I stop eating once I feel full. But I feel hungry 2-3 hours after eating. Should I decrease my protein or fat intake? Should I decrease exercising? I’m a bit confused because I’ve read a few articles that mentioned that HIIT can trigger gluconeogenesis which could disrupt ketosis; and another article that encourages HIIT.

  54. I so enjoy my new life style and the weight just keeps falling off. One of the draw backs is that I tend to starve myself unintentionally and have to keep reminding myself that I have to eat. I cannot believe how much I use to eat and my food bill is so low. Water and loads of fat keeps me full and satisfied. For those of you who know Biltong I have been eating it and it does not interfere with my Ketones. Tho too much protein is not good. Only eat that which you have allotted yourself. Keep on and know that this way of eating is really healthy and it will keep the weight off.

  55. I’m sincerely going to give this my best. My husband has been doing it for months. I’ve been sneaking around while at work eating whatever. Home is strictly a no carb zone and we eat low to no carb breakfast and dinners. I’m starting at 230lbs or roughly 104kg. I’m diabetic and my numbers haven’t been so good. Eating very low carbs helps me tremendously. Thanks for your article. It helped me center what I need to do.

  56. Since sugar is not an option, what about xylotol?

    Amazing that very few diets of any kind do not mention this substitute. Please advise.

    • I just read that xylotol can cause gastric distress. Stevia would be a better choice.

    • Xylitol can cause gastric distress in some people, but if you persist, you get used to it and it doesn’t bother you. Xylitol does have carbs, so I use mostly stevia and some sugar alcohols, such as Xylitol and Erythritol.

      Walmart’s Truvia is stevia and Erythritol.

      • Everyone should be aware that Xylitol, even small amounts, can kills dogs. I won’t have anything but a bit of stevia in my home any longer. Not finding a need for sweets and feel better with less cravings if I don’t use sweeteners.

  57. WOW. I had AIDS, cancer, I was blind and I only had 1 leg. I tried keto, and after 2 weeks, my leg had grown back, I could see, my cancer was gone, and so was my AIDS. I also gained the ability to breathe underwater.
    I would recommend this diet to EVERYONE. What a miracle diet!
    True story.

  58. Thanks Mark for a very informative article. I have tried the diet a number of times since reading Atkins 30 years ago. As we age we mostly accumulate a little padding that is neither required nor wanted, and our muscles tend to waste a bit at the same time. So in my case at the age of 70 I don’t weigh much more than I did as an athlete, but I know that my body fat ratio is now much higher. Not only that, I am hoping that some of my minor health issues may receive some benefit. In three weeks I have gone form 89kg (6ft.3in) to 81. The arthritis pain in my neck is reduced by 80 percent. I went through hell though for two weeks with the “Ketoflu” but I was expecting it. Every day I feel stronger, sleep better, have completely lost my reflux problems, and am thinking more clearly. This diet has been scientifically researched to treat both Epilepsy and Diabetes with astounding results. There is also a growing body of evidence that this diet is immensely beneficial in fighting cancer. There are plenty of websites that explain why.
    Of course the cancer industry wouldn’t be too happy about that. Neither would the cereal producers and the packaged food industry. Understandable.
    Which one of these groups do you belong to troll?

    • Good job, Gert! With a keto diet you need to make sure you’re getting enough salt (which, like fat, has been unfairly demonized for years; google “salt taubes” for details.) I understand a large part of theketo flu is shortage of salt.

      As for the troll, well, some people just don’t like something that’s different. Keto is hardly a fad diet, though it does seem to be gaining in popularity.

      • The salt you buy in the grocery store is far inferior to sea salt or Himalayan salt. It has been processed to death, and actually does have some of the properties ascribed to it. Natural salt is very good for you and you don’t have to worry about it harming your health.

    • I have been on the keto plan for several years. recently I have seen my weight increase by 5 pounds so I decided to reset myself by doing the Atkins Fat Fast for 5 days. I dropped the pounds and am beginning induction again today. I believe that I simply evolved into eating too much-not carbs but protein. I can’t seem to find info on the ratio of fat to protein for an optimum keto meal plan. Can anyone provide a source? BTW, please stop indulging the hater and he/she will get bored and go away. Funny how we assume that it is a male!!!

      • Hi Sherry. Try the keto calculator. just google Keto calculator and place your stats in the box. It worked great for me.

    • just starting this diet, have some questions… whole milk In my coffee ok…..can I use mayo….and how about balsamic vinegar

      • Milk is high in carbs. Have heavy or whipping cream. Full fat mayo, yes. He has balsamic vinegar in his salad recipe, but it is a higher in carb vinegar. However I think it has a good effect on insulin.

  59. There are a lot of comments on here by people who, I can only assume, are sitting at home with tin foil hats on. Nutritionists and scientists haven’t spent decades studying food so they can publish lies and misinform you. There is not some massive conspiracy against you.
    Yes, there is some health benefits to doing keto, for a short time. However, you are not getting the required vitamins and minerals your body needs to function properly.
    I have read a comment on here by someone that states that keto will prevent cancer, alzheimer’s and many other illnesses. UTTER BULLCRAP!
    Number 1, there is not enough studies done on keto to prove ANYTHING.
    Number 2, It is well documented and studied that eating fruit and vegetables definitely reduces your risks of certain cancers.
    Your government are lying to you about a lot of things, however, nutrition is not one of them.

    If You want to lose weight, get off your fat arse and exercise. Put down the chocolate and pick up an apple. Reduce how much crap you eat. Walk instead of driving.

      • I take it you are one of the fat, lazy people who needs to exercise rather than rely on a fad diet to lose weight.

        Some small steps would help. A few miles walking a weeks would be a start, and would help you a lot. Go on, put that cake down and go for a walk.

        • Oh, just ignore him. Probably just some guy with no life looking for some sick fun. We can welcome him back when he develops food allergies and a spare tire.

          • Thanks for the reply. I have a great life though, which consists of exercising, so I won’t get a spare tire. Thanks for the concern though. See, all you need to lose weight is to stop eating crap and start exercising. You will feel much better for it. Try it, put down the tub of ice cream and go a light jog. Yes, you may find your knees will hurt a little because of your massive weight, and you may get chafing when fat bits rub other fat bits, but persevere and you’ll be fit in no time.

            • Yeah I can tell that your low calorie no fat diets have worked so well. Results? Hmmm lets see. Most Americans are obese due to all of the good government advice. Let’s talk about results. I am in extremely good condition and have lived Keto for over a year. The people on this post all have something in common. They have tried the fairy tails you are stating and they didn’t work. If they worked none of us would be here. Educate yourself.

      • Well, I’m fairly sure no-one actually asked me to post, but I did any way. Have I hurt your feelings? Why not do something about it and exercise all your hate away. Hugs and kisses.

        • Actually if had done your research properly you would of learnt that the Keto diet was actually compiled in the first place by doctors to help control seizures in some people with epilepsy not for overweight people. So instead of trying to be a smart ass and insulting people you do not even know pull your head in, get your facts right and keep your negative thoughts to yourself. But hey if you want to keep looking stupid (which clearly you are) keep going!

          • Wow, you have a cheek to call anyone stupid. Your grammar is terrible. Also, I know full well what type of people the keto diet is aimed at, however, everyone on this site is clearly using it as a quick weight loss programme. It’s this type of person THIS site is aimed at. You are still going to die young, and have a plethora of problems because you are lazy and don’t exercise. Hit the gym fat ass, you’ll learn to love it. X X

            • LOL I love how you’re trying to throw in some encouragement among all the hate. What’s the point? Take all your “you’ll learn to love it!” and the like, and work on learning to be an actual decent human who treats people with respect!

  60. Hi, I’m going to start this diet and I want to know if there’s any fruit allowed? Thanks

  61. I am currently on lipotrim and have good results but want to go on re feed now . is zero coke allowed . also what about sliced meat from the deli counter. many thanks

  62. Is it okay to use stevia with maltodextrin, and heavy cream that has hydrogenated vegetable oil in it?

    • No and No. Get clean stevia at the health food store or online. Sweet Leaf brand tastes good with no aftertaste and get organic heavy cream.

  63. Hi I am planning to do this diet

    I have few questions

    I’ve been drinking warm lemon water for years everymorning. do I have to eliminate that???

    and the water that I am drinking is with mint,grapefruit, orange and cucumber do I have to remove that on my diet as well??

    and I drink Kombucha tea at night is it allowed on Keto diet??

    Is artificial sweetener allowed??

    thank u!

    • Sadly most of what you are drinking is a no no. Not sure of the tea though. If you are going to use artificial sweetener try stevia. Hope this helps. I know the lemon water is good to why dont you try first reaching your goal tun introduce it back counting it as a fruit.

    • Stevia is a good sweet replacement. The powdered green leaves are completely NATURAL, not artificial, has no carbs, no calories–you can even grow it yourself.
      There are also “LoHan Guo” aka, “Monk Fruit”, “Buddha fruit” etc., is from a special melon, specially processed to extract the sweet factors in the melon, isolating those from any calories or nutritional content–safe for carb-free diets. Very nice.
      Warning: Agave Syrup is higher in Fructose than High-Fructose Corn Syrup!
      Fructose is bad for insulin levels, & vastly increases fat storage.
      NOTE: KOMBUCHA TEA needs checked on it’s label, or look it up online: various fermenting processes & ingredients can cause variations in Carb: protein ratio….most all of them lean towards a higher carb ratio, BUT…that’s probably mitigated if the total calories in the container are still very low–kinda like having that bedtime wine and cheese serving.
      Brewing Kombucha tea starts with Plenty of sugar….though once fermented, sugar content has dropped almost to -zero-, But depending on source, you MAY want to leave Kombucha OUT of a Ketogenic diet.
      Once you’ve gotten your health back, you could likely return to using a modest serving daily, for it’s wonderful probiotics. DURING the ketogenic diet, you may want to use a really good, broad spectrum Probiotic capsule instead–the kind that must be kept in the refrigerator.
      Probiotics are very important, for just about everything in the body–so taking them is a good thing. There are good ones to be found at health food stores, Grocery Co-Ops, Vitamin Shoppe, Online, etc. The more & more various good strains, the better.
      New research is showing some of them, if not all, help us keep emotions balanced, as well; L. Rhamnosus, for instance, helps reduce symptoms of anxiety & depression.

  64. What about those with a diagnosis of insulin resistance like pcos… would they need to change the approach of CKD?

  65. should have researched FIRST. sugar is minimal in a glass
    of wine. calories are higher. i had always heard about
    the sugar content of wine and it seems not to be true 🙂

    • I would be more concerned about the alcohol content. Alcohol when digested turns to sugar.

  66. How do you guys count carbs etc? Can someone please help me, do we go by nutritional value etc? and how many carbs to get into ketosis per day? Please help

    • Carb counts can be found on I have seen different recommendations on the amount of carbs allowed, usually somewhere between 30 and 50.

      The carbs must be spread out throughout the day and must be from allowed foods. You cannot save up all your carbs and eat a candybar for dinner.

      Since the body reacts more to carbs in the morning, breakfast should be especially low carb. I eat 30 or less carbs a day and divide them 6-12-12 for the three meals.

      Carbs are counted by subtracting the fiber from the total carbs. This gives you net carbs. Some foods such as chia seeds and coconut flour are fairly high carb, but have so much fiber that they are fine for this diet.

      A quick and easy way to make sure you are in the range you want to be as far as fat, protein, carb ratio is to take the protein grams, halve them, double the carb grams, add them together and make sure the fat is more than the total of the two. Again, the carbs MUST be allowable carbs. No grains, root vegetables, sugars or most processed foods. The fat must be eaten at the same time as the rest of the meal in order to slow down the rate of carb absorption.

      I just don’t have the patience to weigh everything and put it through a complicated formula. Mostly, now, after three years, I can just wing it.

  67. Hi Mark. I find this a fantastic site and hope you can reply asap or even if you could mail me in private I would be so grateful.
    I am starting out wanting to do a keto diet, but I am wondering can I add fruit to it? For example, the scarsdale diet has a high requirement of fruit in it.

  68. Hello, thanks for all the great info here. I was wondering if someone could give me some advice/guidance… I’m on day 3 of the ketogenic diet. The first day, I kept my carbs to 2% (protein 33%, fat 65%) to help kickstart ketosis. Day 2, I had roughly 5% carbs, 30% protein, 65% fat. I’m having horrible side effects: awful headache that WILL NOT go away, sluggish/tired/NO energy, foggy brain, moody/irritable, and off and on nausea. I just feel horrible. And to top it off, I haven’t lost an ounce. I’ve been following it to a T, tracking everything I put in my mouth, chugging water… I’m about halfway done with day 3, I’m still on track, and symptoms are still the same. Do I just need to give it more time? I ordered ketostix off amazon that should arrive today (so I don’t know if I’m in ketosis yet). Any advice or suggestions or help would be soooo greatly appreciated! I feel like I’m torturing myself for no reason!!! Someone tell me there is light at the end of the tunnel!

    • This keto flu will pass. I changed my diet incrementally as I learned more, and never experienced it. Make sure you’re getting enough salt.

    • 2% carbs sounds very low. Maybe check that out. I began with 15grams carbs and since March I have lost 16kgs. I have never looked back at this way of life style. I wish to encourage you and hang in there. Trust me the weight will fall off. The keto flu will go away after a few days. Good Luck.

    • You’re probably just low on salt. Drink some salty broth and take vitamin pills everyday. The first week is the hardest. This diet definitely works. Just give it time. I lost 40 pounds with it and kept it off for 7 years. Don’t give up.

    • My doctor putme on this diet it is so simple,seems a bit drastic but I was desprate. my doctor said eat nothing grown in the ground, no sweetners and black tea or coffee or just hot water, I think the first week is hard because your body has to get used to the diet but it does work.. Paticence is a Virtue..

      Good Luck, and keep trying

  69. Thanks for al this detailed info!

    Couple of things: First off, both your links for ketostix from amazon are incorrect, so you are missing out on all those clicks. You might want to dble check those.

    Second, what is your opinion about sugar alcohols like erythritol, or xylitol? They are said to have zero glycemic impact, and yet they taste sweet, SOOO much better than Stevia, whose bitter taste I have never cared for. These sugars are a little pricey, and found mostly in health food stores. I wonder why they have not caught on in this world of low glycemic diets? Am interested to hear your thoughts on this. Thank you.

    • I have no problem with sugar alcohols as long as they are used infrequently. Some people get gastric upset from them. Try Sweet Leaf brand stevia. I hated stevia too until I found this brand. It is sold in packets, liquid, and tablets at health food stores. It is water extracted and has a milder flavor.

  70. This is a fantastic article. Thank you for all of the detail. I am hoping to start this diet and fingers crossed it works for me. Does anyone know if Quinoa will be allowed on this diet? Many thanks.

    • Quinoa is a seed, not a grain, technically, as I understand it.
      And while it is one of the rare [only?] sources of plant-based “complete protein profile”, it still has plenty of carbs….
      Just delete it from your Keto diet–at least until you achieve the health benefits you seek…then in moderation.

  71. Quick question (that has probably been asked before but I can’t find any reference to it) – how does Just Like Sugar rate as a sugar substitute? Or coconut sugar? Just curious.

  72. Hi all. Just to say that I am still on keto life style and have never looked back on starting this way of eating. I am now 87.6 from 102.2 since 8 March. My entire family are on board and between hubby, son and I we lost 30 kgs. The men lose quicker. My food budget also has decreased a lot. I am now free if aches and pains and IBS . Walking is now my next challenge. Happy eating.

    • Wow Vanessa that is wonderful! Congratulations 🙂
      Do you feel your clothing getting too big as well? I am finding that. I have lost 20 kgs in 5 months, however I put on 1.5 due to two birthdays (and alcohol!) arghhh.
      Congratulations again you must be very proud of yourself.

  73. I was wondering if sugar substitutes were OK? How about diet sodas sweetened with Splenda?

    • Cruise internet to learn about artificial sugar items. It’s pretty nasty.
      ==Aspartame [Nutrasweet, et all] are a couple sugar molecules connected using a molecule of wood alcohol: very bad especially for diabetics, who cannot properly process toxins anymore, much less sugar. It has a signature after-taste that usually tells on it.
      ==Sucralose is made of a couple sugar molecules connected using a Chlorine molecule. Again, can be quite cumulatively toxic. Have not noticed any signature after taste.
      ==Acesulfame potasium [ACE -K, etc. rearangements] is a man-made fake sweet. It’s signature aftrer-taste is “sickeningly sweet”.
      These 3 main sweeteners have been used very cagily by food industries; Monsanto got special permission to add their new generation sweetener, “Neotame” to foods without labeling it.
      Sweeteners are now being placed even in MILK.
      These chemicals cause addictions to them, which gets people to consume MORE junk foods and empty calories.
      SINCE Monsanto Execs have been placed in positions of power, such as the V.P. of the FDA, and in other regulatory, consumer protection agencies in the USA and elsewhere, we have seen protections from industry agendas disappear.
      It is now totally up to consumers to learn everything they can.
      The FDA says whatever Monsanto wants it to say, to convince public to keep consuming stuff Monsanto promotes.

      Stevia was actively blockaded from getting into the USA for decades, since it competes with what Monsanto promotes.
      Stevia has no known adverse effects. One can grow their own stevia plants at home, usually in a protected area that does not freeze.

      Sugar Alcohols are generally safe. Each has it’s own potential side effects.
      ==Xylitol, for instance, actively helps good mouth health, by killing germs int eh mouth–helping heal gum diseases….but, if too much is used, it can, in some folks, cause diarrhea. It’s been used in the E.U., for a very long time, and NO data has shown any adverse effects…though Monsanto would have people believing it has them.
      ==Maltitol & Sorbitol are usually the ones that cause diarrhea faster, if used too much.
      You can Google to compare sugars & sugar substitutes, & learn MUCH. BEWARE of sites that quote FDA…FDA has virtually NO credence these days, especially where foods are concerned.

  74. Hi Everyone,

    Could anyone tell me how much protein I should be having per day, I think I am having too much! I currently have 25-30g net carbs (veggies, fruit) 170g of protein and about 120g fats. I exercise only 2-3 times per week for 45mins. I currently weigh 96kgs and I am 163cm’s (5’3). I am 36 years old
    Am I having too much???

  75. I am not on this Diet to lose weight but as a side effect I lost about 30 pounds without trying. I am on this diet because I cannot digest carbs and sugar makes me sick. It was the answer to my tummy issues. I usually go about 5 days on this diet and then let myself have a treat day where I can eat anything I want. I have SIBO. Again I don’t have to lose wait. My theory is that people are built anatomically like carnivores. Our digestive systems are more like cats and dogs rther than cattle and grazers which have 3 stomachs. People don’t have 3 stomachs to digest plant matter. So I feel this is a more natural way to eat. If I eat enough fat (coconut oil) I don’t even feel the need to eat anything with sugar. So good luck to everyone and I hope you get out of this diet what you are looking for.

  76. Is anyone out there willing to look at a sample menu for a day that I devised and give me an opinion? Not sure I can attach something here. Seems to me everyone is saying you need twice as many grams of fat as protein. I am finding that a bit tricky.

    • post a sample menu here and include all your food and lets see if we can help you. I enjoy reading all remarks as often I can also correct bad habits that creep up.

  77. I’m already living Paleo but this is a bit different…I guess I’m trying to interpret what the main differences are and if one is better than the other. Or, should I say optimal for weight loss and health. I already am in ketosis but along with weight loss I just want to do what’s best for my health overall. I don’t currently eat cheese, or the coconut/almond milk, or processed meats as in ketogenic diets, but I do have fruit which this plan doesn’t utilize. Any opinions on which is better?

    • Good Morning. I suppose its a matter of choice but for me who has tried every diet there is I have found the ketone to be best suited for me. Once I reach my goal I will introduce fruit at a limited amount. The cheese and cream I consume are really such small amounts.

      • Thank you! I think I am going to make the little changes such as no fruit for now as I work towards my goal. I do believe it is the one stumbling block I have that is slowing me down as far as progress goes. Have a great day 🙂

  78. Ok, having read the diet and most of the comments, it looks like 25 g of carbs/day is what to shoot for. As for protein, I think I read that 150 g/day is good – seriously? I went to FatSecret Australia and found an 8-oz steak is only 14-15 g. But I also see it is a 1 to 1 ratio with fat. Can you clarify the protein and fat elements for me? I am dying to start this but want to know what I’m doing very clearly before I start!

