About me

Hello. My name is Mark Maunder. I’m the founder and CEO of a cybersecurity company called Defiant Inc, where I’m privileged to work with an amazing team of 38 people. We make the most popular firewall and malware scanner for WordPress called Wordfence.

I’m a licensed ham radio operator and my callsign is WT1J. I’m also a licensed private pilot. I’m a CISSP (a cybersecurity certification) a former Perl and PHP developer, and in a previous life I was a Novell and then Microsoft systems engineer for some big companies. I learned to program on the Apple IIe in the mid-eighties.

I’m passionate about film, screenwriting and photography. I exec produced the short documentary film “Open” in 2019, with more to come.

I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest on Orcas Island, which is in the Salish Sea, up against the Canadian border and east of Vancouver Island.

If we don’t know each other the best way to contact me is to tag me on Twitter or DM me there.

This blog is new. I re-launched it in May 2021. I’ve been bogging using Movable Type and then WordPress since 2003.

Have a wonderful day!

Mark Maunder – May 27th, 2021.