Why you should fly United Airlines

We just flew United from Portland, Maine to Colorado and will be flying back in the next few days. We brought 3 pets with us, 2 cats and our Australian Cattle Dog, Joey.

Their pet handling was awesome in the midst of a serious winter storm blowing through Maine with very cold icy conditions. My dog was well taken care of by the folks at United Freight in Maine (he flew with us on the same flight, that’s where you drop them off) and both cats flew in the cabin and there was plenty of leg room even with a cat carrier at our feet. The staff at Freight put us at ease and kept our dog in a climate controlled area (with visible air conditioning unit on the roof) while he waited to board our plane.

Everyone arrived safely but I left my $2500 macbook on the plane at DIA and with a significant amount of Bitcoin and 3 other digital currencies in assorted digital wallets on the Macbook.

I drove back to Denver International the next day and a United staff member went out of her way to recover my laptop from a locked box which was about to get shipped to central lost & found in Houston. She had already ended her shift and ended up running around the airport trying to find a colleague who had access to the box, which she eventually found and who managed to find my laptop. Got it back with all digital wallets intact and the Macbook in perfect condition.

So, thanks United. I’ll be flying you again with my animals and my valuables.

4 thoughts on “Why you should fly United Airlines

  1. I’m glad to hear that you, your family, pets, laptop and bitcoins all made it home safely.

    That said, I marveled at the suggestion that I should fly United after suffering egregious mistreatment at United hands when flying out of Oregon a few years back. So abusive and insulting was that treatment that I vowed never again to transact business with these people again.

    To be fair to United, the flight crew was wonderful and supportive, but the airport personnel left entirely too much to be desired as representatives of the airline or even the human race, for that matter.

    Given your positive experience and many experiences I had back when I was a loyal United customer, it seems obvious that the company has strengths and weaknesses and that events going toward either extreme are probably dependent upon chance. The corollary would be that it seems unreasonable to assume that one should fly United just because of one good experience.

    Not to dampen your enthusiasm for the service you received, but I just thought that you might want to consider the recommendation in the cold light of reason which must surely return after the warm afterglow of your pleasant experience.

  2. You are an idiot! United is the second worst airline. Unless, you are paid for this I do not believe a word what you said.

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