“Man vs Wild” vs Les Stroud’s Survivorman

Les Stroud Rocks. There’s no question about it. Survivorman is one of the best shows ever made. Les Stroud really went into the wild with his own camera gear and filmed himself for a week without any food or water – repeatedly.

The reason it didn’t make it big is because it wasn’t fake enough.

Which is why a bullshit show called ‘Man vs Wild’ is now bigger than survivorman. James Hong (hotornot.com founder) has a little video on his blog exposing “Man vs Wild”.

The last time I saw Les, he was on Larry King chatting about a new nature movie someone else is launching. Someone needs to give the guy the credit he’s due and put some serious money behind him to do another show – and this time put it on a real network – like the Vs Channel.

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