    • Hi Diane, the ration was always a problem for me to begin with. Either I was eating too much meat and not enough fat.
      Made many mistakes so understand its by trial and error as each persons body is different. To aid me I bought and read the Atkins diet to get a deeper understanding. It differs to the ketone diet as the fats are more important. I want this diet to be a life style and with that in mind it has helped me to not get too stressed if I made mistakes. The ration is for me 60% fat 30 % protein and 10% protein. Because of battling to find fat in protein other than pork crackling and fat on steak I decided to take 30 g of coconut oil each morning. That sorted much of my fats and of course lots of olive oil over my salad and green vegies. In addition I take flax seed tablets which aids in high cholesterol. Please google coconut oil and see what people are saying about it. Coconut oil as Mark said can have you in the loo but do it slowly. It also takes my appetite away. Try and stay away from fruit but if your body craves it eat an apple or berries. I have cheated on apples and I noticed it a negative for me. Warm fresh cooked asparagus over a salad and lots of olive oil is yummy but remember only 20g carbs if you wish to really lose weight quickly. And finally drink water. Coffee and cream is great smiles. Good luck and enjoy the new affair with food.

      • Ah, thank you, Vanessa. That is easier to understand. Just curious, is there a convenient trick to calculating that ratio each day?

        • yes there is log onto ketone calculator and put in your rations. Its been a tool I use but now that I have the hang of it I don’t use it as I took on Marks advise way back and got into a eating routine. Only now have I begun to make my own mayo and Hollandaise sauce . If you can buy sugar free jelly make a few to last a 3 days and each time you wish to snack eat it with cream. Or make deviled eggs with your own mayo and stuff them with tuna drizzled with olive oil. Keeps me happy.

        • I make chocolate. -2.5tbsn virgin cold pressed coconut oil
          -2tbsn unsweetened baking cocoa
          -1 tsp vanilla
          -sweetener to your liking. (I use 1 packet of sweet n low) but you should really try to find a natural sweetener.

          Pour Into chocolate moulds and freeze. Eat half the bar a day! Yum!

        • HI. If you dont have time to make the chokkie sweets just place 30 g in a cup and pour boiling water over it. Maybe 2 mouthful of waters and let it melt and drink once water is cooled. NEVER melt coconut in microwave. Trust me its not bad to drink.

    • If your 8 oz steak only has 15 grams of protein, I suspect either the calculator youre using is highly inaccurate or that the 8 oz steak has a rather large bone in it. Most proteins, including steak, have about 6-7 grams of protein per ounce. So 8 oz of boneless steak would be closer to 50 grams of protein.

    • MCT oils are medium chain triglyceride. Try and google as its important to understand the different oils. Introduce coconut oil and olive oil into your diet and dont cook with cooking vegetable oil. Also use Palm oil.

  79. Wow, I am so excited to start this! I feel I have to finish two more weeks on HCG just because I paid for the stuff. But then I will start this. Thank you so much!

  80. Help i have been on this diet for 5 weeks i have lost a steady 2 pounds a week i weigh myself once a week i weighed myself this morning and have put on 2 pound iv not done anything different im really upset as i thought i had finally cracked losing weight and feeling great

  81. i wanted to start this diet, is there a website to go to for info and support and guidelines, id appreciate your help

  82. Hi All,

    I just have a question and I hope some of you can help. I think having three glasses of white wine last week has tossed me off Ketosis big time. It was a Thursday night with friends, I weighed myself on the Saturday and only lost 200 grams, I went straight back on my normal eating plan and today I weighed myself again and I have lost another 200 grams. I should not complain because at least I am losing, but it is alot different from losing 1.5 to 1.6 kgs a week which I have been. Any suggestions??

  83. Hi everyone, just curious about the wine that we are allowed on this diet. I am not a fan of dry or bitter wines, but it would seem thats all that is allowed? what kind of winde can I have that isnt packed full of sugar. Im assuming I cant have a dessert wine like a moscato right? what are your recommendations??

    • I dont drink any wine whilst trying to reach my goal. Way too much sugar for me.

      • Hey Vanessa! You were telling me before that when you reached a plateau you ate zero carbs for 3 days to get back on track. Can you give me an example of what you would eat during that time? It would be much appreciated! Thanks!

        • Hi Lyn, sorry for my late reply I have been travelling through Namibia for over 10 days. I would start my day with 30 grams of coconut oil. This not only takes/took my appetite away it pushes up my fat intake. You would need to eat mainly protein and I also did the Whey powder in the morning. No carbs for the 3 days and I mean no carbs. People would not agree but hell it help me and still does. I am still on track and have now lost 14 kgs since 8/3 and thats with a 10 day holiday in between. I swear by coconut oil.

    • Some prosecos are ok, and some reds, but keep in mind the basic foundation…if it tastes sweet, there’s a reason.
      When you’re trying to get your plumbing to switch over, the less the better. Once you’re in ketosis, you can monitor with strips, and you’ll know how much you can/can’t have.


  84. I did the ketose diet for a week and picked up 2kg. Why? I did nothing WRONG.

    • Hi Wilma, It happened to me to begin with and still does from time to time. My problem is often water and when I began keeping a food journal I was surprised to noticed that my carb intake for my body was too high. By cutting my carbs right down to 25 g a day my weight began to pour off. In addition I joined a great site Its a motivating site and each day I log on my foods to see what ration my fat and carb intake will be. I began my new life style on the 8/3 and have lost 12.5 kgs in 2 months. Which means I lost 6 kilos in a month. No exercise yet. Its hard to get the correct rations but do try and hang in there. for some its easy they sail through it but only now I am getting the hang of it. keep trying.

        • I agree with Vanessa, 25 grams is the way to go. I was even lower at 20 grams and the weight was here and there. Once I upped to 25 it started flying off me as well 🙂

  85. This whole ketone thingy is not easy, well for me its not. To get that balance is hard. Either its too much protein or too many carbs. Now I will keep a food journal till I get the handle of this way of life. Lost no weight for a long time and cheating is just not on my list of things to do. Did a leto stix check and I am out. I should have know when my breath began to smell like flowers again. Oh well!!!!!!!

    • try fat secret dot com dot au, plug everything you eat into the tracker for a few days till you get the hang of it, remember you’re aiming for less than 50carbs and no more than 1.5g of nett protein per kg of LBM, the rest needs to be fat

      • thumbs up on that site. its really helpful and motivating. Thank you so much. I joined the South African one.

        • yeah, i hunted around for ages for one that would give me a complete breakdown and that was the best, and its free!

    • Let me know if you figure anything else out. I’m in the same boat as you, this is NOT coming easy for me and I’ve lost very little weight 🙁

      • I was having a heck of a time too… but then I read some other stuff and figured out that I was eating too much protein. Protein turns to sugar if too much is consumed, making it tough to stay in ketosis. Once I dropped my protein down to between 40-50g per day (per Nora Gadgaudas at, all of the sudden things started to work.

        I’ve lost 70 pounds with little effort in about 7 months. I’m a 50 year old female and can honestly say I’ve never felt better than I do right now. My exercise consists of 3 times a week at the gym lifting very heavy weight (a la “body by science”.. 5 exercises, really heavy, and really, really slow) and 2 times per week of bike sprints– 30 seconds as fast as I can go, 60 second rest, I do that 8 times…takes a little over 10 minutes. My muscle mass has increased, I have way, way less “jiggle” (lol) and my body fat is decreasing very consistently.

        I’ve been told over and over that as we get older, there’s no way to lose weight, or get fit. Well I can tell you that I’m living proof that you can, because I’m doing it.

        All that said, though, the key for me was getting my diet really in order. I eat grass-fed beef, chicken once in a blue moon and eggs. I eat organic veggies. I eat pastured butter and MCT oils…and lots of both of them. I never have to count carbs because I just dont eat any that are processed or from grains. They come only from leafy veggies and the fiber practically negates them.

        I’m always in ketosis. And just to clarify something abou tthat, there is no “deep” ketosis. You’re either in it or you’re not. The amount of water you drink, how efficient your body has become at utilizing fat as fuel will dictate how purple your strips are. But darker is not better.

        Anyway, good luck to you! Don’t give up. Clean up your diet even further, make your exercise intense and brief. Trick your body. It really works!


      • like someone suggested, you’re probably not getting enough fat. I’m doing a 60-20-10. Today is my carb up, so I had some good, clean carbs (some roast plantain, quinoa, with broccoli chicken).
        Tomorrow morning, the journey continues. I lose on average, 5lbs a week. I could do more, but I don’t want to get real extreme. I don’t starve myself. I just rely on the science of ketosis.
        I do 7% carbs a day, which is like 25g based on my daily calorie intake. I only get it from Avocados and leafy greens or some quinoa. I avoid starchy foods like a plague! No rice, no bread for my 7% lol. I do 32% protein and 61% fat (only good fat!!).
        First couple days, you’ll have little to no appetite. EAT!
        Also, go ahead and deplete your glycogen store by walking. Don’t run or you might feel light headed or dizzy (you have to give your body about a week to get used to fueling ketones).

        • Agree with increasing fat. It’s counter-intuitive, since we’ve had it beat into our heads that fat is bad. It isn’t. Many folks find that when they “stall”, and they increase fat, the resume their weight loss.

        • Wow! How are you losing 5 pounds per week?? I was on this diet that only allowed me 20g carbs per day. I did an experiment and upped it to 25-30g per day and the weight started moving. But I will admit putting skim in my coffee which is stuffing me up …I did a post on here asking what cream people were using so I am stopping that. How many grams of protein are you having per day? I am having 4 serves which is almost 200g (is that too much)

          • about 120g of protein… you should calculate it based on your age, weight, body fat, and sex. There are calculators out there. I talked about not getting enough fat previously… another mistake some people make is not knowing when they are consuming too much sugar (which will kick you off ketosis quicker than a race horse in a kentucky derby). Over 60% of my daily calories come from fat. Only 7% is carbs, so I’m sure to check the nutrition of everything I eat for the amount of fat, protein, and carbs… so that way, I’m not getting enough fat or protein, but getting too much carbs… or just getting enough carbs but not enough fats or protein. It can be tricky, but if you get it, it works. Excess protein gets converted into sugar. So just get the right amount. If you feel the need to consume 200g of protein, just up your fat… takes care of that.

        • Hey ‘it’s me’, thanks for all your input, can you let me know how you figured out what percentages of protein, fat and carbs is recommended to lose weight on this diet? I apprecieate it 🙂

      • Hi lynn what I do know is that my carb intake was too high. I also think my fat intake is way too low as has been suggested. I will literally begin all over again and pretend this is like day one for me.I know this must work as it worked for me for a long time and i really did lose 10 kgs literally over night. I am stuck on the same weight and have been for over 2/3 weeks. My keto stixs keep giving me a negative read. Good luck with your love affair of ketone dieting.

  86. Hello,I have started a low carb a little over 2 weeks,but i’m having a hard time getting my body into a ketosis stage.My breakfast consist of scramble eggs lunch prosciutto & mozzarella cheese & dinner steak.I try to usually eat high protein food only like cheese,fish,chicken.I also snack on almonds sometimes vinegar flavor.Please help I’m also doing the ketone test strips & the result is always moderate.Ty
    I believe I’m eating to many almonds & I’m also using breath strips (mint)

    • A bit confused because you say you can’t get into ketosis, but your strips indicate “moderate”.

      Yes, too many almonds will do it.

      Are you losing any weight?


      • Jim,
        I think the almonds definitely put me in a moderate stage at first I was in the large stage.I did loose some weight not sure how much since i have always been terrified of the scale 🙂

    • Google is your friend.
      Find a good carb counting website.
      Basically, if it tastes sweet, it has carbs.
      A lemon has 1G, and orange has around 10. Strawberries aren’t TOO bad, but still have carbs.


  87. Hi,
    I know alot of people are putting cream in their coffee instead of milk. However, reading on the net I am seeing alot of “whipping cream” or half and half. I live in Australia so I don’t know the best cream to use. I tried double cream this morning, it was terrible. Is pouring cream better?
    I have been putting skim milk in my coffee and I am still losing weight each week. Does it really matter?

    • Im an Aussie too Heather and have just been using Woolworths brand cream. Like you – I’m not sure what “heavy cream” equates too here is Oz, but just assumed it meant anything that’s not Low Fat??

      • We have two types of cream here (sometimes three due to marketing).
        One is “light cream”. it’s heavier than milk, has no carbs (no sugar).
        “Heavy cream” is still liquid, has no carbs, and can be used to make whipped cream. I believe the biggest difference is the amount of milk fats contained in the cream. Neither one has any carbs.

        • Biggest problem with milk is that it contains lactose, a form of sugar. Cream has no lactose, and so no carbs.
          All of our cream is “pourable”. I grab either light or heavy, depending on what’s on sale.


          • Thankyou Guys! I will do some more research in the supermarket. I picked up a “double cream” because the carbs were very low. However when I mixed it into my coffee I had this oil slick on the top…needless to say I didnt drink it and made another coffee with a splash of skim milk. I will admit though that the milk is slowing my weight loss down. I refuse to give up my coffee though, but have cut back to 1 or 2 per day

        • It’s tastes fine Heather and I don’t generally like the taste of anything full cream. The way I do it is to mix about 75ml of cream with water in my coffee mug and then microwave that for about a minute 20 so it becomes a “milk like consistency” and the add my coffee – I’m using a nespresso machine so it’s pretty simple. Definately no oil slicks on top of the coffee!! Enjoy

      • Hi Ange,
        Just one more question. Are you using thickened cream or pourable cream?

        • Hi Heather – sorry for the delayed reply! It’s called Thickened Cream but in small writing says suitable for whipping, pouring and cooking…but the main “title” is definately Thickened Cream – woolworths brand – clear/white container with crean woolies logo and a red lid. Hope this helps.

    • Is there any such animal?

      I think “cereal” and “low-carb” are pretty much mutually exclusive terms.

      • You can make keto cereal.


        • 1 cup of shredded coconut is 6G net carbs. You can certainly eat it…it just depends on how many carbs you’re going to ingest for the rest of the day.


    • I’m in Australia so I dont know if this website will help you.

      They make low carb cereal, even baking mix for making muffins and power wraps which I use sometimes for lunch. I have not tried the cereal yet but I have been told it’s not too bad

  88. Help! I have been on the diet with no cheating for 2 weeks and have seen no weight loss. I am a yoyo dieter (or I was before committing to this approach to eating 🙂 and am wondering if that is why my body is resisting so much. Is there anything anyone can recommend that will kick-start some movement on the scale? Anyone who was also a yoyo-er that encountered such a problem? Ketostix show in the middle (that rose colored pink) for the last 10 days without fail. A typical meal for a day for me is coffee with stevia and heavy cream, taco salad for lunch, and fish or meat with permitted veggies for dinner. I have 2 glasses of red wine per week on average. Great blog guys!

    • no booze during induction, it converts to ketones and gives you a false reading

      taco salad? does that mean with corn chips?

      • How long should the period be with no alcohol? My taco salad is romaine, tomato, cucumber, black olives, jalapenos, ground beef, cheese, sour cream and avocado. I’m not eating a lot per day at all. Thanks for responding!

        • for me it was at least a month, but now i dont drink much anyway, theres too much sugar in wine
          Dry Red (e.g. Syrah, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sav.): ~3.5 to 4 grams

        • also go easy on avocado during induction – theyre a little high and most people dont eat a small amount, i know i can knock back a whole one easily

    • Hi lyn, I stopped all carbs zip zero nothing for 3 full days as I stopped loosing. I find that helped me so much. Now I am back on track.

      • Thanks so much for the help! Can you give me an example Vanessa of one meal that you ate at that time? That would be no veggies, just fat and protein. I just want to be clear to get this moving!!!!

  89. Here is my recipe for paprika chicken. 4 chicken fillets.
    Cut up into bite size pieces. 4 tablespoons olive oil in a pan raise heat and chuck in a teaspoon garlic. Cook briefly (Dont burn garlic) Place chicken in and cook till no pink meat is seen. Remove from stove and put in 2 tablespoons or more of paprika. Stir well. Put back on stove and place a meat cube in. Then pour half a litre of cream and cook for a further 20 minutes. Paprika burns so work quickly with cream. Parsley at the end and dont put salt as it gets enough from cube. serve over mashed cauliflower.

  90. Mark thank u for starting this blog. I have lost a lot of weight in just under 2 weeks (7 pounds) and energy levels have increased. My appetite has gone and my skin feels soft and smooth. Agreed I was very sick to begin with but I would not give up. Now my family want to join and thats the bonus. Had I have not of come across this blog which has encouraged me I may not be where I am today. This has become my new life style and each day I am able to admire the new me emerging. Thank you once again.

  91. Hi,
    Thought you might be interested in the Inuit diet, which is mainly fat. See the following articles
    It suggests that not all fats are equal (see p. 3 of the first link). “Wild-animal fats are different from both farm-animal fats and processed fats, says Dewailly. Farm animals, cooped up and stuffed with agricultural grains (carbohydrates) typically have lots of solid, highly saturated fat. … Wild animals that range freely and eat what nature intended, says Dewailly, have fat that is far more healthful. Less of their fat is saturated, and more of it is in the monounsaturated form (like olive oil). What’s more, cold-water fishes and sea mammals are particularly rich in polyunsaturated fats called n-3 fatty acids or omega-3 fatty acids. These fats appear to benefit the heart and vascular system. ”

    See also the Nunavut (a northern Canadian territory) government’s food guide… not what the rest of us are used to seeing on food guides! Maybe one society and one government has had it right all along.

  92. Is Whey protein powder allowed on ketos and if so can one drink it with full cream milk

  93. Hi All. please can somebody help me. I recall reading that no sugar is allowed BUT all our mayo is made with trace elements of sugar as does our yoghurt. Label reads Carbohydrate 7g of which total sugar 3.4g per 150 g. Does this mean I am unable to have it. Thank you.

    • dairy products contain natural sugars so they’re ok because the amount is so small but dont overdo it

      make your own mayo, 1 egg, one cup of light olive oil, lemon juice salt and pepper to taste, add some dijon mustard for flavour – put the egg in a blender and drizzle the oil in slowly then add the other ingredients, season to taste – its nicer than any store bought stuff

      • oh thank u thank u thank u. Will try. I also have very bad facial flushes. Would this be connected to the diet.

  94. Hi. Just started keto diet 7 days ago. I’ve already lost 6 pounds and used a keto stick for the first time yesterday
    solidly in the moderate range, so far so good. My problem is that I live in Fayette county, Tennessee in a rural community.
    Can anyone tell me where to find cocoa butter? The nearest big city is Memphis, which is 30 to 45 minutes away, depending on where you go in Memphis. Please help!

    • You are best to order it from amazon. Usually you can buy it at Whole Food stores or organic health food stores.

  95. hello guys, i was wondering if i could get a recipe for chocolate. and has anyone made vegetable and chicken pot pie my issue is the pie crust and all purpose flour. i do not know if i could substitute it for anything else?

    • Hi I was also looking for the recipe for chocolate so I googled recipes. Just type recipes on keto diet or go to youtube and you get so many great recipes. Sorry cannot help on the chicken pie.

  96. Few comments on costs.
    Stay away from anything in a package, as processed foods will typically cost more and have crap in them that you don’t want to eat anyway.
    Spend your shopping time in the veggie section of the store. Cauliflower, brocolli, kale, spinach, etc. Then add either chicken, fish or beef, and buy it on sale.
    Also, try and break the habit of breakfast foods, dinner foods, etc. Nothing wrong with having a salad for breakfast, once you get your head around it. Some chicken salad in a lettuce leaf is a great snack. Buy the cheapest chicken you can find, cook it up, mix with some mayo/salt/pepper/celery, and you’re good to go.
    Special “low-carb” foods are expensive, and I stay away from them, other than a box of Atkins chocolate and coconut bars that I have maybe 1/wk when I want something sweet while watching tv.
    We do use coconut oil for frying things, and yeah, it’s more expensive than a jug of canola oil, which will kill you 🙂 Most times I use bacon fat, which we save every time we cook bacon. Sauteed brussel sprouts or green beans in bacon fat is delicious, and helps increase your fat intake, which you need to do on a keto diet.


  97. Day 4 and my weight did this 93.3 next day stayed the same day 3 it went to 92.8 day four I gained weight 93.1. Very despondent. I am tired of seeing 93 on my scale. Wont give up as I know I want to have a healthy life style and the bonus is that I will get rid of my fat. (Smile) Something is happening as I have lost my appetite and simply cannot eat dinner. I have also gotten a bad cough and am not taking meds in case it affects my new life style.

