The problem with myspace…

I know this isn’t new but… I joined myspace about a year ago and added one friend because I wanted to check it out. I literally logged in once and never logged in again. It’s housecleaning day today on my gmail account and here’s what I came up with searching for “would like to be added as one of”. A total of 156 requests averaging about 1 every two days. …and they’re all girls.  It’s amazing myspace still has so much traffic compared to facebook.

Facebook friends not real friends?

An article on techmeme today talking about a judge in the UK ruling that FB friends are real friends. It reminds me that many people use social networks in many different ways. My 16 year old nephew has over 6,000 friends on myspace and he’s never met most of them. I have about 100 friends on Facebook and I’ve met 95% of them face to face. And everyone I know completely ignores “how do you know this person” on FB when adding a friend. So really the so called “social graph” is a graph where the links vary in strength so much as to make the data a lot less meaningful.