The 10 Reasons I Left Facebook

  1. FB will always have conflict between unlocking shareholder value by monetizing their member’s data, and protecting member privacy.
  2. FB has failed, and then failed again to control who has access to user data. It will become increasingly difficult for them to protect and control access to the worlds largest social graph.
  3. FB can be compelled to hand over private data in civil suits. You may not anticipate that use of your data when posting.
  4. FB is regularly compelled to hand over data to governments in various jurisdictions. Again, an unanticipated use of your data.
  5. The more data per user FB can ingest and store, the more value they extract from their users. This is in conflict with my desire to select what I share.
  6. Good operational security (opsec) is a healthy practice for anyone wanting to avoid attacks like spear phishing or fraud. FB wants you to share and share publicly which is in direct conflict.
  7. By using FB I’m requiring anyone who wants to ‘stay in touch’ with me to also use FB. I don’t want to make my family use FB.
  8. Government agencies are increasingly accessing social media profiles in their decision making process. E.g. USA CBP accessing cellphones for US and non-US citizens. FB can’t control that access and many users aren’t aware of this use of their data.
  9. As @naval put it, notifications are just alarm clocks that someone else is setting for you. I’m tired of FB alarms and being part of the attention economy.
  10. I think it’s healthy to lose touch with people you no longer have a relationship with. FB breaks that.

Finally, Facebook is supposed to be a fun and safe way to keep in touch with people and share your life with them. It continues to try to be that, but is, in my opinion, mired in a wide range of security and privacy problems. In other words, it stopped being fun. So I’m out.