    • do not weigh yourself every day, something as simple as a glass of water will increase your weight – wait at least two weeks before you weigh yourself and give the ketosis time to settle in

      • Debs my reply was wow even water. but thank you for the feed back and encouragement.

        • well think about it, if you weight 90kgs and you drink a 250ml glass of water (which is not much) you then weight 90.25…at least untill you pee lol

    • Stop jumping on the scales. It will do your head in. Just do what you have been doing and weigh yourself in a weeks time. Then the next week. You will get there. I started at 90.3kg (on my 12th day today) and I am now down to 87.4kg. I am not weighing myself until Friday (my weigh in day). Only then will you see true results. Keep it up. It gets easier.

    • On my second week and am finding it really easy. Only weigh myself once a week.lost 5 lbs first week and weigh in tomorrow. Like everything everyone looses at different rates. I find this site really helpful. Don’t give up it really does get easier.

  98. How can this lifestyle change be done on a tight budget? I tried it for a few weeks and my shopping budget more than doubled. I can’t afford to keep going at this cost. I live in Scotland, so meat is quite expensive, and I will not buy the cheapest meat in the supermarket, as I don’t like how the animals are farmed.
    My other problem with cost is that I have 2 small kids who are fussy with what they eat and a very fussy eater of a girlfriend, so anything I make on this diet is only for me, and it’s hard to justify the cost for me only.
    Also, is the carbs amount the ‘total’ carbs or the carbs that sugars?
    Unfortunately, due to the formatting of the page, I find it hard to read the posts on the page, and rely on my subscription to the blog to get new posts.

    • I know what you mean about the cost, at first I felt I was spending a lot of money on meat. But I soon realised if you buy things like beef mince which is fairly cheap you can make all sorts of meals like burgers (my kids love the ones I make), meatballs, stews etc. Then you can chill or freeze whatever you don’t eat that night for future meals which spreads the cost. Also, I used to eat at least 2-3 take-aways a week which I’m not now so I’m probably spending less than I was before I started this.

  99. lol my chocolate turned out to be bitter and bland. What did I do wrong. I used a cup of Coconut oil, half cup cocoa and a tin of coconut milk. Any inputs would be appreciated.

    • yep, peanuts are not a great choice because they’re not actually nuts, they’re legumes, almond or cashew butter is a better choice

      • i agree, be an obsessive label reader
        i’m not sure about the yanks but here in Oz our labeling laws are pretty strict so you can pretty much trust what they say, you’ll be stunned by how much sugar is in some things you really dont expect

  100. I am still happy on the new change of life style and the bonus is that I lost weight. On the down side I woke up this morning with mucus and a scratchy throat. I am assuming its the full cream yoghurt and the cream I put in my coffee.
    i am still so excited about this site and the low carb life style. Thank you.

  101. Thought I’d toss up a quick post about results and other things for some that are new to the keto realm.

    1. Don’t go nuts with keto stix and weighing yourself. Monitoring is fine, but you don’t need to run to the bathroom every 15 minutes to see if you’re still “in” 😉 After awhile, you’ll know the types and tastes of foods that will pull you out of ketosis, and you simply avoid them.
    2. Don’t go nuts hopping on a scale every 15 minutes 🙂 You will lose weight, and what you’re looking for is a trend in the right direction. It’s great to lose 10lbs in 2wks, but that’s really not the point. The point is a healthy diet/lifestyle…the weight loss is really bonus points.
    3. And speaking of weight loss…remember that your “system” can hold a lot of weight. What I mean by this is that your weight will fluctuate up and down…but what I watch for is new lows, and that should happen every week, by a pound or two. It’s a trend. Last week I splurged and had some beer with friends. The next morning, up 3lbs. So what. I didn’t gain 3lbs. I had 3 pints of beer, which weigh 1lb each, btw, and my system hadn’t “processed” that yet. Combined with the carb increase which causes you to hold a bit of water for the next day or two, it’s pretty easy to see where that 3lbs came from. Like I said…I didn’t GAIN 3lbs. In 3 days I was back to where my previous low was. My pants weren’t any tighter, my waist wasn’t any bigger, my system was just getting back to “normal”.
    4. And…you should probably slip into a trend where you lose 1-3lbs per week. 3lbs is a LOT of weight to lose in 1 wk, after you go through the initial euphoria of the first weight loss. If you average 1-2lbs/week, in 10wks, you’ll be down another 10-20lbs, without exercising. That’s huge. Keep your eye on the long range effects and achievements
    5. Other changes come along with this, and vary depending on how strict you are. When you lower carbs, you HAVE to be lowering your sugar intake, it comes along with the territory. There are heaps of research about how bad sugar is, but what this approach forces is a limit on all of the “hidden” ways on how we ingest unseen sugars, especially things like high fructose corn syrup, which is in damned near everything these days. Sugar and wheat are being shown more and more to be bad, period. When you eliminate them, it’s pretty common for various aches and pains to be reduced or disappear. Those two things contribute to inflammation in your arterial system. One of the things our bodies do in response to this inflammation is to produce cholesterol in an attempt to “heal” the inflammation. Further research on cholesterol is showing that it’s not so much the particle count, but the SIZE of the particles that’s important, which is a factor not taken into consideration in current testing. Couple that with the fact that the current limits are pretty arbitrary, and you’ll start to see the cholesterol issue unravel (read Don’t Die Early for a lot more info on this).
    6. Eat a wide variety of foods, and treat it as a way to experiment with new things. We love our mock fried rice made with cauliflower. Even people who don’t LIKE cauliflower comment on how good it is. There are many hidden gems that you’ll discover along the way. Things you never thought you’d like. Get some cookbooks, grab some recipes from the net, do some searches on paleo and low carb recipes (paleo is a close cousing, but differs, so be careful).

    Basically, relax and enjoy the ride, knowing that you’re doing something really really good for your health. Your body will figure out what it’s weight should be, and if you feed your system the proper types of food, you’ll get there.


    • That was awesome Jim. Thank you so much for that. I need to stop weighing myself everyday and just go with the flow. I know the weight will come off over time. What you said was very insightful and reassuring. Thank you again.

  102. Hi I started this new life last Friday week, I lost 2.9kgs the first week, but now for the last 3 days I haven’t lost anything. Is this normal. Should I be doing something else.

    • carefully watch what you’re eating, no cheating, plenty of water and don’t skimp on your fat intake.

      only eat when you’re hungry and be careful of what you snack on to start with, no fruit of any kind and don’t overdo things like cheese

      you’ll get there, good luck 🙂

        • little tins of salmon, cheese, a couple of strawberries, plus i keep a tub of cold cuts in the fridge, salami, cold sausages, chunks of cold chicken or chicken wings, pork rinds are supposed to be good too but i’m yet to find them here, they’re an american thing

          after a while you don’t want to snack anyway, i can go for nine or ten hours without feeling hungry

          tonight after dinner i had a square of 85% dark chocolate – first time i’ve had chocolate in months (4 squares is 7.6g carb), i figured what i’d had today and worked out i was well within my 30g limit so it was a treat 🙂

          • You are eating a lot of processed meats, stop! No food from packages or tins, they are full of bad types of salts and other preservatives that will play havoc with your body and prevent you from losing weight. They will cause you to retain water and weight. Check labels, your chocolate has sugar in it. Use only unsweetened cocoa powder. You are not eating enough. Fasting is ok, but not everyday. Remember this is a high fat, medium protein low carb diet. No fruit during induction. Eat more
            non-starchy veggies.

    • Well done. Keep up the hard work its all worth it. Its baby steps and each day brings on a better life style.

  103. I am fixing to start the Keto lifestyle with my husband. I have read through the blog and keep seeing MCT and MCT oil. When I “Google’d” it, it shows that it is medium chain triglycerides. If my triglycerides are already high (only slightly), would I want to add MCT to my diet?

    I only started really gaining weight the last 5 years following my hysterectomy and have been told by at least 10 doctors that I will not lose weight until my hormones are under control. Unfortunately none of them checked my insulin level before now and that seems to be the culprit. I have been diagnosed with hyperinsulinedemia (but my A1C is 4.5 so there is not a diabetes issue) and have been given meds for the insulin resistance (I hate taking meds and this is a shot! Victoza). I have lost 10 lbs the last 3 weeks which is definitely a plus! Do you think there would be an issue changing my eating habits this drastically without first consulting my doctor? They did tell me to change my diet 🙂

    Any advice is greatly appreciated and Thanks!!

    • any drastic change in eating habits should be run past your GP…however, the vast majority of GP’s will scoff at low carb, if your GP is on board then all the better

      get your BP checked and make sure you take potassium and magnesium suppliements (i found that out the hard way), other than that its pretty simple

  104. My husband was resently diagonosed with throat cancer he will be starting radiation and chemtheropy hopefully next week my question… is anyone out there using this diet for cancer treatment,I was reading on another site that that cancer cells live off of glucose and will die without the glocose and they will not live on the keto just curious if anyone has tryed this for cancer treatment?

    • Not really. Occasional small amounts of berries, especially blueberries, are ok. I eat an apple sometimes, with cheddar cheese. Read labels. Google yourself up a list of carb counts for various foods. Avoid processed foods.

    • I can eat half of an orange or banana, here and there, and it does not throw me out of ketosis. Everybody is different though. Strawberries and blueberries seem to have little affect on blood sugar, as long as you don’t eat too many of them.

    • not to start with no, after you’re firmly in ketosis then a few berries but dont overdo it

  105. I am really excited I found this site. Been reading through most of the comments and have now decided enough is enough with my weight and my bad eating habits. Just a quick question. When my keto sticks show a dark pinkie/purple does that mean i am burning ketos?I feel like such a fool with them. Its important for me to be able to read my readings correctly. I am in South Africa so much of what you guys note down we dont have for ingredients. Will begin tomorrow at 95 kgs. thank you.

      • Stupid iPhone !! Just posted as I was typing. Lol

        What I mean’t to say was… If your Ketosticks are turning any colour that means you are burning fat. Whether it is light pink or dark red that is a good sign! Don’t expect your Ketosticks to start turning colour for 3-4 days after you start. It takes a while for your body to convert over to fat burning and it takes a few weeks to become keto-adapted

  106. I really enjoy chewing gum, can anyone recommend a brand that will not affect my diet? Also, do I eat if I am hungry or should I only eat breakfast, lunch and dinner? Thanks

    • the low cal ones normally contain sorbitol, indulge in moderation because it gives you the runs lol

  107. Hey Mark Maunder

    Have you thought about a facebook site so people can read the comments and suggestions a bit easier. The way the messages keep getting smaller and smaller makes it harder to read. People could post pictures of their meals, and recipes etc on their. What does anyone else think about it.

    • Not sure facebook is needed, but the formatting here is definitely a problem. I think it’s a wordpress site?…either way, it seems the formatting is tied to a border setting that creates it’s own “word wrap” function on a very small border.
      Makes things very difficult to read/follow, especially when a post gets several comments.

  108. Can someone suggest a recipe for a smoothie? I am noting that every protein powder I am looking at has sugar or other sweeteners that are not good. Does anyone have a suggestion for the powder and also what to put into it. This is where I really miss berries, green apple, and other fruits. 🙂

    Thanks in advance–I appreciate everyone’s suggestions and love MM for the helpfulness and lack of snide and bs! 🙂

    • Try making a homemade frozen yogurt with plain full fat Greek yogurt, vanilla and a drop of stevia(you will need a little bit of sweetening but one-three drops of stevia isn’t going to affect you. When ready to make a smoothie blend raspberry, blackberry, strawberry with the frozen yogurt. Try adding heavy cream for extra fat. You can squirt a few drops of mio tangerine flavor and few tbs of water. To enhance the flavor.

      You can also try juicing, celery, cucumber, one small carrot with berries,strawberries.

      • That looks like a winner–

        I am assuming just to use a small amount of berries (like 10 or less?) to that?

        Thanks for the recipe…I am on it!

    • my smoothie recipe is
      a small handful of berries frozen ( i freeze them from fresh so i know theres no added sugar)
      some frozen coconut milk (i just freeze it in ice cube trays)
      full cream greek yoghurt to taste
      a drizzle of flax seed oil
      some ice cubes
      top up with almond milk
      blend it all up till smooth
      you really dont need anything like stevia, the berries are really yummy and you should be educating your palate to appreciate food thats not sweetened

    • JRobb whey powder is sweetened with stevia. You can either mix it with 4 oz. water and 4 oz. organic heavy cream or 6-8 oz. of unsweetened almond milk
      To make a delicious smoothie. No additional fruit is necessary to make it tasty. If you can’t find it in your local health food store, you can order it from

    • JRobb whey protein is sweetened with stevia and is made with hormone free whey. You can either mix it with 4 oz. each water and heavy cream or 6-8 oz. unsweetened almond milk. No additional fruit is necessary to make a delicious smoothie if you whir it up in the blender with some ice. If you can’t find JROBB at your local health food store, you can order it from

      • Many thanks, Sherry!

        I didn’t even think of looking on Netrition–I used to order from them years ago when I was actively training but that was also heavy carb times.

    • Cindy,

      If you got to the Atkins site, they offer FREE a carb counter, recipe, and you get some free Atkins bars. The carb counter is very good and easy to use and that site, although huge, does have so good info as far as recipes. But get the little kit…it’s great and some of his products, although chemically induced, are good for a last minute grab. I try not to use anything not organic but have in a major rush or road trip.

      • I would avoid any low-carb processed junk. Just eat a handful of nuts. If you’re in ketosis, you’re not that hungry, anyway.

    • its honestly pretty hard to have to keep referring to a book. You just need to learn the basics – to start with, nothing white, that means flour (and anything made from it), rice, sugar, pasta (which comes under the flour heading) and milk (to a degree). Then fruit, its pretty obvious what the sweet ones are, pretty much the only exceptions are berries and lemon juice and only in small quantities. Then veggies, a good rule of thumb is nothing that grows under the ground (where the plant stores energy), so no potatoes (which also fits the white category), root vegetables of any kind, and no pulses or seeds, so legumes and peas are out.
      that pretty much leaves you with animal protein, leafy greens, the fatty end of dairy (cream, butter) and selected veggies that are low carb, mushrooms, cucumbers, peppers etc
      one rule i religiously stick to is nothing processed unless i’m absolutely sure of the ingredients, you never know when the manufacturer is going to put sugar or flour as a thickener into something that normally wouldn’t have it

      • Agreement on all points. But I would suggest reading Gary Taubes book “Why you’re fat and what to do about it” OR the new Atkins book by Eric Westman. As I read through the thread I notice that many people don’t understand the basics of a ketogenic diet, how it works, and why it works. There are lots of questions and comments about cheating and deprivation that could be answered by achieving a basic understanding of the program for ones self.
        There is a “golden ticket” associated with the ketogenic nutrition program that says if you go back to your old way of eating, regain the weight, and try to begin again, you will not be as successful in subsequent tries.

        • Hmm, interesting…I’m reading “Good Calories, Bad Calories” and plan to read Gary’s book also. As I think about the keto diet, it’s hard to imagine eating so much fat while not eating a lot of protien. Well, I still have a lot to learn about eating this way! I’m think I’ll follow a very, very strick keto diet for a period of time (months??) then slowly increase carbs to see what that “line” is, with respect to carb consumption, for my body, before I would start to fall out of ketogenisis- -make sense?

  109. Hi everyone!! I am new at this. Today is my first day on the diet and I hope to be successful with it. This morning for breakfast I had 3 becaon strips, 2 susage and 2 breakfast patties. I really enjoy coffee, so I had a midium cup wit heavy wipping cream and 3 stevia. Please give me feed backs and let me know if I need to change something. Thanks

    • just make sure the patties and sausage dont have bread or rice flour as a filler and you’re good to go 🙂

      • Thanks for your response. Do you think I’m good with the coffee, heavy cream and stevia? I think I’m very concern about it. I don’t want to mess it up; thanks.

        • yep, everything else is fine, you just have to watch for hidden carbs, sugar in dressings, bread in sausage etc

            • I really enjoy chewing gum, can anyone recommend a brand that will not affect my diet? Also, do I eat if I am hungry or should I only eat breakfast, lunch and dinner? Thanks

  110. Hi there. I’ve been doing the Keto diet since December, and overall I’ve been very happy with it. I’m telling everyone I know about it, whether they want to hear about it or not! My issue is this, over the last 6 weeks or so my appetite has really dropped, at first I put this down to maybe my stomach shrinking with the smaller amounts of food it’s had to deal with over the last 3-4 months. But because I don’t really get hungry consequently I’m not eating much so my energy levels aren’t as high as they was when I first started the diet. I don’t want to force myself to eat if I’m not hungry, but as a result when I work out at the gym (2-3 times a week) I feel very weak and have even had to stop half way through my weights routine as I was quite light headed and felt a bit faint.
    So I’m in a bit of a vicious circle here, I’m rarely hungry so I’m not eating much so I have low energy and also tiredness is coming back almost like when I was eating carbs. My weight loss has also stalled and I have been at the same weight now for over a month, probably about the same time since I’ve been feeling like this.
    Should I try and force myself to eat more, or do you think there’s something else making me lose my appetite? The thought of a large plate of fatty food now really isn’t appealing but if that’s what I should do to increase my energy I will.
    Just so you know I went to the doctors today and my blood pressure is normal, and tomorrow I’m having a blood test for cholesterol which is something I wanted to know since doing this diet. When I get the results I’ll post it on here for anyone concerned about high cholesterol from eating high fat foods.

    • Hmmm, It might be possible that your body went into starvation mode. Basically that means your metabolism slows down to conserve energy. You will feel tired and lethargic. That might explain the weight loss stall. Are you close to your goal weight? Have you been very stressed out lately? Are you sure you are still in Ketosis?

      Personally if I was in your situation I would first make sure I was in ketosis. Second, I would add more coconut oil to my diet. For me it burns more fat and increases my appetite. look up the recipe for cocnut oil chocolate. Have a few pieces every morning. This is a good way to add extra fat and calories to your diet.

      High intensity intervel training exercise is also a way to boost energy and also the only known way to release natural growth hormone besides sleep. Look into that. Free workouts at

      That is the best I can come up with. Hopefull others will have some good feedback.

    • you’ve got to consciously eat, ketosis just kills your appetite because hunger is triggered by insulin (somebody correct me if i’m wrong), just make sure you have something before gym, a smoothie or some kind of fatty snack

      • Thanks for your response Deb I really appreciate it. I get to the gym quite early in the morning (6.30) and so I rarely have anything to eat beforehand as it just wouldn’t digest in time (unless I got up at 5am and ate immediately – and I really don’t fancy doing that!) Out of interest though, what smoothies are you having? Before I did Keto I was having fruit smoothies all the time, berries, banana, yoghurt, oats, maybe some honey. Now obviously all that is out the window because of the sugar content, so I was just curious to know what ingredients you had in yours. I have to say I do miss my smoothies, my smoothie maker has gone from being used every day to gathering dust in the cupboard!

        • ah, i just posted my smoothie recipe to somebody in another question – go look 🙂

          • Perfect, just read it Deb many thanks. Just need to get me some flax seed oil, I haven’t seen any in the supermarkets here in the UK. If anyone is reading this from the UK, do let me know what brand of full fat greek yoghurt you are buying as all the one’s I have seen are either sweetened or not particularly low in carbs.
            Thanks all.

            • i buy cold pressed organic at the health food store, you have to keep it in the fridge

    • Yes, yes, yes–I’d like to know how your cholesterol may have changed as a result of the keto diet. This is one reason I’m going to begin a keto way of eating! Last summer, after losing oh around 10 lbs, after bloodwork my triglycerides were up!! I was so discouraged. Now I know why–carbs!!

    • Go to (or google) and on the left side of the website you’ll see links to “10 Myths about Cholesterol”.
      Also read “Don’t Die Early”.

      A little research should kill any cholesterol fears you may have. Myself, I could care less what my cholesterol numbers are.
      One of the cardiologists described cholesterol as a great cathedral built on a bog. Keeps sinking, and they keep trying to shore it up instead of saying “Hey…we got this wrong and need to rebuild from the ground up.”
      You’ll also discover things like where the “200” number came from, which was originally 240, but just before launching the study, a group of doctors discovered that at that level, they wouldn’t have enough patients in the study, so it was lowered to 200. Pretty scientific, huh?
      A lot of evidence points to the fact that cholesterol is really attempting to HEAL your circulatory system, triggered by inflamation in that system. What causes the inflamation?…wheat, various vegetable oils, and sugar.


      • Also think about how many doctor’s visits, how many drugs are dispensed, all in the name of the magic 200 number…and how much money is involved.
        Entire industries and careers are based solely on that one, single number. Statins alone account for about $60BILLION annually for pharm companies alone.


