Fly tying

I started tying flies yesterday just for fun. here are my first few. The small dry fly is an Adams with a body who’s dubbing could have been a lot more even and with wings that are too narrow (I used 16 hackle on a 12 hook). The furry black one is a woolly bugger and the big fluffy dayglo one is my own invention called a Ziggy Special (named after my cat).

Fly fishing South Fork of the Snoqualmie river

After getting a TON of work done today I drove up to the South Fork of the Snoqualmie river to fish a secret spot I’ve discovered fairly high up in the mountains. There’s a forgotten path down to the river, you scramble over some rocks, slide down a small waterfall,  boulder around a bend in the river and there’s this sweet little pool. A nice 12 inch rainbow exploded the surface when he took the dry fly on my first cast. He put up a beautiful fight. I released him unharmed. The river turns into a gorge further down with a few big log jams and it looks like it’s fairly unexplored. So that’ll me my next mission when I’m up there again.