Friday rocks!!

…especially when you’ve been quoted on the front page of a major newspaper. 🙂 (The Seattle PI)

Congrats to Brian Dorsey and his team who built and launched Tagmindr in 6 hours. Brian and I have chatted via email several times this week and we still haven’t met. Hopefully this week at Seattle Tech Startups meetup.


ps: Here’s the original blog entry that launched Feedjit. Here’s John Cook’s article online.

FEEDJIT New version released

I’ve released a new version of FEEDJIT with the following improvements:

  • A real-time traffic feed updated every second on the home page
  • We’ve upgraded to a 64 bit platform that is handling a lot of traffic. Watch the real-time feed to see some of the traffic we process. However, we are currently only at 2% capacity, so if you have a high traffic blog, BRING IT!! We can handle well over 1000 hits per second.
  • We now show landing pages in your real-time traffic feed so you can see where your users arrive on your site in real-time.

FEEDJIT notice to bloggers

I posted this a few minutes ago on FEEDJIT. Reposting here:

Sunday, August 19, 6pm PST: A message to our webmasters: Due to massive demand for FEEDJIT widgets and some extremely high traffic blogs using our service, we’ve had to delay the statistics reported by the map widget and the traffic widget by 1 minute. This is to help our servers cope with the increased load. We are working as quickly as we can to get back to real-time reporting and should have a fix within 24 hours. We are currently upgrading our servers to handle the additional traffic and improving the performance of FEEDJIT. Thanks for your patience.

Get a real-time map widget showing where in the World your blog visitors are

Bobby from Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster came up with an idea for another FEEDJIT widget after we launched the first one on Thursday. He suggested a map showing where your users are that’s updated in real-time. That was the day before yesterday, so I launched it today. Spaghetti Monster is also our first user today (top right of the page).

It’s in the sidebar on the right of this page and you can get it for your blog here.