  111. My husband is going to follow this diet but is allergic to eggs. Any suggestions for a replacement? Makes breakfast especially difficult. Also, I note yogurt is not on the food list Is yogurt allowed if it is the natural version that contains no sugar.

    • If you are not lactose intolerant then some full fat dairy is fine.
      Full fat
      Greek yogurt
      Cottage cheese
      Cream cheese
      Sour cream
      Heavy cream

      I’m not fond of eggs either but I have found some really yummy keto crepe recipe that uses eggs and it is yum! I drizzel some melted home made chcolate and real whipped cream on it. Yum!

      I also make coconut oil chocolate peanut butter cups. If I’m in a hurry I just pop a few in my mouth and out the door I go.

      Leftovers from dinner are also a nice breakfast treat.

      Or coffee and a slice of homemade flax bread with peanut butter spread.

      You can find all these recipes by searching low carb high fat recipes

      • I’m so sorry, I misread that your husband didnt like eggs, when infact he is allergic.

    • Read labels. Milk, yogurt, etc. have about 7g of carbs per cup. Depending on how your ketosis is going, you might want to be careful not to overdo it.

  112. Hi I started The Ketogenic Diet on Friday (it is now Monday in Australia). I did my first Ketostix test today and I measured at 80mg/dL. Is this good or bad. On the bottle the colour I measured at is the second last darkest colour. I’m just a bit confused. Some advice please.

    • hmm, it really shouldnt be that dark but the cause is normally that your’re dehydrated. Make sure you drink plenty of water and you’re pee should be pale, not dark.

      in saying that, mine is regularly in the middle of the spectrum and i’ve been doing it for weeks, congratulations, you’re now on a ketogenic diet 🙂

      • I had just eaten my lunch half an hour before and I had heard that can make the reading darker. So does that mean the diet should be working now. I will start to lose weight as it should be.

        • Hi Tamara,

          Where did you buy your ketostix from? I’ve had some problems sourcing them in Australia without a prescription??

        • yep, you should now be losing weight, it will drop suddenly at first as you lose water (carbs bloat you), after that it really differs per person and depends on how much you weigh in the first place, how much you exercise and how careful you are about carbs

  113. I also wanted to ask anyone about their thoughts on krill oil and if I should up my intake purely for the fat sake. I know it is very good health wise and in some circles, it is recommended over fish oil. Any thoughts as to how much would be good for diet sake (meaning the extra fat) as I am not much of a fat liker in general. I do avocados, good healthy fatty meats, yogurt cheese, some nuts, organic mayo, and good fat salad dressing.

    • i’m not sure there’s enough oil in the krill capsules to make much difference to your actual oil intake, but they are a really good source of omega 3 and well worth taking

      • Thanks, Deb.

        I was reading up on krill v. fish oil and it seems that krill has more beneficial properties.

  114. I should know better than to ask but I have been doing a basic keto diet for a little over 2 months. Lost about 20 pounds and need to shed another 25. But, I have been just hovering over my last weigh in weight for about 2 weeks and today, I am up a pound.

    The only difference I can think of is I have been drinking ZEVIA soda that is sweetened with Stevia and I actually think I am eating less as I really do not have much of an appetite. I wanted to watch my calories just to make sure that I am not eating too many, as well as my protein intake. Can anyone make any suggestions? Also, this sounds insane but can anyone suggest more fat foods that are more fat than fat with protein?

    Should I mind my calories or increase my fat intake?

    Thanks in advance–

    • I think you should increase fat intake…but you don’t mention how much fat you have in your diet. Forget calories…this has little or nothing to do with calories.


      • I usually rely on fatty meats (organic), almonds, avocados, cheese, some butter when I make eggs, skin on chicken, black olives, etc.

        Any other suggestions for good fat? I am not much of a fat eater but can and will up my fat levels.

    • Zevia has 7g carbs but 7g sugar alcohol. One would think that would cancel out to Zero carbs in the end but the Atkins book warns against sugar alcohol and states that you should count half the carbs since the body absorbs more than these companies claim. So for ever zevia you have you are consuming 4g carbs. That adds up fast! Don’t forget about all the salt soda has. I would cut out tue soda and stick with unswettend coconut milk, tea, homemade ice tea, lemon water etc.

      • Most of the ZEVIA sodas have no sodium but that was a concern. Interesting enough, today I DID NOT have any ZEVIA and my ketostick has been the darkest I have seen for the last 2-3 weeks (weeks that I have been drinking a few cans of soda). So, tomorrow, I plan on not having any and see if the same results happen.

        Secretly, I hope this is not the case and I love ZEVIA and it is my one vice–but no enough to ruin my fat burning! I may just have to keep my cases of soda for the summer when I will be on a more of a maintenance

        • it could be just that without drinking soda you’re drinking less fluid and you’re a bit dehydrated

          you could just try plain soda water with a squeeze of lemon

          • I am probably just super paranoid as I have been in a stall and showing daily gains of .5 then 2.5 pounds gain for the last 10 days. Granted, it can be water redistribution but for the past 8 weeks I have averages of 1.8 pounds a week. It may not even be the ZEVIA but I have not changed my diet and have been clean in all my meals.

            I may just be over zealous in my efforts. 🙂

            I would be interested if other folks who had success had periods of stall or slight gains. It is frustrating as I just want to make sure I am not compromising myself with anything. Though, truth be told, I have absolutely no compulsion to change how I am eating as I find this diet very easy to follow. Though I witnessed a friend eating several tangelos and I got very jealous! I love fruit and that is probably the only thing I crave and miss. Ironically, all my bad carb habits like pizza have just gone *POOF* in the last 3 months.

            • i cant explain why weight loss stalls, its happened to me too, its bloody annoying cos you know you’re working so hard – i was told way back that the solution was to chuck in a couple of days of intense exercise (i HATE exercise lol)

              • I hear you, Deb. 🙂

                I know better, I really do. But there is this little place in my head that is looking for a reason but the higher part of my brain realizes that between water weight and redistribution, it probably is just that.

                Perhaps I will try a more vigorous workout weekend and see if that helps. It may just be a good psychological thing for me as I have had such good results thus far.

  115. Thought I’d take a sec to share my recipe for seafood chowder. This is usually a hit, and in this form, should be very low-carb and high-fat, for those that are trying to increase fat intake.
    This is NOT what we call “Tourist Chowder” up in Maine. Tourist chowder is thickened with flour until you can stand a spoon up in it, and more resembles paste than food. This is a nice creamy chowder that allows the flavors of the seafood to come through nicely. And it’s GREAT warmed up over the next few days, so make extra.

    1/2 sweet spanish onion, large dice.
    3 strips thick cut bacon
    I pint chopped clams (use canned if you must)
    1lb medium shimp, peeled
    1lb sea scallops
    1qt light cream…more to taste, depending on how much seafood you have.
    1/2 stick butter
    1 bottle clam broth roughly 8oz, more is fine.

    Fry bacon till crisp…set aside
    add onions to bacon fat, saute until translucent
    add bottle of clam broth and bring to a simmer.
    Add scallops, simmer for 3 mins
    Add clams
    Add shrimp, simmer until shrimp just turn pink…don’t over cook.
    Add cream and butter, heat until serving temp.
    Sprinkle a dash of paprika on the top…and you’re done.

    I had some for breakfast this morning 😉


    • sounds yum, my husband loves chowder, i might have to substitute some Aussie seafood though

      • Any seafood will work…fish or shellfish, or a mix. Up here we add cod, haddock…any white fish really.
        Forgot to add that you crumble the bacon and add it back in at the end.

        Enjoy 😉

  116. Hi guys. I am so happy and relieved to have found this website. I have been going through each and every single sentence written on these threads, and I feel so much better. I am 23 years old, 162cm, and 50kg. I just started on my ketogenic diet today and I feel very hopeful. The reason why I have decided to go on this diet is because for months I have been binge eating on chocolates, cakes, bread, pasta and rice. But because I am very conscious of my body, every single binge led me to purge. It became a vicious cycle of eating alone in secret, upto 10000 calories a day, and then purging. It came to a point where I thought I was going to die. I even went on a water fast for 14 days, but after a week of slowly breaking my fast, I went back to eating chocolate and cakes again. I couldn’t stop. Every cell in my body craved for chocolates. I can only imagine this is how drug addicts feel. I have a lot of studying to do. I am doing my master’s degree in history, therefore I am scared for my health and of ruining my academic chances. I have to stop this vicious cycle. I refuse to be a slave to food. So I started on this ketogenic diet today. I had 4 eggs, 2 chicken drumsticks, 4 slices of bacon, 2 tablespoons of mayonaise, 25 grams of cream cheese, and 4 slices of ham. I have enevr felt better!!! For the first time in my life, I am full and I do not want to eat chocolate!!! This is a miracle for me!!! I feel like I want to cry. But I am also very worried. I had kidney stones a few months ago, and I was wondering if I keep going on this high fat and protein diet, will I die of kidney failure in the future? And also, I tried my best to eat as much fat as possible, but I couldn’t get more than 70%. Is eating Heavy whipped cream bad? I am assuming it has a lot of sugar in it, since it tastes so sweet. I really want to keep this diet. But I am scared of what it might do to my kidneys. Please help me find a way to live a life free from carbohydrates. It is ruining my life. For the first time in my life today, I am not hungry! I am not craving! I will be grateful for any advice. But if you think that I should stop this diet because of kidney problems, I guess I should stop before I damage my kidneys. Thank you in advance for the advice 🙂

    • You need more fat, less protein. Your body will make glucose from excess protein if you’re not eating carbs. Kidney damage is kind of a keto myth, probably from when pediatric epilepsy keto diets restricted water intake. Make sure you drink plenty of water.

      • Dear Cavenewt,
        Thank you for the advice and the reassurance. It means a lot to me. I am definitely drinking plenty of water, and also a lot of green tea. Hoping with all my my might that it would suffice in keeping my kidneys healthy. I will definitely try to up the fat and lessen the protein. I guess the “fat will make you fat” logic is pretty hardwired into my brain lol. Have to break free from that. Thank you.

        • omg, yes! me too–about the “fat will make you fat” logic–I’m going to start a keto diet when I get back from a trip next week and I’m just sweating bullets thinking about eating so many fats—it just seems SO wrong, seriously, so it’s going to be hard to change that “hardwiring.” But YOU are amazing! I would love to follow your progress over the next few months! I have every hope in the world that you can do this, and I am looking to you to be one of my inspirations too! You CAN do this!!!

      • Not all of us are keto to lose weight. I’m convinced it’s healthier anyway, and am trying to improve a neurodegenerative condition. If you read Maria’s post, she’s trying to reverse some godawful eating habits.

      • Hi Deb,

        Like Cavenewt said, I am going on this diet to stop my binge-purge relationship with carbs. I have an eating-disorder.

        • right, i understand now, i thought it might have been a typo.
          will this is the way to eat healthy, good luck 🙂

    • I can speak for myself where after adopting a keto diet, I have no carb insanity in my life. Two months ago, eating a full large pizza was a norm. Now, I have no cravings or want for pizza. It is almost like I am not even remotely interested in that food. I know that keto diets have made a significant difference for folks with eating disorders. I personally think that there really is a carb addiction and what it does to the brain. Since I have been doing a keto based diet, I do not have brain fog and find myself with more energy and focus.

      I am sure if I were to return to my old eating habits, pizza and eating sugar foods, everything would return as far as the low energy, brain fuzz, and other physical ailments that I had.

      I have done a great deal of reading on the benefits of keto diets for health–let alone weight loss–and I am sold. I have adopted a clean diet of organic and hormone free meats and dairy, organic vegetables and nuts, and drinking water. My only vice, which I will stop, is drinking ZEVIA soda–just because I think I am stalling my weight efforts.

      The one thing I have noticed is that different people respond to keto differently. If you go to different websites, you can read about this and see how your specific body reacts and your experiences.

      I have seen remarkable results for myself just in how and what I want to eat. The fat loss is great but I feel as my eating is more in control.

      • Wow! That sounds awesome! I want to be where you are right now. I do not want to eat carbs and then feel guilty, lethargic, and worst of all, feel forced to purge it. Food has been dominating my life for years. It is amazing how much I have been able to get done despite being obsessed with food. I want to live a normal life where food does not dominate every single waking hour of my life. This diet is really satisfying. I did not crave at all yesterday… That fact alone simply amazes me. I hope everything goes well. And I am so proud of your results!

        • I can relate, big time.

          One thing that may help is that when I started, I found myself broken free of the urge to eat carbs, binge, or emotional eat. After about a week to 10 days–I had no cravings or want to use food in ways other than having to eat to sustain myself. Maybe if you can get yourself committed for a short period of time, you may break the hold on yourself. Other folks have felt this way too and I am not sure if it is getting the substance out of your body, very similar to what a drug addiction and detox does, or breaking poor habits. In the past, if I started to eat crap foods…the more and more I ate and had to have. Like a vicious cycle.
          Maybe start by baby steps: try doing a keto diet for a month and make a committment to finish it. Do not cheat and see how you feel AND if your old ways of looking, dealing, and eating foods is the same. If a month is too long, go 2 weeks. But 2 weeks of perfect keto eating. See how you feel emotionally and physically. Let us know how you are doing.

    • Thank you for sharing your story. I was exactly like you once! I was a yoyo dieter and major sugar-a-holic. I know you will do great with this diet/lifestyle because It fits in so perfectly with regular life and the decadence of fat in this diet allows you to have foods that normal diets don’t allow. You can eat out at most restaurant still find something that you can eat.

      I would advise that you stay away from anything sweet for a few weeks just to get that out of your system. You need to appreciate real food for a while.

      If you are like me, I feel like denying yourself of chocolate will eventually cause you to binge and indulge in chocolate so instead of cheating or binging with the high sugar junk you find in stores you can learn to make your own low carb chocolate snacks. Think of it as forming a new relationship with chocolate.

      Once you feel like you’ve hit that stage then you can start adding chocolate into your diet again. (I ate coconut chocolate everyday 3-4 times a day as a snack and continued to lose wieght), I am in maintance phase after losing 60lbs and I still eat chocolate everyday.

      Coconut oil chocolate
      -1 tbspn cocoa butter
      -4 squares of Lindt 90% dark chocolate
      -3 tbspn coconut oil
      -tsp vanilla extract
      -1 tbs unsweetend coconut milk (the creamy fat cooking kind. Not the drinking kind)
      -2 tbs heavy cream.

      Melt the first 3 ingredient slowly in a glass bowl over simmering water. Once melted take bowl off the heat and add all remaining ingredients. Stir well and pour chocolate onto parchment paper lined sheet, or pour into moulds, or mini muffin cups. Freeze chocolate and keep stored in freezer.

      That recipe should last you. 4-5 days. It is 850 calories for the entire batch. 91g fat-6carbs-4 protien. It gives you a 94% fat ratio. It makes 16 little muffin cup portions so you can have 3-4 a day and lose weight just fine. (1 muffin cup = 50calories, 6g fat, 0.3g carbs, 0.25g protien.)

  117. I have a question, if I keep eating a ketogenic diet, when I reach the goal weight, will the body stop losing weight on it’s own or will it keep losing?

    • Your body will lose until it gets close to its optimal (down to lean body mass) wieght. Then weight loss will slow down or stop. You will feel it when it happens. Your lighter body will not need so many calories to sustain itself like when you were 20-30-50lbs overweight. You will never become anorexic unless you stop eating almost entirely. When you reach your goal, you probably would also adjust your nutritional percentages to 65%fat 25%protien 15%carbs

  118. Got a question, it’s recommended that you should keep protein at a moderate amount. Can someone give me an idea of about what that might be in ounces? Thanks

  119. Are Chorizo sausages low carb with no sugar. Otherwise what other sausages can you have.

    • Most chorizos do have sugar unless you make them yourself. In fact, most sausages of any kind have things that are horrible for you on a keto diet (check the Atkins website). Nitrates and Nitrites (used as preservatives and “flavor enhancers” in processed meats) can totally slow weight loss. Sugars, chemicals, anything other than “real” food is not your friend under any circumstances, but especially when on keto. Keto has a bit of a detoxifying effect, so adding unnecessary chemicals to your diet is no good. Uncured, nitrate free bacon is fine. Home made sausages that you control the ingredients in is also fine. Most commercially made, packaged food doesn’t work for this. Think “REAL FOOD.” Hope this helps.

  120. This is my 13th day on the Ketogenic Diet, and 11th day in Ketosis. So far so good. My blood pressure is about 15-20 points lower…….running around 117/76. However, my heart rate at rest in much higher, usually around 90-100 beats per minute. Has anybody else experienced this? I’m sure it’s nothing to be alarmed by……more than likely from my system trying to convert over to using ketones. The Keto strips are measuring the next to highest level (dark purple)……I read that level should go down, once the body adjusts to ketones.

    • My regular resting heart beat is 90-100bpm. My Dr says it is fine. Also, it takes more energy to be in ketosis so you burn more calories daily. I would see your Dr and get an EKG- and ultrasound just to put Ur mind at ease. I’m sure you are fine though.

      • OK, thanks……that’s exactly where mine is. Once I become more adapted to Ketones, it may lower a bit. I try to stay away from doctors (lol).

    • i find my heart beats faster about 30 min after eating, because i havent died yet i’m assuming its not a problem lol

  121. Hey everyone…just wanted to share a recipe I experimented with today and it was pretty good! Ive been making alot of soups ahead of time for the week and then taking them to work for lunch. Today I tried a “taco soup”. The ingredients will be in your own measurements, but I did use ALOT of cheese!
    Taco Seasoning (I used two packets)
    Heavy cream (for base)
    tomato boullion
    diced tomatoes (fresh, NOT canned)
    ground chuck roast (do not drain fat)
    2 tbsp olive oil
    LOTS of cheddar cheese
    Red pepper

    Dice up ingredients and throw it all in a pot! 🙂 you can even add more olive oil if you are using a leaner meat but chuck is the fattiest I could find here in the US
    ENJOY 🙂

  122. Hi I am new to all of this and I am going to start next weekend (being the Easter Long Weekend in Sydney Australia). I have read all of the above entries and it sounds great. Just wondering a few things. What snacks can you have during the day (if you are hungry)? I am not sure how to work out how much fat to protein I should be having. Can someone give me an example of this. Is it like 20g of fat per 100g, or 5g of protein per 100g etc. I hope someone can help me. Thanks

    • another Aussie! hi from Newcastle 🙂

      you can snack on any kind of protein, i go for thinly sliced roast beef, hard boiled eggs, little tins of tuna, almonds, etc you can even go for stuff like coleslaw as long as you make the dressing yourself and it has no sugar or sugar substitutes.
      you’ll find you don’t have much appetite for snacks after a bit anyway, just hang in there for the first few days till the cravings wear off – DON’T CHEAT!
      As for how much fat to protein etc, don’t worry too much about that, just make sure you’re not inadvertently going low fat, have scrambled eggs in butter, avocados, make salad dressings with plenty of olive oil, don’t cut the fat off meat or skin the chicken etc – usually the problem is people don’t allow enough protein.

      when you get a craving for carbs go for a fatty type snack instead, i find tuna in oil is good, the fat content will satisfy the craving for “fuel”

      • Thanks for that Deb. How long have you been doing it and how much have you lost. I need to lose at least 20kg so I am trying to be as prepared as I can before I start.

        • this time for about two weeks now, I’ve dropped nearly 8kgs.
          the last time i did this was five years ago and i dropped nearly 30kgs, i only stopped because the rest of the family didn’t want to do it and it became a pain to cook differently for everybody, by me not staying on it my weight has crept back up a little.
          now there’s only myself and my husband and he’s already been on it for some time because he was diagnosed a T2 diabetic so this time i’ll stay on it permanently

          • Hi I just started about a week ago and looking to incorporate exercise. I am impressed with how much you list and was wondering if you could share your work out regime, if you have one that is. Thank you.

      • I agree with James about the protein. Most people overdo the protein and don’t get enough fat.

        Deb is absolutely right in that once you achieve ketosis, you lose your appetite for constant snacking, which I think is mostly a habit of modern culture anyway. I have black tea with coconut oil and heavy cream in it for breakfast, and I don’t even get hungry until 4 o’clock. I used to get the shakes every couple hours if I didn’t eat; changing my diet has completely turned that around.

        • Hi,

          I am going to start this diet with my daughter and keep hearing about ‘heavy cream’. Can someone tell me is this double whipping cream?



