Why I reset this blog to zero

I’ve been blogging since around 2001. This blog had accumulated thousands of pages of content. Some of it was quite popular e.g. my post on ketogenic diets became a kind of support thread for keto dieters everywhere and I was regularly spammed by SEO marketers wanting to monetize that page.

My thoughts on this site spanned well over a decade of thinking, ideas and also chronicled the evolution of my ideas.

Today I’m a very different person to the Mark Maunder of 2012, the year I started Wordfence, or the Mark of 2008, the year I raised my first startup funding, or 2006 when I was contemptuous of funding of any kind, or 2005 when I sold my first startup, or 2003 when I worked for the BBC.

The trouble is that this blog represents me. So if someone googles me and lands on a page written a decade ago, they might encounter a naive younger man espousing out of date ideas.  For example, the post that launched Feedjit, a prior business of mine was titled “How to create and launch a startup in 10.5 hours.”. Today part of me cringes thinking of that title, and another part of me is very happy that naive Mark Maunder wrote that post and launched that product which resulted in a journey of discovery and ultimately the successful business and amazing team I work with today.

So it was time to clean the slate and start fresh.

For the record, I no longer support ketogenic diets. I think they’re a great way to lose weight, get smelly breath and ingest way more meat than is healthy.

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