What Musk and Tesla are up against

Go now to Tesla.com and listen to Elon Musk’s portion of the shareholder meeting that occurred today from minute 49:00.

It’s probably the best insight you’ll get into how entrenched the USA is on traditional cars and traditional sales channels. It’ll also explain why you consistently have a crap experience buying cars in the USA and why servicing your car costs so much.

Musk gets emotional and my sense is that he is emotionally invested in his company and has big dreams that are being blocked effectively by industry incumbents.

I just became a Tesla fan.


2 thoughts on “What Musk and Tesla are up against

  1. Amazing how our society resists progress and change. We prefer old dysfunctional ways to new progressive way of living. I got interested in TSLA by trading its stock. It was amazing to see how the stock was going higher and higher in a very short time frame. Elon Musk could teach other CEOs a lot. Refreshing to see someone so passionate and invested.

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