  123. Is constipation a concern on this program? If so, what do you recommend to correct that?

    • not that i’ve noticed, i eat a lot of green veggies, plenty of fibre there. if you’re really worried then toss some psyllium husks into a smoothie every morning

      • Hi I just read about that and they say to have a magnesium supplement. Cut out dairy or limit the amount you have daily.

        • My experience is that it may occur when you first go into ketosis. Remember, you’re sort of remodeling you plumbing, and your body is being forced to switch its source of fuel, which is a GOOD thing. Side effect is that it takes your large intestine a day or two to adjust. After that, if you STAY in ketosis, I’ve not had a problem.

  124. Thanks to Jim for the advice. I’m going to try to up the fat:protein ratio to 4:1 – and hope everyone is telling the truth and I’m not going to look like an inflated cows udder! Here goes …….

    • I know! The whole idea of eating so much fat has been sooo ingrained in us that it somehow feels almost immoral to eat anything more than a scant amount of fat. I luuuv bacon and the idea that I can have more than four strips of bacon just seems wrong—in my head. I think the biggest obstacle with this diet is going to be psychologically getting past the idea that fat is evil. Seriously, when I think about how I’m about to drastically change how I eat, I almost feel like I’m going to be struck dead once I start eating all this fat!

    • Keep a copy of Good Calories Bad Calories handy, and Tom Naughton’s (Fathead) movie is now available on Netflix. Or…you can support Tom by buying his updated version from his website. Great links on his page about the Cholesterol Myth.
      Another great source of info is the book titled “Don’t Die Early”.

      Good luck! Eat more bacon! 😉


  125. Hi James, I stayed away from the Diet Rite as you suggested. I am wondering what you all do when you are craving something sweet? I am about to eat my arm LOL I am a big dessert person, and Ive tried making a chocolate mousse with cocoa and some heavy cream, but its just not hitting the spot. Do you guys have any chewy cookie recipes or any other dessert type recipes you could recommend for me? Otherwise this diet is going great for me. No weight lost but its only been a little over a week and i have lost a 1/2 inch around my waist and my face is noticeably thinner. I feel great! 🙂

    • I don’t know what country you are in, but here in Australia I buy ‘aeroplane’ (brand name) sugar free jelly (jelo) and have that with 2 tbsp cream over top…it does contain chemical sweetener, but does satisfy sweet tooth with almost no carbs (just the cream)

    • I don’t have a cookie substitute…but for the sweet craving, I usually grab a few strawberries and dip them in Truvia. sometimes slice them in a small bowl and have them with cream and truvia.
      Another thing that works for me is to use my little Donvier ice cream maker. I freeze the little tub, add 1 cup of heavy cream, a dash of vanilla, and a bit of truvia, then turn the paddle every minute or so until it’s all thick. If you put the left overs in some tupperware, and then in the freezer, it’ll be hard as a rock, but a few seconds in the microwave softens it right up.


  126. Phew! So much to read, but great stuff. I’m thinking I’d like to go to a ketogenic diet and feel I could make this change. However, it is strict with very low carbs and once in a while it would sure be nice to “indulge” in whatever I’d like. So, I’m wondering if I’m able to successfully follow a keto plan but once every week or two, or even just once a month, I went and binged on, oh say, mac n’ cheese, or bread, or some such high carb food, what would happen? Would this be devastating? a really bad move, or would I just have some kind of carb “hang-over” the next day but be fine to go right back on a keto diet? Is my question making sense? Somehow the thought of never having mac’n cheese, or other fav starches, ever again makes me sad. What are you thoughts/experience on this?

    • you cant do that on a ketogenic diet, it will take you days to reset from just one binge and you’ll go through all the cravings again, plus i’ve also read that each time you do that your body becomes more resistant to shifting away from carbs – essentially you have to stay on the diet till you reach the weight you want and then you can gradually introduce some carbs back in, but in reality you can never go back to eating that way, why would you want to anyway? its that way of eating that makes you fat and lethargic, ketogenic diets give you so much energy and you’ll feel fantastic, why give up all the hard work for a binge?

    • Imagine you just joined AA. “My name is Cindy, and I’m a carboholic”. “Hi, Cindy”.

      And you ask if it’s OK to have the occasional bottle of vodka … what do you think they’ll say?

      Yes, you’re bidding good bye to mac and cheese … well, just the mac; the cheese is fine. And you’re bidding goodbye to obesity, diabetes, Alzheimer’s Syndrome, diabetic neuropathy, increased healthcare costs.

      And saying hi to health, clear brain, being able to move easily, and, probably, a great sense of self-satisfaction.

      All for trading in the mac. No brainer, I reckon!

    • Ok…I’m guilty of this.
      “Hi…My name is Jim, and I’m guilty of indulging in carbs every other weekend”.

      There…I said it. Now you all say “Hi Jim.” 😉

      Anyways…there are many substitutes for many sweet things. For some things there just aren’t. One of my downfalls is beer. I’m not a Bud-swilling guy…but I really enjoy craft brewed beer, particularly red or brown ales.
      They are bad…not just because of the carb count, which is high, but also because of the wheat and other grains used to make them. What I have witnessed is that if I DO indulge on a given weekend, I limit myself to just one night of indulgence. What happens is my weight goes up by about 2lbs. This is basically water weight that my body starts holding on to because of the presence of carbs. When I get back to my regular diet, those 2lbs drop off in the next 2 days, and I don’t really notice any adverse effects other than that. I’m sure that it’s a YMMV situation, as everybody’s body is different. There’s another book out that basically recommends a carb binge every 11 days, the idea being that it prevents your metabolism from going into “starvation mode”. I haven’t researched that…though it seems to get mentioned from time to time in various blogs and forums, usually in response to someone stalling.


    • I started my ketogenic lifestyle in mid January and I have lost almost 50 lbs. I am gonna share part of my personal secret with you. Stop thinking that you are giving up stuff. Take your menu, your favorite dishes and ask yourself “Is there a way I can make this food Keto?” I first thought man, I am gonna miss tacos and burritos. Now I eat them, except I use cabbage leaves, spinach leaves, or some other green leaf wrap, and they are awesome, and I can still use my sour cream and homemade salsa. You love mac and cheese. Try using Shiritake (sp?) noodles covered with a cheese sauce made from your favorite cheese, heavy cream, and butter. It will be delicious and there will be no binge. Add hamburger or ham and a side green salad and your full keto! You are working on changing your into outlook here. This isnt a diet, its a lifestyle. The key is you gave up, when you gave in to the foods that made you feel that you need to change your diet. Keto is your positive way of thinking.

      • Very good ideas.
        I read a recipe on a different site for Faux Fried Rice, which uses cauliflower instead of rice. And really…don’t knock it till you try it. We make any number of curries, and either serve them on top of steamed cauli, or the faux fried rice, which is grated cauli, with fish sauce and soy, with some scrambled egg and some scallions. Even friends that aren’t doing this love the stuff.
        Bread is tough. I haven’t found anything yet to replace that with, so it becomes a “training” issue 😉 I’ve used the low-carb flax seed and oat bran pitas, which advertise as 4 net grams/serving, but they’re still made with wheat. Bad Bad Wheat 😉


        • Here’s my bread-substitute. Its pretty filling, so half a thin slice with cream cheese lasts me till dinner.

          BLS (Bread-Like Substance)
          2 cups of flax seed meal
          1-1/2 cups of almond meal
          4-1/2 t baking powder
          1-1/2 t salt
          6 eggs beaten
          4 T melted or softened shortening (butter, coconut oil, olive oil, or a combo)

          -Preheat to 350°
          -Grease small bread pan generously with bacon grease, coconut oil or butter
          -Mix dry ingredients in one bowl; cut in shortening
          -Whisk eggs in another bowl
          -Pour eggs into dry and mix just until combined; it will be thick, not battery
          -Scoop into bread pan and pat to level
          -Bake for 1 hour or until golden brown on top, and pulls away from the edges of the pan (the first time, to check your oven, take out of pan and slice in half to make sure it’s done in the center. If not done, put back in pan and bake longer, and make note of your time)

        • p.p.s. Bad Bad Wheat indeed. Read Wheat Belly. Then confirm his claims with your own research. I did; the stuff is poison.

        • We’ve made pizza crust and “garlic bread” with cauliflower … and mashed “potato” (we had guests over and they didn’t even notice).

          Google “cauliflower paleo” and I’m sure you’ll get 100 hits!

          • Another big hit is the gluten-free cheesy “bread” sticks. Grated mozi, and I use some pepper jack sometimes, 2 eggs, 1/8tsp of baking powder, bake until golden brown and then cut into strips.

        • Thanks all!! I had some very good laughs, too. Great encouragement. I luuuv cooking and guess I do think of this as what I’d be giving up. I love Italian cooking and my husband and I eat brown rice probably 3-5 days a week, it’s a staple with us. So I will need to make adjustments. I have no sweet tooth at all—which is good! –I’d choose rainbow swiss chard over the best desert any day. But I do really, really like grains. But, you’re all right, I have to not look at it as what I’m “giving up.” (And, I do LUV the occasional dark, dark micro brew). I just started reading “Good Calorie, Bad Calorie” last night—I absolutely could not put it down! It’s a page turner, that’s for sure. Thanks again!!!

  127. You mention “fried mushrooms” how are you cooking them? Breaded and deep fried in oil or do you mean sautéed? I assume you mean sautéed since bread is out on this diet. Thanks.

    • No bread! Bad bread! BAD 😉

      And fry things in either butter or coconut oil (very good for you), which handles high temps a bit better than butter.
      There’s ample evidence out there that eating substitutions for real fat is a major issue. Sunflower, saflower, grapeseed, are all heavily processed replacements for good old fashioned animal fat, which as it turns out, is good for you.

    • Carrots are starchy as are peas and other legumes (beans). So I avoid them. Sad, as peas are my favorite veggie.

      • I will
        Start this diet from tomorrow, but if i lose the whole extra weight , can i go back to my normal moderate diet?

        • Hi, Karima,

          You *can* … but you are contemplating starting the keto diet, which kind of implies that you believe you have a problem now.

          If you use the keto diet as a “problem fix”, and you fix the problem and go back to your old way of eating, guess what will happen. You’ll get the problem back, only worse.

          It’s called “yo yo dieting”. And here’s the thing. Each time you go back to your old way, the problem will get worse. Each time you come back to keto, it will be harder … and less effective.

          Keto isn’t a quick fix … it’s how people ate for 2,000,000 years, and they were WAY healthier than we are: stronger, fitter, healthier.

          It’s about like someone going to AA and asking if they an go back to a quart a day after they’ve completed the 12 steps … why would you want to?

          • New to the site, just browsing some of the comments.
            For additional info, some folks may want to visit, and read some of Tom’s blogs.
            This type of diet (basically low carb – high protein, or LCHP) is a way of addressing so much of the bad advice that we, as a society, have been given by supposed “officials”. If you do some research, you’ll sort of settle into a low carb, high protein, NO wheat and NO sugar diet. Wheat is a major problem regarding our overall health, as well as sugar. It’s fine that folks come to this in search of a weight-loss solution, but it’s really so much more than that. Think of it as a HEALTH solution…the weight loss becomes secondary when you do enough research.


    • I really am at my wits end and I’m hoping I can get some info/inspiration from this site.

      I have been eating low carb for a long time now – but something isn’t right because I am NOT losing weight – and I’m 5’3″ and ( as of this morning) 160 lbs. so I have it to lose.

      After reading all the info on this site I then read the latest book by Gary Taubes. I believe all of it – I’m a convert. I believe I’m following the guidelines – yet nothing is shifting.

      Last Monday I decided I would be extra strict and cut out almost all dairy. Over the course of the week I might have had two cups of decaf with cream and for breakfast on two days I had mozzarella and tomato. All other meals were meat and salad and veg – no peppers and maybe I’ve had two whole tomatoes over the course of the week. I did this because Atkins (new version) says toms and peppers are higher in carbs.

      Admittedly I’m not counting carbs – but then that’s only required on Atkins, isn’t it?

      I’m drinking about 2 litres of water a day.

      The result of all this? I started out at 160. The second day I’d dropped a pound, the second day another pound. The end of the week came and I had GAINED back what I’d lost and after a week I am HALF A POUND lighter.

      What am I doing wrong? Any ideas/suggestions? I’m losing the will to live here!

      • maybe…just ,maybe you are not eating enough FAT. You NEED fat to burn instead of carbs, that is the whole point to low carb. I started like you and after 6 weeks finally dropped 8 kgs. Also do not overdo the protein.

        • menu for 1 day for me
          2 eggs , 2 rashers bacon for b/fast…coffee ..lunch…tuna or chicken or meat with heaps salad including tomatoes, cheese, cucumber
          dinner..meat and veges with sour cream or grated cheese over veg
          sugarfree jelly with heavy cream (2tbsp)
          I drink about 4 coffees during the day with milk, but I choose to have those carbs in my total.
          Stevia is my sweetener and I drink maybe 2-3 glasses water if i remember (lol)

          • also everybody IS different do you may need to fine tune until it works for you…good luck

        • Me too. I’ve been trying to stick faithfully to a low or almost zero carb diet and ….. nothing, zip, nada! I’m using a fitness counter site and logging everything but not an ounce shifts. What I lose one day is back on the next and in fact I’m heavier now than when I started!
          Example – Yesterday Totals:1,269 cals/ 4g carbs/85g /fat /83g protein//drinking 2 litres carbonated spring water/ 1 tbs linseeds. Ketostix showing just a trace??? What’s up, anyone?

          • Bubkiwi/Pooch
            Thanks for the responses. It does help to know that others are/have experienced what I’m currently going through.
            Bubkiwi – did you lose the 8kg all at one time or was it a gradual loss over more weeks? Hats off to you for sticking to it for 6 weeks without any loss.
            Do you both count your carbs? I’m not, but as I’ve been pretty much sticking to only the veg as my carbs I figured I was ok. Perhaps I need to re-look at this. What is the recommended amount of carbs to aim for in any one day?

            This morning I had 2 eggs (mixed with cream) in an omelette with diced pepper, tomato, onion (small amounts of all), some ham and grated cheese and coffee w cream. Lunch will be salad with meat and a mayo dressing, dinner rib-eye steak and cauliflower or broccoli.

            Another thing I’d like your comments on – I thought the whole idea of low carb was that you didn’t have to worry about calories – am I right or wrong on that?

            Look forward to hearing your thoughts.

            • I’ve been using a counting website called ‘’ which counts everything and tells you if you’re not eating enough! I don’t actively count cals but I also dont eat any veg at all at the moment as they all seem to add on the carbs and I’m after the keto effect Which just ‘aint happeneing)!!!

            • Generally, no (counting calories), but everyone is different.

              Go here:


              Scroll to the bottom of the page to get to the math, or the downloadable spreadsheet, and work out your daily calorie requirements.

              My guess is that you are currently eating a really healthy maintenance diet.

              And looking at you carb/fat/protein numbers, my guess is too high protein. Too much protein can make the liver convert the protein to carbs.

              Keep upping the fat till the stick goes dark!

        • I have to agree with bubkiwi, Perhaps you are eating hidden carbs or too much protein that the body will then convert to sugar. especially if you are not fat adapted yet. It will take several weeks of a 4:1 ratio to completely become fat adapted and hormonaly under control.
          First thing you need to do is sign up for “my fitness pal” or download the app on your tablet/phone. Start tracking your meals and at the end of the day look at your calorie breakdown pie chart. The goal to this chart is to have 75%-80% fat, 15-20% protein and 2-5% carbs. Focus on maintaining that for several weeks to ensure you are fat adapted. Only then can you loosen a bit and add regular milk to your coffee. If you stop losing after adding certain food back into your diet then you will know that you need to avoid them.

          e.g- I stop losing with heavy cream. It seems to play with my hormone and estrogen levels. I avoid it and have no problems losing.

          Coconut oil is a secret fat burner for me. It has upped my fat burn to burn 0.25lb of fat a day. Even during the week of my period which is a big deal since that is the week that I usually don’t budge on the scale.

          I make chocolate out of coconut oil.
          -slowly Melt 4 squares of lindt 90% chocolate on low heat.
          -add 3 tbspn coconut oil
          -one packet of splenda
          -tsp vanilla extract
          -2 tbsn real coconut milk

          spread on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper and freeze. Break a piece off whenever you need a sweet snack.

          makes 8 servings.
          1 serving=100 calories, 11g fat, 0.65 carbs, 1.8g protien.

          this is a perfect 90% ketogenic ratio. It will help boost your fat intake.

      • Well, if what you’re doing isn’t working, we need to try something else, and for that we need more data.

        Check this out,

        scroll to the bottom, and calculate your BMR and Daily Calorie Requirement. Assuming you are 30 years old, and not doing a lot of exercise, I make it that you need roughly 1500 calories a day to maintain your current weight.

        Given that a pound of fat gives 3500 calories of energy, to lose a pound week requires a deficit of 500 calories a day, which is 33% of your total, which would cut your nutrition by 33%, too, which isn’t good!

        Now, looking at what you are eating, I suspect you’re “eating healthy”, but not necessarily eating ketogenically. You appear to be eating a lot of “meat, salad, veg” meals … they are protein and carbs, but not much fat.

        Splash out. Go here:

        and buy a set of those fancy scales. Learn to use them, and be RELIGIOUS about recording and calculating what you are eating in terms of the amount (grams) of carbs, protein, fat, and also calories. Look at where the calories are coming from.

        SkipThePie will give you masses of info. If there’s something not in their database, try

        Think about getting some MCTs, some organic coconut oil, more avocados, etc.

        You also haven’t mentioned whether you are in ketosis. Are you peeing on ketostix?

        My GUESS is that the proportion of fat in your diet is lower than you think, that the carbs are higher than you think, and the calories higher than you think.

        But you need more data in order to know.

        Let us know what you find, and how you get on.

        Are you exercising at all? It won’t lose you any weight, but it will improve your general health.

      • it sounds like you need to have a really tight first couple of weeks, no dairy at all, no vegetables with carbs (tomato, carrots, peppers etc) just stick to protein, leafy greens and good oils for at least two weeks. Dont let up until you see ketosis, and then maintain that for at least a few days before you add anything else back in and then only really carefully, monitoring yourself every time you pee – it sounds obsessive but you can relax a bit once you’ve worked out your particular metabolism

        • Great advice. Plenty of coconut oil and MCTs.

          The thing that finally tipped me into ketosis was a roast joint of pork. Pigged (sorry) out on the crackling.

        • Thanks for the suggestion Deb. Perhaps you’re right and dairy is my downfall. I have 100g single cream in coffee and about 100g of either feta or cheddar with eggs or snack every day. I’ve been trying to go on my carb intake, which was only 4g for the whole of Tues, for example. I’ll try pigging out on roast port crackling next !!!

          • Many people on Fathead, including Tom himself, have spoken to this a few times, increase the fat. You NEED the fat for this to work, and it won’t hurt you a bit, in fact, more and more research is indicating that it’s good for you.


            • Thanks Jim. It seems the easiest way to get the quantity of fat into my diet is through cream & cheese, but if Deb suggests limiting the dairy, hows the best way to do it and how much per day? I’m trying to keep it 50:50 with protein, should the balance be different?

              • 50:50 is WAY too much protein!

                Butter, coconut oil, MCTs, avocado, fatty meat (roast yourself a joint of belly pork) …

    • I find that a very easy rule of thumb regarding fruits and veggies is whether or not they taste sweet on their own. If they do, they more than likely have a lot of sugars in them. Compare carrots to broccoli or cauliflower…very sweet. Compare the taste of a carrot to a strawberry. Strawberries can be sweet, so that’s a caution flag, but they’re not as sweet as carrots. Grapefruits?…not very sweet…so likely to be ok in moderation. You can then check any number of low carb counting sites to verify when you have access.


  128. my husband has been on this diet to control type 2 diabetes for over two years, he is limited to 60g of carbs a day.
    when he was originally diagnosed his doctor said he would be on injected insulin within two years no matter what and gave him the diabetes association diet plan, we threw that in the bin and did this instead.
    now two years on he’s lost 30kgs, his blood sugars are normal all the time, in fact when he’s tested now he’s technically not diabetic – i’d call that cured.

    • And yet the American Diabetes Association recommends plenty of “healthy whole grains.” Argh. It’s like they’re working for the insulin-manufacturing industry, isn’t it?

      • what???!!! carbs is the worse thing for diabetes..I dont’ understand and that is why people get so confused with diabetic diets. I refused to eat stupid grains. Each article I read says the oppossit thing than the previous one.

