N275CM and N678HC in Two Ship Formation

I caught these two birds flying over my house on Orcas Island.

N275CM and N678HC

N275CM and N678HC

N275CM (the following plane) is a Cirrus Vision Jet – a plane that only hit production in 2016 and is a really cute single engine jet that seats 6 and will cruise at 300kts up to 31,000ft. It also includes the CAPS parachute system that Cirrus is famous for in the SR20 and SR22 planes – but this is in a jet, which is pretty cool.

N678HC is a Cessna Grand Caravan which is pretty common around here, AKA the Cessna 208B. No offense Hotel Charlie, but it’s the jet I’m drooling over.

I’m guessing they were doing a photo shoot. It was a gorgeous day out here, at golden hour, with a roughly 6000ft broken cloud base, mostly sunny.

Cirrus has offered the Garmin Emergency Autoland system in these jets, as part of the G3000 avionics system, since 2020. It will determine if a pilot has been incapacitated, notify ATC, and automatically land the plane. Welcome to the future!

Sea Spray

Windy day off Matia island in the San Juans.

Ship at Sunrise

Ship at sunrise around 5:30am in the Strait of Georgia heading towards Canada with the Canadian Cascades in the background.


A family of Canada Geese in Rosario Strait off North Eastern Orcas Island