FEEDJIT New version released

I’ve released a new version of FEEDJIT with the following improvements:

  • A real-time traffic feed updated every second on the home page
  • We’ve upgraded to a 64 bit platform that is handling a lot of traffic. Watch the real-time feed to see some of the traffic we process. However, we are currently only at 2% capacity, so if you have a high traffic blog, BRING IT!! We can handle well over 1000 hits per second.
  • We now show landing pages in your real-time traffic feed so you can see where your users arrive on your site in real-time.

3 thoughts on “FEEDJIT New version released

  1. Your blog should be there. We do filter out certain URL’s that contain bad words but as long as your blog doesn’t contain any of those words it should be listed. Can you give me the URL?

    We also have a very high volume of traffic this morning, so it may be lost in the large list of blogs we’re seeing on the home page.


  2. i notice that when i go to the feedjit
    site from my blog to search for intersting blogs that use the service my blog
    soesnt appear on both your lists?

    why is it?

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