        • the diabetes assoc diet just didnt make sense, if the person has become insulin sensitive (which is essentially what type 2 is) the the logical solution would be to remove carbs till the body restores its balance – and thats exactly what happens.
          he’s following Dr Bernsteins diabetic diet and its been a life saver, i shudder to think where he would be now if we hadnt done it this way

  129. I am just beginning this diet today and was wondering if anyone in the group has made custard using Stevia instead of sugar. When I made it previously, the recipe consisted of eggs, milk/cream, vanilla and sugar and baked in the oven (over a pan of water).

    Thanks for your response.

      • Thanks for the info… will definitely take that into consideration. The last thing I need or want is to sabotage my diet plan.

        • whole milk has 11.4g carbs per 250 ml (8 oz approx.)cup

          heavy whipping type cream has approx 6.6g carbs for the same amount (cup)

        • I need to get that for my berries. After awhile, I find that I’m just not interested in eating another couple of eggs for breakfast, no matter what I do to them. So I take about 1/4 cup blackberries and 1/4 sliced strawberries and have them with some Truvia and heavy cream. Also a nice treat if I’m looking for something after dinner, but I limit it to maybe 2-3 times per week combined.


          • Bad Truvia (and Purevia): GMO!

            Google organic stevia and organic luo han guo.

    • i limit milk and cream for the first two weeks because they have milk sugars, once ketosis has really kicked in you can have a cup or so, i usually reserve that for a morning smoothie with a small handful of berries and some flax seed oil – i find if i keep my net carbs under 30g per day i stay in ketosis

  130. This is embarassing but i plan to start my keto diet today however i have an issue, i need to eat foods high in fibre and i do not feel like any of the food mentioned have alot of fibre. what can i do?

  131. Ok folks, just started my ketogenic diet today! Wish me luck! Had two eggs with bacon this morning… Nibbled on a few almonds for snack and had a hamburger with a bit of onion and spinach with butter for lunch. I am not hungry at all so am wondering if it is a must to have three meals a day? I will force myself if necessary.

    Thank you for the blog and for all the comments. I don’t feel alone… Very helpful!

    Bless you!

    • James has good advice. Don’t eat if you’re not hungry.
      There’s a tendency to eat too much protein on a keto diet. You need more *fat*, and it needs to be good fat (not seed oils like canola.) Lotsa low-starch veggies, lotsa fat, moderate protein. Good fat: coconut oil, olive oil, butter and animal fat (best if from grass-fed animals; if not, make sure to get more omega-3 in a supplement like fish oil. It’s an inflammation thing.)
      I’ve been in ketosis for 13 months and counting.

      • Thanks for the valuable information. This will give me a great start to the diet. Will keep all informed of my progress!

  132. I want to start living a low carb lifestyle, I do have a few questions before I go into Ketosis.

    How long can I do a ketogenic diet? I would like to eat less than 100 carbs a day as my lifestyle.

    • Best to make low-carb (if not full-on ketosis) a permanent lifestyle change. Otherwise you’re likely to put the weight right back on.

      You get used to it.

    • my husband is an extreme example because he was trying to control diabetes, he stayed in the ketogenic stage till he had a full month of normal blood sugar levels – that meant no fruit including tomatoes, carrots, peas and legumes, minimum milk and only 20g of cheese a day
      he stayed that way for about six months, he lost 30kgs in that time, then we started introducing back some fruit and starchy veggies but never potato, pasta, rice or bread
      now two years on he may have pasta perhaps once every three months, he finds it makes him nauseous anyway, he still maintains less than 100g of carbs per day

  133. I am a vegetarian and egg doesn’t suit me, Please let me know how can i do this, can i eat brown bread?

    • No bread of any kind. I know that sounds hard to do at first but after a while you won’t miss it.

    • you are seriously going to find this very hard without meat, vegetable proteins have too many carbs – be really careful

  134. Hi! I was wondering if there is a limit on heavy cream? Will it make me gain? I don’t mind if I don’t lose much weight but I definitely do NOT want to gain any.

    • No, no limit. Well, within reason.

      Chow down on a couple of pints a day, and who knows?!

      • I’ve been mixing heavy cream, unsweetened cocoa and stevia together……taste great, and very high in fat/low in carbs.

        • I happened on this site last week – great simple diet to follow; similar to the original Atkins plan (before the re-write). I began last Wed (today Sunday). Lost an immediate 5 lbs first 2 days, then 0, and now that i am finally getting a TRACE reading on Keto stick, another 3lbs gone this AM. I had success on the original Atkins also, even though it was difficult to get the Keto to ever read more that a TRACE. (now 59, female, need to lose approx 50lbs, so hope I can stick with it for a while).) You can’t go wrong if you read labels and keep track throughout the day. I have an APP on my iPhone (may be avail for others?) called “Lose It”. Logo is an orange scale – very handy to measure and track your foods, portions, weight.
          I have one request of whomever it was who mentioned the chocolate recipe – PLEASE, PLEASE post the recipe! It sounds great.

    • There is not enough protien in heavy cream to make you gain. But I limit mine to 1/3 cup a day.

      Milk shake
      1/3 cup heavy cream
      1/2 per crushed ice
      1/3 cup unsweetened chocolate almond milk
      Dash of vanilla
      1 tablespoon 100% cocoa powder
      1 packet of Splenda.


  135. Thanks for the tremendous amount of good information on here! I am going to re-read the entire thread. I started the year at 205.5. Intermittent fasting got me down to 190.0. I started the Ketogenic Diet 2 days ago, and I’m already on the medium reading (40) on the Keto strips. I dropped 4 lbs. already (weighed 186.0 this morning). I am only 5’7″, so I’ve got a long ways to go. This thread will help keep me on track. Thanks to all!

  136. I am curious what your thoughts are on a carbonated drink called Diet Rite? It is 0carbs, sugar, and everything….can I drink it on this diet? The ingredients dont seem harmful but you know more than I do!




    • I had my gall bladder removed 13 years ago. Since I started this keto a few weeks ago, I have honestly not felt this great for many years. I deliberately put myself back onto carbs for the past 2 weeks to prove a point to myself, and boy, do they upset my system. Sore tummy, growling inside, pain in my upper abdo…all not there when I stick to the keto. I do anything from 20 to 50g carbs per day and find it really suits my system. The point of all this is that you should be ok doing keto, just stay low on acid type foods…found my tum is sensitive since gall bladder removal. Also remember your liver now does a lot more work without its friend the gall bladder …lol love n light to you and good luck…..

      • Also meant to say, fats have not been a problem for me…but
        i don’t go silly with them ..common sense mostly lol

      • I will like to know how do you know the quantities carbs you are taking… book? scale? or…? I am beginning now to learn about this diet. Any ideas and info. are greatly appreciated.

        • Being in Australia i use the site to look up the nutrition values of foods. If American then I suggest “Carbohydrate counter which has heaps more foods that we don’t really see here in Aus.

          • There’s also

            … which has a big database.

            However, I always start with SkipThePie as it’s Mark’s website, and this is Mark’s blog … only seems polite!

            But thanks for the Ozzie version. Now, if someone would just show me a UK version for when I’m home …

        • I measure all my food with a food scale. I also track everything on incredibly helpful.

  138. Thanks James for that answer, and I got another one. What is the suggested time to wait to start a workout routine? The article says not to start at the beginning, so do I just go by feel or is there a recommended time frame?

    • Just take it very easy at first. My first time around it was about a month before I started Nordic Walking, then started 3 short and one long each week. Began with 1 mile / 3 miles, got up to 5/15 in about 12 weeks.

      Depends on your age a level of fitness … I was over 60.

      • I’m three days into this way of eating. I have tried many diets and had success and failure. I lost 35lb two years ago for a wedding and basically put 25lb back on. The diet I used before was Dukan. I did not follow the slow introducing carbs back in and could not sustain the harshness of the whole thing really. My problem is that now since January I have tried cutting calories, low carb (Dukan) etc.. But have not lost more than 4lb – in 3 months. Argh
        I stumbled upon the ketogenic diet whilst searching for some miracle…and I hope it turns out to be so.
        The main hurdle for me will be no red wine with my evening meal daily. Three days in and I am coping well.

  139. Hi James,

    Would you mind giving me a run down of your daily eating plan and what exercise you do? I know your diet would be different to mine, but I just want to compare a little bit so I can see that I am on track. I am getting rather frustrated. The scales have not moved since Saturday. If I am in Ketosis (which I am) surely I should be losing weight!!!!!! How are some people losing about 20kgs in 10 weeks and other’s are not? One woman doing the same diet as me lost 75 kgs in 9 months!
    Thankyou for your help 🙂

    • Hi, Heather … no, sorry, I won’t do that! Why? Because I’m just an old guy, doing his best, which is not always the best.

      And you aren’t like me: what works for me won’t (necessarily) work for you.

      This is a world of experimentation, and being patient.

      As for exercise? I have bought a GroupOn voucher for Crossfit sessions, and am waiting for the lessons to start with me heart in my mouth!

      I run a website and a company that teaches Nordic Walking ( and always recommend that. If you happen to be in Central Florida in this month, we’ll give you a free lesson (we’re snow birds, heading back to the UK in time for Easter).

      You can also try T-Tapp … it’s whatever works for you.

      I’ll tell you something I did do: I went on Twitter and searched for paleo and primal and Ketogenic, and followed a whole bunch of people. If the had websites I checked them out, and if the had FB pages I liked them. So now I get dozens of FB posts every day from people who do this stuff; some crazy, some not relevant to me, some inspirational.

      It’s all part of educating myself … and taking responsibility for myself.

      If you want to see the thing that has excited me the most, it was this TED talk, today:

  140. hello. I started keto 4 days ago as part of the carb nite solution diet. I wanted to know if i could have organic coconut flour as well as unsalted organic almond butter? The almond butter has 6g of fiber and 6g of carbs. What about swerve sugar? I am also wondering about zero carb protein powder. One last thing, i am lifting heavy weights but not doing cardio will this take me out of keto? Oh one more i promise, if i have a meal of chicken and spinach what should i add as my fat? Right now im adding a tbs of coconut oil. Im eating my bodyweight of 125 in protein so i dont lose muscle. Thanks

    • Just remembered, what about a chocolate craving. How can i get rid of that? Organic cacao powder allowed? Can i use organic ghee? And since im not really eating veggies does anyone know if green vibrance powder drink is ok. Thanks again

      • Don’t get rid of your chocolate craving! Make my wife’s Ketogenic chocolate:

        Organic cocoa powder … check the brand in the above blog post (the only carbs are fiber).

        Gee … I should think so.

        Don’t know from Green Vibrance … See if you can find the ingredients list by Googling.

        What’s wrong with eating veggies?

    • Sounds like you need to get down to your local Crossfit box! They lift heavy weights and eat paleo/Ketogenic and are experts.

      I would worry about all that protein, but then the only time I lift a heavy weight is when I stand up!

      • *Leftover dinner meat.
        *Unsweetened almond milk/ chocolate milk.
        *cheese, full fat cottage cheese with berries and nuts
        *plain full fat Greek yogurt with fresh berries/strawberries and chia seeds. Two drops liquid stevia. don’t used powdered stevia as it has carbs. Yummy!!!!

        • I guess I should mention that dairy is not part of this diet but my naturopath says if you can tolerate it well then a little in in moderation is ok.

  141. What about natural sweeteners like stevia drops or chicory root? I like to make chocolate bark using a few tablespoons of coconut oil, unsweetened cocoa, vanilla, macadamia nuts and a few drops of stevia. It is almost 0 carbs per wedge.

  142. I though I would just put a note on here saying that when on a ketosis drinking alcohol is not advisable if weight loss is your goal. Ketones are often present after drinking alcohol.. You won’t be burning fat when you are processing the alcohol. Also you mention that your ketostix show a darker reading after a fatty meal, that is because the body is breaking down the fat you have eaten, be it animal fat etc. best to stick to good fats and not go overboard.

  143. Would it be advisable to use a product if it has 1-2 grams of sugar? I’m finding a lot of stuff that is ok for me to eat to have some sugars. Even onions and celery have a certain amount of sugar in them.

  144. Hi Everyone,
    I’m a bit disappointed with myself. I had a weekend splurge of chocolate, cashews and skim cappuchino’s plus another two capp’s today. Now I feel like I am coffee dependant due to being tired. Plus I have totally thrown myself out of ketosis. How do you all keep on track? How long does it usually take to get back into ketosis?

    • Hi, Heather, someone once told me “a RELAPSE isn’t a COLLAPSE”.

      These things happen: you are brave to share it and clearly committed, so, just climb back on the waggon, and continue your journey.

      How long it takes is dependent on many things. Just switch to heavy cream in the coffee, skip the cashews (try frying some bacon until it’s crispy, letting it get cold, the break it into pieces in a bowl as a nibble).

      As for the chocolate, I really WILL get my wife to write down her chocolate recipe today!

      • Hi James,

        Thankyou for your support and encouraging words. The bacon is a great idea! I didn’t even think of that. However there is no coffee allowed at all on ultra-lite as they say coffee releases insulin which holds onto fat in the body or to some effect. It’s killing me not having a nice coffee!! I don’t understand though why we can have full cream and not skim milk?

  145. Dearly love to know how you can do this when you are dairy free…. no milk or cheese, won’t touch soy…. suggestions please are appreciated – yoghurt and I do not agree even homemade ones…… Tiz not simply lactose intol it is Casein Intol

    • fyi, lactose intolerance is common in pasteurized milk, but NOT in raw milk.
      pasteurization kills everything in it’s path, including the enzymes that are required to break down milk proteins.
      after being milk free for >30 yrs, i now drink 1 qt raw milk per day. and lost weight, and my cholesterol dropped 40 mg

      • Tnxs for reply. I understand about healthy and unhealthy milk / foods etc. My question was about medically proven casein intolerance and the inability to consume dairy products. How can a person get sufficient of the right nutrients when one cannot have this stuff?

        • If you’re above six months old there are no nutrients in milk that you need, and if you’re not a baby cow, then there’s nothing in cow’s milk that you need, and your various intolerances are indicating that to you.

          If you are eating good fatty meat and a reasonable selection of green, leafy veg, you should be fine.

          If you are worried about micro-nutrients, you can read the Jaminet’s Perfect Health Diet (the website and the book).

          I’m about to investigate the Calton’s Naked Calories and their micro-nutrient juice, but that’s only because I’m doing something VERY non-paleo … deriving an artificial total food replacement diet for rapid weight loss, specifically for me.

          • Again I appreciate your insights. I too believe an adult no longer needs to consume a breast milk substitue to live a healthy life. I tried A2 Milk and Goats milk and still had the same issues with intolerance. I tries LACTASE and still have the same issues… therefore it would appear it is the casein that is the issue for me.

            I get my calcium from bone broths and vegetables and wondered if this ‘soup’ made with ‘allowed’ foodstuffs and herbs is consiered acceptable on this specific food plan?

            Thoughts please…………

            • Well … “Considered acceptable” kind of implies there are “Keto Kops” lurking out there!

              Here’s the test … does it work for you? The bone broth sounds great … and my wife would agree even more (personally, I appreciate the idea of bone broth, but it’s like something my mum forced on me and I haven’t resolved that yet, despite being 65! So I don’t like it … don’t even like the smell!)

  146. I’ve had a couple of people tell me that too much protein is bad for the liver. I have on average 200-220g per day. Does anyone have any information on this?

    • what’s bad for the liver is protein that has been processed and processed and processed. i eat local pastured beef 2-3 times per week. sometimes more.
      know your food source. your liver will thank you. as will your kidney, heart, bones, etc.

  147. Avocadoes and Heavy Cream should be taken off your second list. They’re terrible for a ketogenic diet. Full of carbs – compared to the others, that is. 10% of an avocado is carbohydrate.

    • I follow a ketogenic diet and I’m allowed to have 100g of avocado and two tablespoons of heavy cream everyday. My body is still in ketosis and I’ve lost 7kgs (15 pounds) in 5 weeks. I guess too much would definitely have the reverse effect!

      • i have at least half an avocado a day and i’m still in ketosis, i have it for the oil.

    • Edward: I don’t agree! Check this out:

      Ratio of fat+protein / carb is better than 2/1, but most of that is dietary fibre, so if we only look at fat+protein to sugar, the ratio is about 25/1 … and avocados are packed with nutrients and good fats. Try them: I doubt that an avocado will kick you out of ketosis. I am VERY carb sensitive, and they work for me.

      Similarly heavy cream:

      The ratio is about 13/1 or better! Very little carbs and loads of yummy fat.

      So, load up on the avocados, with some nice fatty bacon, and good quality coffee with cream (not milk) to wash it down.


      And give it a couple of hours, go pee on a ketostix and watch it turn purple!

  148. Hi

    My question is about fruit. Should fruits be avoided? all fruits? I consume alot fo fruits and don’t know how to eliminate all fruit
    also coconut water should that be avoided?

    • Fruit? Yes, avoid. All fruit, especially modern fruit that has been bred to be sweet, has a lot of sugar.

      Sometime take a vacation in Florida and take a hike out into the forest. Find a native-growing orange tree. Pick an orange and take a bite; that is *sour*! And I bet that “native” orange has hybridised with farmed oranges.

      If you eat a lot of fruit, then just start to cut down if you can’t go cold turkey. But don’t take the word of anyone here, or you’ll “blame” us and rebel. Go read up, and understand what the sugar is doing to you.

      And give up juice before fruit … at least the fibre in the fruit is lowering the glycemic index. Fruit juice is like spooning the sugar straight down.

  149. Started this diet yesterday and I have a question. I found some low sugar ketchup. It has 5 calories and 1 sugar carb, that is it. Do you think this will be ok? I only consumed 15g of carbs yesterday and it started showing light ketosis. Just wanted an opinion if you thought this 1 gram of sugar in the ketchup would be a negative thing and make me not get maximum results or its really nothing. Thank you!

  150. what is wrong with me? been doing this at around 20g carbs daily for 4 weeks.. pretty much eating as set out above BUT NO weight loss………………………..ketostix show ketosis so what the? I weigh about 127 kgs

    • Nothing is wrong!

      Bub, it’s the nature of the beast. Same dang plateau thing happened to me for a week or two, many times. But then I decided not to weigh myself every day. I am in no hurry any more. The benefits to my skin, disposition, health and body shape are all noticeable- even if weight on a scale isn’t. I looked at my body stretched out lying in bed this AM and wondered if those were my legs? My torso? So thin. The definition!

      Remember, you can lose twelve lbs and no one notices; then you lose a pound and suddenly everyone notices. I finally broke a goal weight point yesterday after weeks of no loss. The view said more than the pound.
      I suspect the body is in transition. There’s water involved, re water retention; bowels and organs that could be packed; muscle that is building, taking the place of adiposity.

      Another Paleo dude on another site said there’s a lot of chemistry going on under the skin in the transformation from sugar baby to lean machine. He doesn’t even exercise anymore, just walks and breathes and meditates on this travel. Four intricate measurable states seem to be involved: change in health, change in attitude and changes in body by weight and by makeup and they aren’t all noticeable at the same time.
      Stop relying upon scales and weight points as your only goal post and make this your honest to goodness heart held mantra during your metamorphosis:

      “”Every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better, and when I’m finally free, the earth shall shake”.

  151. So what is the total amount of carbs that we can have per day in weight? Also, is it the total carbs, or the ‘of which sugars’ that we count?

  152. This is the most clear and concise information I have found online. Thank you:)
    You are a very handsome man.

  153. Hi, not sure if you can help but thought I’d ask anyway. I’ve been on this diet since mid December and overall have been happy with it, I lost around 12lbs and have noticed various other positive changes. My question is, I’ve had a couple of meals lately with potatoes, which obviously I’ve been avoiding since December, and had excruciating abdominal pain hours afterwards. It’s only happened after eating potatoes, and last night the pain was so bad I almost drove myself to hospital. Is this because my body has changed and now can’t digest large amounts of carbs? I suppose I can live without them and haven’t really missed them to be honest, but wondered if you’ve heard of this happening before?

    • I haven’t heard of it. And I’ll reiterate yet again … no-one here is medically qualified, so if you’re worried, do seek professional help.

      That said, one thought comes to mind. Potatoes are a part of the nightshade family (tomatos, peppers, chilies, egg plant,etc) and some people are very sensitive to nightshades. And a test for an allergy is to remove the food or other substance for quite a while and then try re-introducing it and see if you get a strong reaction …

      Also, getting going with a Ketogenic diet can be tough. However, stopping and starting is tougher (believe me,I know!). If it works for you I would suggest sticking with it. Many, many people just make it an ongoing part of their lives.

  154. Hi Mark,

    I found your website today, first time looking up ketogenic diet.

    I only have about 5kgs to lose, mostly stubborn fat on tummy & thighs.

    Sometimes I substitute sugar with vegetable glycerine, no carbs, sugar or fat, do you know about if its acceptable ?
    Tonight I ate cream cheese1.8grms protein 8.5 grms fat saturated 6. carbs less than 1 gram sugar less than 1 gram sodium 89mg

    Someone asked earlier is there an app to do the conversions ?

    Is cream in coffee okay?

      • Completely misses the point. Orlistat takes fat OUT of your nutrition. This diet aims to put fat INTO your nutrition.

        Read this:

        We believe that the whole “low-fat” thing is wrong.

        The “low fat” people want you to stop eating fat and eat more carbs.

        Ketogenic says eat (much) less carbs and eat more fat.

        If you do Ketogenic and take Orlistat (or Alli) you’ll have nothing left and possibly do yourself harm.

        Please discuss this with your MD!

      • I’m no familiar with Orlistat, but I know Alli blocks your body’s absorption of fats, which you then pass in a very unpleasant manner.
        A keto diet requires LOTS of fatty foods, which will give you the runs and quite possibly cause “leakage” if you’re taking Alli.

        • I was just going to say the same thing. DO NOT TAKE ALLI ON A KETO DIET! You will shit yourself beyond belief. I haven’t experienced this, but I can only imagine since Alli is designed to fight fat absorption and make you pass it as quickly as possible.

      • if you think you need to take orlistat on this diet you’re missing the point – thats a drug designed for a fat lowering diet, fat lowering diets do not help you lose weight, this is a low carb diet, low carb diets make you burn your body fat – the opposite process

    • i have just started taking medication and have noticed the ingredients include sugars such as lactose a sucrose and starches such as soluble and maize would this spike and take me out of my ketosis and break my diet?

      • Sam, now you’re waaay beyond the competence of anyone on this forum to comment.

        My GUESS is that there probably isn’t enough of those things to matter. Check the ketostix, but most of all I woul discuss with the practitioner who prescribed the meds … maybe there’s an alternative that doesn’t contain that stuff.

      • Yes, there is the possibility it will sway you our of Ketosis, artificial sweeteners like Splenda which are zero carb can sway you out of Keto. Lactose itself shouldn’t but fructose in varying amounts can, but again it depends on the amounts and your other foods.

  155. Hey everyone! I started 14 days ago and lost 6 kgs but i put on 1 kgs a couple of days ago because i fell sick and had to cheat. However , i cant seem to take the smell of food anymore and literally force myself to eat.
    If any one knows a sort of curry we can have or how to make protein bread (i heard it has no carbs and is made of Soy) please let me know!

    • Several things to say there. Ketogenic diet is NOT high protein. It’s very low carb, moderate protein, high fat.

      Too much protein and your liver will convert it to carbs via gluconeogenisis.

      Next, soy. Read this:

      After that I don’t think you’ll want soy!

      Curry? Try this: (I haven’t tried it; just Googled Paleo curry).

      Note: not all paleo recipes are strictly Ketogenic. This one looks OK to be except I’d leave the skin on the chicken (more FAT!)

    • I eat “Chompies” brand bread. Per slice it has 7 grams of protein and 6 grams of carbs but 4 of those are from fiber, so 2 carbs. I eat this in the morning as breakfast. You can buy it at Sprouts.

      Hope this helps.

    • I would also say (I can sympathise here: had a sore throat and no voice for 7 days now) that once you get into this way of eating your body gets better at signalling. I would say don’t force yourself to eat. Eat when you are physically hungry (tummy rumbling) as opposed to psychologically or emotionally or socially hungry (like “I ought to eat because it’s dinner time and everyone else is eating”).

      I had breakfast yesterday and nothing since. I just had a couple of slices of ham, but I’m really not hungry.

  156. I would like to start this….I’m wondering how long most people stay eating this way? is this a life-style or eating this way until you have desired weight loss? and what happens if I did it for 2 weeks, and then ate back to normal…. would all the weight regain quickly, or has people find it stays off if your eating is appropriate? Thanks for your time…

    • I don’t know about others, but for me it’a a way of life (should that be “weigh of life”.)

      The only difference is that you may want to adjust how much you eat depending on whether you want to lose or maintain your weight.

      But if it makes you think more clearly, be more healthy, avoid a host of degenerative diseases, who would want to go back!

      Humanity ate this way or 2,000,000 years and was a LOT healthier than we are.

      If what you eat now got you to the way you are now, and you don’t like the way you are now, why go back to it when you find something better!?

      • James, you didn’t say how long you have been on this and if you said such in an earlier post, the little grey cells have failed me.
        I did raw & cooked Keto about four months in 2012, then slipped into a naughty Paleo-Atkins with chocolate, ice cream and prunes, mmmmm.
        Returned to my stylised Keto raw Palio low protein ultra-low veg carb this 1 January and slipped one Friday night thus far. Sometimes I substitute Scotch for veg. :), but whose perfect.
        I intend to do this the rest of my life, (Keto not Scotch). In a new post I will brag about my new approach to supplements.
        Oh, the travails to perfectionism.

      • I have been on the diet for 3 weeks. I lost 11 lbs in the first week, I haven’t lost any since. Im 15 st 5 so was still expecting weekly weight lost, I’m in ketosis at least the ketostick say I am. Do you think im doing something wrong and perhaps need to look at what im eating or my body is just been stubborn and it will start coming off again.

        • Helen, in my twenties I was walking active at work and to get home and I could lose while fasting (44 days= 80 lbs) and on Atkins. From the thirties on the loss became a challenge, decade by decade . . . Like James, this Keto plan (Paleo and raw and <30g carb for me) is my weigh of life :)). Last year I lost only 18lbs on a mix of Keto early year and Paleo and cheats the rest. Since Jan I have lost 10lbs and now it is coming off in slow mo. But at this point I don’t care. I have 20lbs to go and if that takes me to the end of the year, so be it. What is amazing is my health. I manage on six to seven hours and getting closer to six every week and I wake up at the same time every morning ± 5 min. There are no catnaps in the day. My deformed hip no longer hurts! I can walk three times and probably more than I could BK (Before Keto- 2013/01/01) and improving are my eczema, moods, astigmatism, bowels, skin, memory (If I remember correctly), and meditations.

          Yesterday the butcher at Superstore gave me fifteen lbs raw beef fat, the really good stuff-forget name, dang- from round organs; and I am moving my fat intake up past 80% and carbs to 0% for the week to see if I can budge the little red diodes on my scale.
          Helen, I think I am gaining more muscle in my upper body and wonder if this is part of the Keto experience. Does the body naturally firm up when not being taxed by the dark world of Carb exhaustion? I have been ruminating over doing a pushup to see how it feels, and to shock my wife. Maybe tomorrow.

          Keep up the charge, lass.

      • i have just started taking medication and have noticed the ingredients include sugars such as lactose a sucrose and starches such as soluble and maize would this spike and take me out of my ketosis and break my diet?

      • i’m the same, i’ve been eating this way now for two years.
        at the moment im on less than 30g a day because i want to lose more weight but normally i’m limited to 100g per day, that still doesnt include anything white (sugar, rice, pasta, wheat flour, bread)
        you get used to it, you’re healthier and have more energy, i havent had the flu in two years, not even a cold

  157. Hi Everyone,
    I am so glad I found this page! It has answered alot of questions I had about a Ketogenic diet. I am on my 3rd week of ultra-lite which is ketogenic based.
    I lost 4 kgs the first week ( around 2ish pounds?) sorry I am in Australia. The 2nd week I lost 3 kgs (about 1.5 pounds) Then when I got weighed Saturday I put on 1.5kgs!!! I almost had a heart attack thinking I have done something wrong, however the nutirionist I see has scales that measure body fat, water percentage and muscle mass. Because I was losing muscle the previous weeks, they upped my protein so I had actually gained muscle, but lost 3% body fat. I was relieved that this was the case, plus reading other responses I can see that this is normal. However, will this continue? When would I expect to see actual kg’s lost? Also I noticed some posts stating stay away from fruit, but I am allowed to have either 100g of Rockmelon, or Strawberries or half a grapefruit per day.
    Heather 🙂

    • Hi, Heather, first thing to say is that your kg -> lbs sums are upside down! 1kg is 2.2 lbs, so when you say you lost 4kg in the first week, that’s 8.8 lbs, which is stunning! However, my guess is that a lot of that was water. If you read experts (try Volek and Phinney’s book on low-carb lifestyle) they explain that you lose a lot of sodium on a Ketogenic diet, and hence water that you may have been hanging on to also goes. Also, glycogen bonds with water, and as you burn your glycogen stores they give up water.

      This stabilises after a while.

      Sounds to me like your nutritionists know what they are doing (and that’s a precious thing!) so stick with them!

      In your first two weeks you lost over 15 lbs! That’s stunning (although I have experienced that myself), so putting 3.3lbs back on is not a disaster … especially if your body-fat percentage has dropped.

      I found over the long term I was losing about 3kg per week, but I am a BIG man: I should expect a woman to lose less … but, as I say, sounds like to are getting excellent care from your nutritionist … wish I had one that good close to me!

      • Sorry James, I have Mondayitis here : / My nutritionist also measures me each week which is also a good indicator, I have lost so far 37cms from all over. Although I am craving peanuts & cashews (my only craving) I did give in and had some last weekend : / so when I did my ketostick this morning it had no reading. I guess I really shouldnt have those? Especially salted nuts!!!

    • Depends how strict you’re aiming to be. I’m type 2 diabetic and highly carb sensitive, so I count total, and aim to stay under 20. If you’re less sensitive, leave out the carbs from fibre.

      Remember, you’re a research study with a cohort of 1.

      But tell the world how you get on!

      • I discovered this article on Sunday and decided to try it out, but opted for low carbs as opposed to no carbs; yesterday was my first low card day and I woke up this morning 2kg lighter!!! Dramatic!!!

      • James, I get type I and II diabetes mixed up but checked up on details and have meditated ten min on the difference so hope it sticks. “Two bad, one not so nice.” My meditations are sometimes very simple. DL might not approve.

        Have you watched “Run from the Cure” by Rick Simpson. (youtube) He’s a character and touring the world with his message. You will see an old dude with dark glasses. Pay close attention to his experience. He ‘was’ type II diabetic, I believe, and dying of cancer. At least he had to have two injections insulin a day – is that the same thing? And his weight dropped and stabilised, as seems to be the usual experience. Now he enjoys ice cream along with some other very naughty habits, and no more injections. – I believe it is the new future in holistic medicine. This, Ketosis and the old Australian ‘brown eye’ to Allopathic medicine will eventually round out my steady trail to good health.

      • forgot to add that his pancreas is now producing insulin. He looks like he drinks. He is from Nova Scotia so that seals the case.

        • Type 1, kids. Type 2 grown-ups. Type 1 the pancreas stops producing insulin, and they have to inject for life.

          Type 2 the pancreas produces insulin just fine, but the body doesn’t react to it (insulin resistance). You get type 2 when you’re middle-aged and fat round the middle (“metabolic syndrome”, or “syndrome X”.

          Type 2 are usually on meds like metformin or glipizide (there are dozens).

          Type 2 is the easiest to control by diet; basically cut out the carbs and sugars, because the insulin receptors have been dulled by having to deal with too much dietary carbs. When I was first on a Ketogenic diet in 2009 I started on Thursday and quit the meds on Sunday because my blood sugar went so low I was having hypo-glycemic incidents.

          You definitely need to be talking to a sympathetic MD if you’re doing the Ketogenic diet whilst on type 2 meds.

          Neither is good, but if I had to pick one I’d pick type 2!

          Elaine Cantin (who cured herself of an aggressive stage 2 breast cance) was actually researching ways of helping her type 1 son, and cured his type 1 diabetes by putting him on Ketogenic diet, which is amazing.

          Don’t know Rick Simpson: will check him out.

      • Poster here or the width gets awfully skinny. Bless you for clearing that up. Am doing an ‘eraser’ meditation. 🙂 Honestly, I did look it up but as a grumpy old fart, still got confused. I am not surprised the not-so-wee lad was fixed (Type 1 for thirteen years, now cured- Wow). (Off topic: I am doing a hard Ketogenic Paleo as I am hoping to reverse, to some degree, my damaged and deformed hip, amongst the usual reasons.) I am told I am walking with minimal limp; I have awareness of the hip still but no pain, and I can walk double distance and still feel well. Can deformed, over calcified? bone be reversed? i dunno! But what the heck. We’d still be sweeping out our caves with branches if we didn’t try crazy things. I mistook your meds for injectable insulin. Glad you don’t have that dog. I wonder what the geezer with dark glasses had (also claimed the stuff cured his glaucoma – no more meds) so will watch again to see if it was Diabetes 1, the bad, but am sure it was.
        Just watched the video by Elaine Cantin. Wonderful. Thanks.

      • James, I found this at
        Last is retired but one of my heroes.

        “Drs. Abraham, Flechas and Brownstein tested more than 4,000 patients taking iodine in daily doses ranging from 12.5 to 50 mg, and in those with diabetes, up to 100 mg a day. These investigators found that “iodine does indeed reverse fibrocystic disease; their diabetic patients require less insulin; hypothyroid patients, less thyroid medication; symptoms of fibromyalgia resolve, and patients with migraine headaches stop having them. ” We can expect even better results when iodine is combined with magnesium chloride.”

  158. Can you have gravy granules or salad cream? Also I know greek yogurt is good for low carb diets. Can someone suggest a low carb one from tescos?

      • Hi, Kayley,

        You can find out this information VERY easily. I just went to Google and entered “gravy granules ingredients”. Most people on this blog are American … I’m British, so I know what gravy granules are and what Tesco is.

        This is what I found:

        Basically, the ingredients of gravy granules are potato starch and wheat starch, so no; it’s off the programme.

        As for yoghurt: just read the label. Again, I just Googled “Tesco Greek yoghurt ingredients” and got this: (the numbers look good to me).

        This blog, and this whole movement, is about us all taking responsibility for ourselves and educating ourselves. Google is a great resource!

        As for gravy … what Americans call gravy and what Brits call gravy are two COMPLETELY different things! Down here in the south (I’m in Florida) you can go into a breaakfast place and see “biscuits and gravy” on the menu, which would surprise any Brit: a) as a combination in any meal and b) to be offered it for breakfast.

        But you’d be even more surprised when it arrives! The “biscuits” are pretty much what we call scones and the gravy is a white sauce. (Mind you, it’s not the weirdest breakfast item … you should try grits! But not if you’re low-carb. It’s basically corn meal with any trace of nutrition removed so that it’s pure (!) corn starch.

        I googled “paleo gravy” and got this:

        Sure doesn’t look like anything a Brit would call gravy!!

        So we may have to invent our own.

        Here’s how my mum always made gravy. On a Sunday she’s roast a joint of meat in the oven, with the meat resting in a baking tray. She’s also cook veggies: mostly by boiling them a bit.

        When the meat was done she’d take it out of the oven, put the meat on a big plate for carving and put the baking tray on the stove top with a low heat under it. She’d then strain the veggies, but keep the water, putting it in the pan on the stove top. She’s then simmer and stir the mixture … but she’d then add gravy thickener, and that’s where we low-carbers run into problems.

        But I googled “paleo gravy thickener” and came up with this great article from Mark’s Daily Apple:

        The summary is: reduce the sauce (simmer gently to drive off the water) and try adding some extra fat (butter, coconut oil), some almond meal, and maybe some pureed veg.

        You might also add liquid aminos (I can’t remember whether you can get those in the UK–we have them, but I think we bring them back from the USA) … you can always add some Lea and Perrins Worcestershire sauce (it looks safe to me: I Googled “Lea and Perrins ingredients” and got this:

        Damn! I’m feeling hungry now.

        Have a lovely meal. I’m off out to buy some belly pork to roast.

        Oh, and, by the way, a great snack is pork scratchings: pure fat with some salt (and you need the salt if you’re in ketosis). And I’m envious: the American equivalent of pork scratchings is RUBBISH compared to what we have.

        Will have to crisp up the skin on my roast belly pork.

        God, now I’m REALLY hungry! And home sick!

      • I just found this site on Google. There are a LOT of questions and replies by many people (other than the author.) You may not get any answers at all! The rule of thumb with KG diets is extremely simple. You can eat “whatever” you want as long as the carbohydrate content is very low. In the case of Greek Yogurt, or any yogurt for that matter, the carbs per serving is probably a tad on the high side to allow you to reach Ketosis. What I do is eat Sour Cream. It tastes and has a very similar texture to yogurt, but is considerably lower in carbs. It’s as simple as that.

        • Well! That sent me straight to the fridge. Our sour cream is (for a 30g serving) 5gm fat, 1gm protein, 1gm carb, so the ratio is excellent 5+1:1. (makes me wonder what the other 23gms are out of the 30gm serving! Water, I suppose).

          So I’ve been spooning it down: really craving fat today. I’d kill for some good, old-fashioned British “pork scratchings”. I don’t know what they do to them here in the USA but they are like orange styrofoam. You could eat them without teeth.

          • Be careful of Sour Cream. It must say (hoping it doesn’t lie) “Cultured”. If not, it may be processed by the commercial artist who don’t mind poisoning children and the elderly. (The middle ones are stronger.)

            I found in Eastern Canada that did not have a large Ukrainian population that their sour cream was artificially made. In the West we get the real stuff.

            Also, good sour cream is at least 18% fat. The extra calories, James, probably comes from corn starch; a modern evil.

            • No, not extra calories … extra weight. No starch in this (would I have nothing that wasn’t cultured?! 😉

              … we even make our own sauerkraut!

              • Yup, getting close: Milk is composed of approximately 87.4% water and 12.6% milk solids

                Butter is about 35-65, so I guess cream is in the middle.

              • These lines get skinnier and skinner with each level to replies, so Why can’t I?
                Curious if your low fat S/C says “Cultured”.
                Yup, I’m going to make a boat load of sauerkraut come autumn. I’ve got a mess of 4L pickle jars I used to use for Kombucha.

      • Hi Kayley; Bummer when one has a question that doesn’t get answered.
        I’m no expert but when I occasionally eat Yoghourt I go for the highest fat content. We get Astro 6% I believe. I think I have seen a Greek one at 9% but wouldn’t swear to %. Also, if you are using it for probiotics, I suspect one only needs a Tbs or two at a meal. —It’ll be a cold day in my probable destiny the time I don’t demolish a tub before a sun set. 🙂 Remember to check carb, sugar and corn starch content numbers.

    • Well, Mmm … Depends on a lot of factors … But …

      How about making home-made kefir from coconut milk. Easy, and way better. And it replaces those good gut bacteria.

      What’s kefir? Kind of like yoghurt; often made with sheep’s or goat’s milk. Just Google “home made coconut kefir” and you should come up with a ton of recipes. You have to get some kefir culture to start it off: google that, too, or ask at your local health foods store (you can get it mail order if you’re out in the boonies). And you only need it once … you just keep adding coconut milk, and it just keeps fermenting.

    • Hi… Read this article and followed it since last Sunday and I’ve lost 4 pounds in a week! Awesome and I feel better now, I did have headaches and a lightheaded feeling the first few days but feel myself now. I’m simply following your guidelines above and some of your recipes. I am however, tasting a funny after taste in my mouth and can’t really find any sugar-free gum that is completely sugar-free!? Is this normal? Also, is a cup of coffee in the morning with sugar-free creamer ok for this plan?

      • Cup of coffee is great.

        Try reading the label of sugar-free creamer:

        INGREDIENTS: Water, Corn Syrup, Partially Hydrogenated Soybean Oil, and/or Cottonseed Oil, Less than 2% of Sodium Caseinate, (Milk Derivative), Maltodextrin, Dipotassium Phosphate, Color Added, Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate, Natural Flavors, & Artificial Flavors, Polysorbate 60, Carrageenan, Sucralose, Acesulfame Potassium, Betacarotene. Color.

        You really want to put that in your body!?!?!?

        Also, notice the second ingredient: Corn Syrup. That’s High-Fructose Corn Syrup. Yuk.

        Try heavy whipping cream instead!

        As for sugar-free gum:

        But I know the feeling–for a long time on this diet I cleaned my teeth way more than was normal for me. My dentist was pleased!

      my and my husband started this diet last monday we have been following it very strictly on eating the foods listed above.
      i weighed my self on thursday and i lost 9lbs(water weight )
      today has been a full week on the diet i did the test with the ketostix and it was dark purple but when i weighed my self i had put on 4lbs ???? how is this ?

      • Here’s an interesting experiment that everyone should do.

        First, make sure that you have accurate scales. I live in two places: in the UK I have Withings scales, here in the USA I have FitBit Aria scales.

        Now, choose an ordinary day when you will be home all day. Weigh yourself as soon as you get up, then every hour until you go to bed. If you don’t have digital scales, make sure you write down all the weights.

        I will be surprised if your weight fluctuates less than +/- 4lbs during the day. And here’s something even more strange … try weighing yourself before and after you visit the bathroom. You’d expect your weight to fall, but often it goes up!

        Partly this is due to inaccuracies in the scales. Sometimes I step on the scales and the numbers zoom up and down and it takes the scales ages to settle down and pick a weight … I think this has to do with how still I am standing.

        Partly it’s something to do with moment-to-moment fluid levels in the body: Volek and Phinnick talk about that in “Art and Science of Low-Carb Living”.

        On the other hand, sometimes you can chug down a quart of water and watch your weight fall.

        This is why a lot of people say “don’t weigh”. I disagree. That’s like saying to an airline pilot “don’t look at your navigation instruments”.

        You just have to learn their characteristics. If you can step on your scales, step off and step back on 5 times in a row and get the same measurement 5 times, please post here and tell us the brand of scales you use!

        So, 4lb weight gain can just be your scales, how still you’re standing, moment-to-moment fluid levels, or some as-yet-unresearched aspect of the human body. Don’t worry: it happens!

        • Oh, and … everything I have said above assumes you’re weighing yourself naked!

          • i did it i got on and off the scales 5 times and got exact same readings
            im using ozeri precision digital bathroom scales
            brought from amazon

            • They look very smart (and accurate, and cheaper than Withings or Fitbit Aria!)

              Now for the every-hour measurements throughout the day … 🙂

      • From Phinney and Volek: Art and Science of Low Carb Living
        “The other set of assessment tools deserving of comment are those used to determine weight and body composition. Although modern scales are generally consistent and even pretty accurate, they suffer from not being able to differentiate water from muscle from fat. This is particularly important for the individual trying to chart her/his course on a weight loss diet because humans do not regulate their body water content precisely. So if a 70 kg adult typically contains an average of 42 liters of water, over the course of a day that person’s body does not care if it contains 41 liters as opposed to 43 liters of water. Above 43 liters, the kidneys speed their function and clear the excess fluid, whereas below 41 liters, thirst prompts us to increase our water intake. The result is that most people’s weight varies randomly across a range equivalent to 2 liters of water – about 4 pounds.”

  159. Hello all, I am very glad to have found a blog up to date (2013)! I started the ketogenic diet on Monday. I had to call of work on Wednesday since I felt extremely ill, as if I’ve had the flu. Tuesday night I must have gotten up 15 times to pee. By Thursday I felt much better, my Ketostix shows that I’m at the moderate level (40 mg/dL), and today I am actually craving fats! I want cheese, chicken thighs, steak, yum! Looking at my fitness pal tracker (I’ve always diligently counted calories), my diet was mostly carbohydrate based, however being gluten free. The funny thing is I had weird dreams last night, and at one point giant corn cobs were floating on the beachshore…Naturally I was dreaming of the beach in this freezing cold KY weather! Hilarious. Anyways, I can’t wait to cook dinner, and I am so excited that wine is acceptable! I thought alcohol was a form of sugar that needed to be avoided..? I typically had the occasional glass of red wine before bed prior to starting this diet. Any particular reds that you suggest? I.e cab sav, merlot, etc? Thank you, keep up the good work everyone!

    • are you allowed to use spices such as tumeric curry powder or chilly powder
      and herbs like mint basil?

      • Absolutely! Turmeric very good anti-cancer. All herbs and spices OK.

        Cinnamon very good for controlling blood sugar if you’re diabetic (but beware sugar-cinnamon mix!)

  160. I have been on the keto diet for 7 months now and i have lost a total of 20 pounds. I am 26 years old, 5ft 6 and 110lb. Some might say i overdid it but i assure you i did not starve myself in any way, i ate when i was hungry, i did not even controlled my portions that much. Most of the days i cannot consume that much protein so i have veggies and dairy products (most of it is cheese, yogurt or cream). I also alternate cardio and weight training 4 times a week, for like 45 minutes a session but all that started after loosing all this weight just by dieting, to tone me up. I really do feel great. Oh, but i also have a cheat day where i load with carb, usually things that i like but cannot eat such as bananas or cherries or even something with sugar. However, the cheat days have decreased in intensity since i cannot consume that much sugar anymore, makes me sick. I still have cravings but in my cheat days i found that it takes a small snack to calm me down. I could never go back an eating like i used to, with all the pasta, bread, potatoes and sugar. My body just cannot handle it anymore, but only clean products.

  161. also about the wine, if one was to have maybe 2 or 3 glasses of wine whilst out socializing how would that effect the diet?

    • Yes, but …

      It’s more likely to effect how you think. A few years ago I spent about four months on a Very Low Calorie (VLCD) Diet … 600 calories a day, Total Food Replacement … a special formula you can only get in certain pharmacies in the UK. It was ketogenic, but only just, so strictness was necessary.

      It was tough at first, but after a bit there was a certain high knowing that I was doing something special, there was a certain “cleanliness” in it.

      I think some of us are addicted. It might be to certain food items (chocolate, cookies, etc) or to classes of nutrition (carbs), or just to eating. It’s difficult to go “cold turkey” if you’re a food addict, which was why I liked the TFR route.

      I think “a few glasses at a party” might be the thin end of the wedge. Personally I would say be tough, be strong, be clean … treat it like you’re a recovering carb-o-holic (get yourself a sponsor!) until you reach your goal.

      • The addiction point is important. I have tried every diet style, pretty much, over the past forty some years and only the raw Ketogenic life-style seems to deal with addictions for me. Recently I have given up chocolate, pop & Club Soda, ice cream, nuts, potato chips/crisps, beer, wine, ice-cream and fresh ground coffee. Strangely I don’t miss them. Instant coffee and cream, and Scotch, are my last sins and my coffees are getting weaker and less creamy. Understand that my tea and Scotch will have to be torn from my cold, dead hands and shall stay as my few sins to keep me from becoming boringly pious. I have come to suspect that carbohydrates, starch, sugar -whatever you want to call it- is the devil’s doorway to sins of the tastebuds and reinforce food addictions. Would be interesting to hear if others have found this to be the case for them. The mentioned addictions have been a thorn in all my diet regimes before. But maybe it just comes with the length of the tooth. 🙂

        • I love this: “Understand that my tea and Scotch will have to be torn from my cold, dead hands and shall stay as my few sins to keep me from becoming boringly pious.” BRAVO! 🙂

          • I am currently white knuckling the nightly bottle of red wine that I gradually became dependent on.
            I am losing 1/2 lb a day to get back to my goal weight.

  162. This is a great site on the topic of the Ketogenic Diet.
    Sometimes a radical change is necessary to deal with sugar – carbohydrate addiction which might be one of the most difficult to overcome. I went paleo over a year ago and then to raw paleo some months later. The bulk of my diet consists of raw fat and protein from Beef, Bison, Lamb, Salmon, and Herring. I freeze all my meat deep in the deep freezer for a week (wrapped in waxed paper & then cellophane & tin foil (aka aluminium, yuck). This will kill mites that may cause problems but using a fresh butcher is important. Read Vilhjalmur Stefansson at for an interesting essay on his studies and raw diet with the Inuit (Eskimo at the time) in northern Canada.
    The most interesting part of my diet was how spiritual it instantly became. I truly find myself called to give prayer to the animals that have given their lives for me. (I do stress over the horrors of their deaths in these time.)
    I chop the protein from lean meats finely as do I the fat. I salt the mix with Himalaya salt, soya sauce or fish sauce, add a little Apple Cider or Japanese vinegar and some pepper or hot chilli to taste. I arrange my meal on chopped dark lettuce leaves and eat it at room temperature. The first time I tried this was a little scary and repulsive, but it tasted so darn good I quickly became addicted. There are many spices one can play with, and fine cut lightly blanched veg adds colour and texture.
    Fish, I quickly high fry skin side only. Herring heads I have to gulp down as I am creeped out by the head bones. Salmon, I chop fine as I do meat and the fried skin is a delightful complement.
    These meals kill any desire in me for sweets and pastries. A small dab of oyster sauce is a delight with red meat. I haven’t the willingness to eat raw chicken or pork so they are doomed for the hot side of the skillet.
    Check out Weston A. Price Foundation for their take on pork and how to specifically prepare it before cooking. It is the only meat, I believe, used to grow cancer cells. I will say no more. Cured pork such as sausage, bacon and hams are fine and do not coagulate the blood. I cut my raw pork up in 2cm thick pieces and soak them in 4L glass jars filled with structured water, sea salt and Japanese rice or and Apple cider vinegar for a day or two in the refrigerator. I then dry the strips and freeze for future use. This meat I still cook.
    Check out the sites along with Walter Last for further details.
    Vilhjalmur Stefansson will delight the adventure spirit in us all.

  163. why can you have milk in tea but not in coffee? is there a reason for this?

    i’m gonna try this diet, what kind of exercise regime would people use whilst using this diet? i was wanting to do lots of running and biking but bit worried my body will suffer by not having any carb intake during running/biking, any advice peeps?

    • No idea why Mark says milk in tea but not coffee: maybe it’s a typo. I would say stay clear of the milk, but I do sometimes have heavy cream in coffee if I need to up my fat intake.

      Don’t go mad with exercise. A couple of years ago I was on a ketogenic Total Food Replacement, Very Low Calorie Diet (600 calories per day). I had to wait for about four weeks for my body to adjust and then start exercising very gently, gradually ramping up. Even so, if I wasn’t careful it was easy to “run into the wall” just hiking up a steep hill if I exercised before the morning nutrition.

      Take it easy, ramp up slowly; listen to your body, and have a PowerBar or something (damn the ketones) for if you do run into the wall while out exercising!

      My favorite exercise: Nordic Walking. See … watch the home page videos.

    • billy, new theories on exercise suggest a return to pre-sixties fair. Walks with sudden sprints as though escaping a mad puma, slow pushups, pull-ups, sit-ups, round out the regime. I have given two dogs enlarged hearts by over exercising them and suspect the same happens with running, as the stats suggest in the short lives of long-distance runners. There are some good discussions on this topic on the web.

      • I just finished Born To Run by Chris McDougall. Completely blew my mind (I am NOT a runner).

        You can get it on Kindle.

        Also, look at theories of HIIT training (High Intensity Interval Training) … Tabata. Just Google that with Paleo.

        And look up McDougall’s TED talk. That and the book made me throw out hiking boots. I now have Fila Skeletoes and my wife just bought VFFs. And we both got Ininji socks.

        • There’s some strange language there, James. It will take a while before I can respond. I hope it is all agin heavy workouts as walking & sprints is about all I can accommodate and still be pleasant to live with.

          • Born to Run isn’t about what we (you and I) “should” do … it’s about what we (human beings) *could* do. I’m probably the least fit person on this forum … I can’t run 1/2 a mile.

            But I am inspired to start moving when I learn about people who can (and do) regularly run 50, 100, 200 miles in one go.

            I am amazed that humans can outrun any other creature on the planet, given a long-enough distance.

            Ketogenic diets are based on what humans used to eat. Born to Run gives an insight on how they used to exercise. It was lifting weights and it wasn’t wearing Nikes!

            • James, I downloaded ‘Born to Run’ and what a great book. It covers so many topics and really sets the stage for truly understanding what human running is all about. I thrive on having my common presumptions overturned (the Greek dude who dropped dead at the finish line leaving scatter dead & giver uppers in his dust- wussies). I have never accepted the idea that the modern understanding of running was correct, otherwise there would be not the injuries we hear about so often.

              HIIT I sort of once understood and the search has revived my memory and it is sort of what I do in a limited way. I have watched documentaries on African men running their prey to exhaustion. The parts all come together now.

              I used to use moccasins when I taught in Northern Alberta but they do wear out. I will be searching for replacements and suggestions would be appreciated. I do not think I want to try the ones like gloves. Hip damage makes it even difficult to put on a sock and shoe. The pain had mostly gone away since giving up wheat 2000 (O Blood Diet-D’adamo). More improvement is evident on Keto-Primal. Can regeneration be taking place?

              Suggestion for all. Check out Thomas Hana Somatic book. They are really relaxing (not stretching) movements that bring memory back to the muscle and brain. (NB: They are done so slowly that no matter how slow you do them, your are not going slowly enough. Mind and movement are involved.) I started them in my early fifties when I realised I was getting a hump and walking was a strain. I swear I returned to the agility of a thirty year old. Stretch tears, Somatics release and return to earlier realities.

  164. I’m on day 3 and started with a 2 day fast I rarely eat much fat and am not very keen on it happy to munch down protein tho will i still reach ketosis Waiting on ketostix del. I’m also doing alternate day fasting in an attempt to speed up belly fat reduction will this be effective or is it essential to have a high fat intake. Trying to make things tasty – are garlic and ginger ok?

    • Garlic and ginger fine. Beware of going too hard on the not eating: you need your nutrition!

      If you want to know about Intermittent Fasting (IF), check out the Jaminet’s Perfect Health Diet. They recommend only eating each day during an 8-hour window (during daylight, mainly) which ives you a 16-hour fast each day.

      Michael Allen Smith has some great stuff about IF and his experience of it: … but I think he’s now come down to a max of 16 hours.

      Do be careful that you’re not damaging your body by alternate day fasting: the Critical MAS blog will help you understand the pros and cons, and he links to other people who work in this area.

      The big risk with fasting is that you start burning muscle rather than fat. What you’re aiming for is “autophagy” where your live cells hoover up dying cells, but not catabolism.

      One of the leaders in the field is Brad Pilon with his “Eat Stop Eat” book (which I haven’t read). Michael Smith reviews the book in his blog.

  165. Hi! This is a fantastic article and a very informative chat thread! I need to lose atleast 25 lbs so that I can fit into my favorite jeans again! 🙂 I’m vegetarian and although the meal plan lists a lot of great veggies, I didn’t see any tofu or soy protein being mentioned. Can I eat tofu or soy protein? What about cottage cheese? Thanks in advance for your answers. 🙂

  166. Hi, It is the first time I am checking my Ketone level after 5 days of starting my diet. the Ketone Level is 150 mg/dl.
    GLU is negative. the ketosix became dark after 20 Seconds. is it safe !? am I in the state of ketosis or should I wait for it to come down? Please help me

    • First thing to say: no one on this site, including me, is medically or nutritionally qualified; anything we say is from personal experience or from reading.

      That said: mine never got that high, as far as I’m aware!

      I would say that you are definitely in ketosis!

      Are you drinking enough? Your pee should be almost clear.

      How are you feeling? What is your situation? Have you discussed this with anyone qualified?

      I’ll have a look and see if any of my favourite qualified people have anything to say.

      • Well, I have searched everywhere and no-one I can find gives numbers or talks about too high levels.

        First, I need to ask if you are type 1 diabetic: if so I think you should DEFINITELY seek medical advice.

        Next, monitor if you are very dry-mouthed or pee a LOT (that was my experience when I was first with Type 2).

        Check this out:

        and Google “The blog of Dr Michael Eades” and search that for ketosis … he is very experienced in this area, and is medically qualified.

        You could also look on the Jaminet’s Perfect Health Diet website; they have some stuff on Ketogenic diets.

        Lastly, how do you feel? Are you losing weight?

      • Thank you very much for quick response that was very helpful, couldnt sleep last night because of worrying. I called my doctor and he haven’t heard about Ketogenic Diet at all (I live in Iran)! I dont drink more than 2-3 glass of water per day and I dont pee frequently like everyone talk about it. I think I got obsessive about carbs in vegetables I check all the time for everything I want to eat and that resulted to not eating any vegetable at all(all of them have carbs). I couldnt find ketostix here (amazon doesnt work in Iran) but I found “Insight Expert Urinalysis Reagent Strips” yesterday which shows 10 different factors in Urine. anyway the result was as I explained in the last post ( Ketone 150 and Glucose was Negative.I have lost my overeating habit and I kinda hate all the foods which is weird for a guy my size (300 lbs) I have this dizziness in the last 3 days and I believe I have sever Constipation( with no pain) which I believe must be as a result of not eating any vegetable since I started this diet.

        • Check this out:

          I think you will be surprised by how much water it tells you to drink (I was!). That’s the first thing.

          Next, see if you can get konjac noodles (shirataki noodles, but not the ones made of soy or tofu). There’s a firm in California called which may be able to ship to you.

          Konjac noodles have zero carbs, zero calories but high soluble fibre. Rinse them thoroughly, dry fry them to dry them, then use them like pasta. They taste of whatever you put with them.

          You NEED green leafy vegetables. Don’t be shy of them … The carbs are negligible and have low glycemic load.

          Can you get sauerkraut? NOT the type with wine! It’s great. If not, look online for sauerkraut recipe and make your own.

          The Jaminets, in their Perfect Health Diet book describe making various fermented vegetables.

          Try shredding cabbage and stir-frying it with onion, garlic, using coconut oil. Any cabbage is good: ruby cabbage is best (all dark-coloured veggies are good).

          Go for some salads, too. Lettuce, cucumber, raw onion. Drop in some feta cheese if you an get it.

          You clearly need the fibre that green leafy veg (cabbage, kale, mustard greens, collards, Brussels sprouts, spinach, chard) can give you. Leeks, onions, shallots, garlic would all be good.

          Use some canned tomatoes (good source of lycopene that you can’t get from fresh tomatoes).

          Chop up onions, garlic, fry in coconut oil. Add ground beef, chopped tinned tomatoes. Add some herbs: anything you can get that you like. Salt and pepper, chili if you like it. Serve on a bed of konjac noodles with a side salad.

          Don’t even count the carbs in the veg. Drink 8 glasses (8 oz glasses) of water a day (half a glass every 30 minutes). More if you can, especially in the hot climate.

          Let us know how you do!

        • Sam, if you have constipation it may be because you are not eating enough fat. I remember when on the Atkins diet I ate more protein than fat and had BM problems. We really don’t need much protein as its main purpose is to repair and build muscle. All extra protein is converted to carbohydrates and uric acid- neither being good. I do a ratio of roughly 2 weights of fat to 1 weight of protein and at times five fat to two protein. The more beef tallow (raw or cooked) you add to your diet in comparison to protein, the easier your stools will pass, I find. They should float, if I may be so bold. Too much protein is the culprit usually if you are not eating heavy carbs. When I do my 2 to 1 or other measure of fat to protein, I count protein and carb veggies as one since they have the same calorie count of 4 vs 9 calorie grams for fat. So I gram weigh my protein and carb salads or low carb veg together making sure that the bulk of the mix is protein.
          One comment on bran is that it does bulk up the stool but it also scratches the bowls which do repair quickly (almost instantly) but still leave you open to bad things getting into your blood stream. Fat is far safer to ease the travel of waste through this delicate system.
          Information on all this can be found at good sites with a search.
          But most people on a ketogenic diet usually use too much protein and not enough fat I speculate from experience, research and comments here and elsewhere.
          Elsewhere I shall comment on raw paleo, my favourite way to eat.

          • thank you all for your responses. I believe my high Ketone level was matter of dehydration as James was mentioned and mhikl you are totally right about fat to protein ratio but its a little difficult to change it because I seldom become hungry these days . how about eating MCT Oil? any experience ?

            • Sam, I use the MCT, coconut oil and butter along with fround beef and pork fat. I have just always loved fatty meat which may be due to being an O blood. A’s and AB’s tend not to do so well, nor do they tend to like it. Re water: I love water and a slosh of cranberry juice and with a Tbs of Vit C powder in an Arizona bottle 670ml, I;m always refreshed. I also use Clayton Nolte’s structured water which helps with absorption vs just irrigating the body. Check him out for details on naturally healthy water.

        • I had been hooked on a bowl of oatmleal every morning for “regularity.” After going zero-carb, it took a few weeks or months for my system to adjust to less insoluble fiber. I concur with mhikl’s comment about needing more fat and less protein.

          • Anyone else tried konjac noodles? They are supposed to be good (soluble fibre). I was worried as many people say they smell of fish (I hate fish) and are very slimy (don’t do slimy, either), but they are fine if you rinse them and then “dry fry” them just to dry off the moisture.

            • I buy’em by the case from No fishiness whatsoever. Usually I throw them in stir fries to bulk things up a bit. My kid refuses to accept them as a spaghetti substitute, though!

  167. Just was wondering if zucchini and squash are ok on this? I’m going to start it tomorrow and give it a go…